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Just a quick one: not sure how I missed this the first time around, but the entire FontFont catalogue can be viewed online over at issuu. You can flip through the 2009 catalogue, zoom in for higher resolution, and even download it (though you’ll need to sign up).

In addition to that, this page, has a list of every single FontFont PDF specimen — brilliant! There are still some foundries that do not offer PDF specimens. I’d never, ever purchase a typeface without first seeing it — un-metaphorically — on paper.

And a pretty cool little movie for FF Trixie:

And then there’s the Trixie microsite:

Trixie isn’t new, but it’s now available in all its OpenType glory. And, if you’re not all trixied out by now, there’s a desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

Thanks to Christoph Koeberlin for the masthead, which is set in Trixie HD OT Light.

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