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Thanks for your feedback to my questions about posting frequency and the length of these Sunday Type posts. I’ve decided to shorten Sunday Type just a little (though I will sometimes supersize it), and also post relevant newsworthy items throughout the week—if there are any, that is. I’m also considering ‘mashable’ posts using tags. So, for example, you select the Marian Bantjes tag, and you get to see a post that comprises all the Bantjes bits from various iLT posts. If there are some smart WordPress coders out there, then let me know how I might go about achieving this—please.

Let’s get started today with work from Chinese artist Tsang Kin-wah:

Love Type

Pretty patterns constructed from not-so-pretty words:

Thanks to Yuki.

Some of his work is sexually explicit, and contains strong language, so if that kind of thing offends you, then just don’t click through. Personally, I love his work.

Some gorgeous letterpress cards from Justin Knopp’s Typoretum (some beautiful photography too):

An oh-so-simple, lovely set of cards from Chick Print:

The richness and variety of Jason Santa Maria’s web site, never fails to amaze me:

Love the big red drop cap set in Soho.

Big type posters from OddHero:


Portrait of Japanese pop singer Utada Hikaru, constructed from her lyrics:

Via 21 Inspirational Typography Artworks from DeviantArt.

Some more work in a similar style from Thomas Broomé:

Some more of his work posted here.
Thanks, Sander.

Some experimental type design by illustrator and graphic designer, Bechira Sorin:

I’m often asked to recommend software applications for organising fonts. Personally I don’t use anything other than Font Book that ships with Mac OS, but Smashing Magazine have a good review of 25 font management tools. I must say, the yet-to-be-released FontCase (for Mac) looks promising. I’d be interested to hear why people use these applications.

A free online version of Computer Arts dedicated to typography, including an interview with Sebastian Lester, designer of the aforementioned Soho (and the sans accompaniment, Soho Gothic).

Sunday links

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Typographie book review
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AlphaBunnies poster
What are you going to do today, Olive—sweet book cover.
Inspiration from movie credits
Corpoetics by Nick Asbury
AisleOne redesign launched
Typotheque’s new baby
Typography for lawyers
Ten sketchy (free) fonts for web designers
Helvetica Bold + negative letterspacing
Google Chrome fonts by Scott McCloud
FontShop’s FontFeed relaunces with its own domain:

Looking good. However, does this mean the death of Typographica? I certainly hope not!
A special offer on Jean François Porchez’s Le Monde Sans PTF:

Pascal Zoghbi of 29letters dsigned this and others for MoreCult, a Dutch-based fashion design firm:

Thanks, Bernd.

I like the work from Keep Calm Gallery (some of which I have adorning my own walls):


Some nice ‘kinetic’ type from Nicholas Schrunk:

Today’s types

Two types to put a smile on your face: first, a gorgeously juicy script Comalle designed by Chilean Juan Pablo de Gregorio:

And Creaky Frank (got to love the name) by Derek Yaniger, a self-confessed “toothless hillbilly … raised on little more than pork rinds and corn squeezins.

Coming up

When it comes to learning how to design books, there’s one title that stands head and shoulders above the others. I’ll be reviewing it later in the week. I’ll also be giving away a copy of the book as a prize. In the meantime, have a thoroughly inspiring week.

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