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The Heart of the Matter

Thanks to the more than 300 people who sent in their answers to the identify the s’s competition. The winner is announced below. Another big thank you to all those who regularly send in links and nice emails. Today’s is a big one, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

First up is a new limited edition A2 poster from Seb Lester.

Beautiful metallic gold lettering printed on Plike. For pricing and availibility, please email Seb directly. Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Seb.

Nice type treatment from the British Heart Foundation:

Via. Reminds me of Tsang Kin-wah‘s work.

Another new screen print from ISO50. Introducing Terrabyte 3:

Free fonts

From Joshua Darden, the man behind the wonderful Freight and Freight Sans, a free font by the name of Birra Stout:

Thanks, Dan.

For the Müller-Brockmann fans out there, the grid systems t-shirt:

Competition winner

Over 300 entries for the guess the s’s competition. Interestingly, just about everyone correctly identified the s on the left as H&FJ’s Archer (hairline); but a number misidentified the s on the right as Sauna, when it is in fact Mark Simonson’s Snicker (bold).

Thanks to everyone who took part. The winner—picked at random—is José Miguel Vieira Batista. Congratulations, José.

Sunday links

The Greek font society
Ubiquitous web-font embedding
Great yype blog for Italian readers
The Hardcopy project—Jannis Gundermann
Wood type wall decoration
Graffiti from sal-one
Hand Made Font
Tom Joad Was Here—street art project
H&FJ’s smallest type ever:

Triso by Ric Bell:

Described by Ric as “A conceptual typeface based around the isometric grid and form of a cube, designed to link together to create bigger modular patterns.”

See Typotheque’s type in use:

And get the fold-out poster here.

A little disorganised in the presentation (like this post really), but nonetheless an interesting collection of articles and images, from Face the Nation, How national identity shaped modern typeface design:

The Timeless Clock designed by Pascal Tarabay:

Pascal Tarabay

Thanks, Anton.

And some more apartment therapy in the form of this type-inspired lamp:

Bolda Display from Morten Iveland looks fun:

Not yet available as a font, but Morten is working on that. Will let you know when it’s done.

Some lovely hand-drawn lettering from Christophe Badani on Flickr:

Be sure to check out Christophe’s Typophage web site too (French). Thanks, Jean François.

Love this kind of experiment. Garamond powerlines from Daniel Adolph:

See visual evasion for the other caps. The above Q is my favourite. How about you?
Be sure to join the my favourite letters Flickr group

This lettering is simply wonderful. I’m sure you can name the type, but do you know the poem (I have no idea):

Via gentle pure space.

Start them early. This from 4-year old Mr Collins:

Now it’s your turn.

The beauty of the big 5:

Via swissmiss. Anyone recommend a good printer for this size poster?

Don’t forget to join the my favourite letters Flickr Group. here’s one submitted by splorp:

I’ll hold off publishing the Combining Type article, as I have an interview to publish this week. Thanks for reading, and for supporting iLT. Have a great week.

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