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Welcome to another Sunday Type. Thanks to everyone who has mailed me links. To those who have mailed me questions, please be patient. I have at least 200 unanswered ILT mails, and I’m working through them in my spare time (and there’s not much of that).

Food, good food, is always a good place to start:

To learn more about this tart and its script, see the brilliant TypeFoundry (photo, copyright TypeFoundry).

This week will see the release of Alejandro Paul’s latest typeface, Compendium. Keep your eyes peeled for this one. The small images below don’t really do it justice, so be sure to take a look at the Compendium PDF specimen. Not sure which day it will be released, but should be this week some time Compendium now available from Veer:

The beautiful photography in the PDF is by Gonzalo Aguilar.

Rest your type-weary head on this lovely cushion from Andréa Branco:

And more typographic ‘pillowry’ from Emma Smart:

Typographic humour, in get fit with fonts:

Well, it made me laugh. Thanks to Jack at Horrorwood.

Some nice new work from Toko:



Jost Hochuliʼs wonderful guide to micro-typography, Detail in Typography:

Published by none other than Hyphen Press.

Love this from Gemma O’Brien of For the Love of Type:

Morse Code plus type by Sean Johnson:

Some great work from Romanian-born artist Cornelia Petruta Badelita. The images comprise words and short sentences printed with rubber stamps. I love them:

Most recent exhibition was at the Cristiani gallery in Turin. Thanks to Yuki for the link and photos.

Some more great work from Marian Bantjes. The first for Zeit Leben magazine, a supplement of German newspaper Zeit:

This second piece commissioned by Vibe:

Saul Bass on titles:

Free Fonts

Divad from David Carvalho comes in two flavours (round and square), and both are free to download.

Divad was created using FontShop’s Fontstruct, and has its own development page.

A very interesting tool, and an alternative to beziers. Spiro by Raph Levien is in Beta, but it certainly looks promising, especially for the development of script faces. See it in action here:

and read all about it on Typophile.

Thanks to David John Earls and Yves Peters of typographer.org

Great Type Design at Reading Flickr set. As soon as the Reading students have completed, I hope to publish an article on the course. Here’s Mina by Reading student Yvonne Schuettler. I like it:

You can read more about Mina here.

Sunday Links

sIFR for WordPress—via ThemeShaper
How To Implement sIFR3 Into Your Website
How To Use Any Font You Wish With FLIR
TypeBrewer: typography for cartography—via.
Character set terms defined
Legible in Poland
Typography posters
Justwatchthesky.com—thanks Ali, et al.
Credits for Arial—via Daring Fireball
Summer of design books
Back to the fonts of the future
Faber Finds generative book covers—thanks Peter van Impelen
Alphabet Trucks—swiss miss

2100 Victorian Monograms. Now who’s going to ‘vectorize’ them?

Thanks inspirationbit.

Desktop wallpaper

A new desktop wallpaper (1920 × 1200) with my all-time favourite poem. The poem is reproduced at the top in Zapfino (with insanely negative leading):

Don’t forget Veer for some other very good type-related desktop wallpapers.

Some more good work from Chris Bolton:

Sunday’s type

FF Cube, the geometric sans serif from Jan Maack:

Type challenge

Name the typeface used in this sign:

Photo credit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Sunday Type. Have a stupendously magnificent week.

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