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I have come across so much type inspiration this week, that there just isn’t the space or the time to post it all, so I might post some other snippets during the week. In addition to what’s below, be sure to check out Jon Tan’s great little article on Quotation Marks & Texture. Enjoy:

Let’s start with the beautiful work of Japanese artist, Siho:

See carlsi4’s Flickr for more.


Would like to know who illustrated and designed this piece. Anyone?

I bet Jonathan Hoefler never envisaged this, when drawing Gotham:

I guess it’s almost—unintentionally— Gotham Rounded.

Some more Linocut lettering. There’s a whole Flickr group here.

Via Type for You.

And Mark Webber at work:

He even does Linocut animations.

Nice text treatments from brooklyn-based graphic designer Matthew Anderson:

Name that type

An October desktop calendar from NewFangled:

Name the typeface used.

Lovely photo, but can you name the typeface?

For bike and type lovers, the Type Bike Tee:

Thanks to Steve Avery via Twitter.

Sunday thumbs

Just click the thumbnail for more:

Journée européenne des langues

My Spanish is not so good (actually non-existent), so I think this piece was designed by Hugo Alberto Sanchez. Spanish-speaking readers please correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, love this poster:

Sebastian Lester on the typefaces used in movie promotion:

Thanks, Martin, et al.

Free fonts

Comglomerfont is a collaborative effort, with each character designed by someone different. The end result certainly won’t go down in the annals of type history, but it is great to see people enjoying designing type:

New fonts

Filmotype Ginger from Mark Simonson:

This is the third Filmotype typeface that Mark has digitized, after Zanzibar and Glenlake.

Sunday links

Double or single quotes?—Jon Tan
Parkside candies
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W-shaped building
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Love is blind—Durex

And, finally…

Lindsay, from I don’t know where, mailed me to say she loves ILT and,

…we spent about 3 weeks with a nameless cat until we chose… serif.

And you thought I was bad :)

Coming up

Next up is that article on combining sans serif and serifed typefaces, then the quarterly review of Good Web Typography, and…well, lots, lots more. Have a great week. Oh, and next week there will be prizes!

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