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Mathieu and Breton’s article on their experience of KABK’s Type and Media masters course has proven insanely popular. The students at Reading are nearing the end of their masters in Type Design, so hopefully we’ll be hearing from them too.

I’ve spoken here before about the importance of white space, not simply as an element of typography, but as the active ‘void’ that defines it. Just as shadow gives form to objects, so white space, carefully conceived, brings to the page structure, form and order. So, I had to smile when I saw this comic strip:

Dilbert on white space

For the ampersand addicted, here’s another ampersand t-shirt from turnnocturnal. This one is the italic ampersand from Garamond:

Gotham Rounded in action

Perhaps one of the best ’roundeds’ ever. Forget VAG Rounded, and switch to Gotham Rounded:

The only other rounded that I really like is Erik Spiekermann’s FF Unit Rounded.

I wondered what had happend to Keven Cornell besides his recent alien abduction. Now all is revelaed. A graphic novel, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

I’ve just ordered mine. It’s available on Amazon.

Type Cubes are something like the analog counterpart of FontStruct‘s digital cubes:

Some more exquisite work from Brooklyn Bookbinder:

Be sure to take a look at the gallery of photo albums too.

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The ampersand appears to be getting a lot more press these days. Automatic ‘Awesompersands’ is a pretty comprehensive article that discusses dressing up one’s ampersands for the web. If you’re not already using Hamish’s WordPress Typogrify plugin, then I strongly suggest you try it out. Via.

A nice spread via Spatium Magazine. The site’s in German, but if (like me) you don’t read German, your eyes nonetheless will enjoy:

Like this:

From this equally great Flickr member.

Also love the look of this project from Jens Schulz:

Elí Castellanos Chávez’s SexyType formerly written in Spanish has now decided to go English. I’ve enjoyed this blog, but, as my Spanish is limited to about a dozen words, I’m happy to see the change.

Nice work from Viola Sutanto Ting of Chewing the Cud. Products available through her Etsy shop. She has a nice blog too. Via Roadside Scholar.

A big collection of gig posters. Some dreadful ones there, but some real gems to be found too.

Thanks to Jack at Horrorwood.

The Alpha letter-topped coffee table:

Thanks, Becca.

Free fonts

Originally released in 2005, Jack Usine’s GEronto Bis is now available with extended language support and in the OpenType format:

You can download GEronto Bis for free (read the license), and take a look at the PDF specimen. Via How.

Recommended reading

Robert Bringhurst is most well known for his The Elements of Typographic Style. However, he is the author of dozens of titles, including the wonderful A Short History of the Printed Word and this little gem:

The Solid Form of Language is an essay on the relationship between scripts and meanings, and the nature and classification of written language. The typography is beautifully simple. The book is a pleasure to read and to hold. It’s one of those books that you hold carefully, respectfully. Smyth-sewn paperback with a letterpress printed cover. The text is set in Carol Twomby’s slab serif Chaparral, with a dash of Carmina on the title page.

New type

Capsa from Dino dos Santos. Lots of swashes and alternate glyphs:

Pick of the month

Randy Jones’ Eason, a type with bucket loads of character that doesn’t distract.

Though Jenson runs through its beziers, its soul, this is a type standing on its own merits—and one that I’ve only recently discovered. I’m thoroughly impressed. Comes with a nicely drawn, almost upright, italic, and inline caps—well worth taking a look at.

Thanks to Randy, who set today’s masthead in Eason.

Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, keep smiling, and have an inspired and productive week.

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