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What a hectic couple of weeks. Well, time to forget all your worries, sit back and enjoy some type and lettering. The winner of the Designing Books competition is mentioned at the close of today’s article. Thanks to all those who have sent in links and suggestions.

The other week I mentioned Typoretum. I mention them again because they have some lovely new printers’ flowers letterpress cards:

It’s been a while since any mention of tattoos on this site, so here are a few photos put together by cmdshiftdesign.com

I’m a sucker for black type on yellow:

Type Training

Gerard Unger’s Swift—one of my all-time favourite typefaces—made of rose petals. More great work from the brilliantly talented Gemma O’Brien:

A couple of great Czech covers:

This second cover was designed by brilliant Czech graphic designer Ladislav Sutnar (1932)

Ladislav Sutnar

You can learn a little more about Sutnar here and here.

Paul Prass:

Thanks, Vivien.

Paperclips with a type twist:

Alphabet Paperclips from Stephen Reed

Via How / OhJoy.

Lovely 2009 calendar from Egg Press

They also make a letterpress calendar. Thanks design*sponge.

New work from Pentagram for Khaleej Times:

pentagram fro Khaleej Times

I just can’t get excited about newspaper design. Would love to see someone completely rethink the newspaper.

Moss Lettering. Whatever next! Love it:

Thanks, Kyle.

Nice interview with Peter Crnokrak on AisleOne:

New type

New from TypeTrust is FaceBuster. I love it. This is no shy slab serif. Great for big headlines and adding a little—a lot of—punch.

Used to set today’s masthead too. Facebuster, designed by Silas Dilworth.

Typotheque has just released an incredible set of 21 fonts or font layers. As all the fonts share the same metrics, the fonts can be overlaid one on another, with an almost infinite number of permutations. Not easy to explain exactly how it works, so head on over to Typotheque for an explanation and video demonstration.

History, a set of 21 display fonts

You can even try for yourself with the History Remixer. Why not make a masthead for the next Sunday Type. And while on the subject of Typotheque, be sure to check out Dot Dot Dot 16 by Stuart Bailey.

Three new faces from OurType: Alto, a versatile sanserif superfamily designed by Thomas Thiemich,

Lirico, a contemporary text family designed by Hendrik Weber:

And my personal favourite, Meran, a sans designed by Maurice Göldner, described as a ‘contemporary rotunda’. The Meran family consists of six weights (roman & italic) and three widths, normal, semi condensed and condensed.

Helvetica paper:

Like these repeating patterns from Yasmine at A Print a Day.

And on a lighter note

A capital FI lig is rarely a good idea:

Thanks Alec.

Sunday links

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Designing Books winner

In my review of the wonderful Designing Books: practice and theory, I offered a free copy to a randomly selected commentator. And the winner is… Lorraine Reinsch. Thanks to everyone who contributed. I’d like to offer more books and more prizes, but as my pockets are far from bottomless, if you’d like to contribute, then I’ll use your contribution to buy more prizes. If you’re feeling generous, then visit the About page and find the ugly yellow PayPal Donate button (must change that). Every dollar helps.

Coming soon

That article on ten great sans serif / serif combos, more book reviews, interviews, the third quarter installment of 15 Great Examples of Web Typography, and lots, lots more—so stay tuned. Have a great, great week.

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