Friday Flickr Found Type

Gutbustingly Good

Invariably, these kinds of post are couched in grandiloquence, “The World’s Best, most stunningly awesome typographically awe-inspiring found type.” And although, the search engines might love it, I just can’t do it. So here’s some stuff I found that I rather like—and I hope it inspires you.

Aaron Martin:


Isaías Loaiza:


From Martin Pecina’s Flickr. The type is Manuskript Antiqua from designer, calligrapher, and type designer Oldřich Menhart.

Could this be Arial?

Greg Meadows has one of the best Found Type Flickr pools. Great type and stunning photography:

Greg has a great blog too.

Like this material cut of typetogether’s Bree. Handiwork and photo by Marina Chaccur:

You can see Marina’s web site here.

goenetix with some Czech signage:

These covers from LIMONete:

And this one for umbigo magazine (would love a poster of this):

She also has a web site that’s well worth a look.

From TaBe*:

An ampersand made from bark chippings, from Sarah France:

Type skecth from JRG Cisterna:

Bechira Sorin is still playing with type:

Proof that romance is not dead and buried (from Kristina Miletieva):

Kristina has a web site too.

Love these from Petar Pavlov:

Be sure to check out Petar’s Type as Image collection.

Serial ‘thrifter’ monkeysox bought and snapped this cover designed by Barbara Ravizza:

What an exquisite backdrop for a rather mundane sign. From Nolan Webb:

Nolan has also published a book of his abstract photography.

Wonderful homage to Milton Glasner by Oded Ezer:

More from Oded Ezer.

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