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The Ten-Gallon Hat

First i would like to thank Mark Otto for iLT’s new menu (the one above the masthead). Thanks also to Hamish who raised the whole issue over at TypeSites. I’m thrilled that iLT readers are contributing in this way, so thanks. In the coming weeks I’ll be making some other minor changes to the site: tidying-up the sidebar, and generally making things easier to find.

Let’s begin with a versal or initial capital. The whole point being that it easily marks where the reader should begin reading. On a busy page, it’s especially useful. There are many forms; here is the mother of all raised or elevated caps courtesy of Circular Magazine from the Typographic Circle.

elevated cap from Circular magazine

And talking of initial caps, I’m reminded of this wonderful sentence from The Elements of Typographic Style:

If there is a chapter title, an epigraph, a sidenote, and a photograph and caption, the opening of the text will need a banner, a ten-gallon hat or a bright red dress to draw the eye.

With the proliferation of typographic t-shirts, it looks as though the new black is type. Here’s the Sans Serif t-shirt from Matthew McInerney:

sans serif t-shirt

Via mattmc. I really haven’t forgotten about the iLT t-shirts. I have the designs. It’s just a time thing.

Letraset Love

Last week I mentioned Able’s Letraset piece. This week, I’ve found a whole Flickr set dedicated to it.

flickr Letraset

In fact a Flickr search revealed some great Letraset typography. This Carsonesque one is one of my favourites:


And, yes, you can still buy Letraset transfers. Oh, and just one more while we’re on the Letraset theme:

Ricardo Moyano

Next some organic or floral type by neuarmy:

neuarmy organic type

Via katize.


If you’re within a few hundred miles of Hamilton, you might want to go along to a screening of Gary Hustwit’s Helvetica. Special guests include Brian Maloney and Patrick Griffin. They also promise “plenty of swag.” The screening will be held on Thursday, May 22nd. Find out more here.

And don’t forget TypeCon in Buffalo, July 15–20. Then, the cherry on the icing on the cake is The 2008 ATypI conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, September 17–21.

Experimenta has a review of Kris Sowersby’s National:

national critique

Free Fonts

Metalista from the Suitcase foundry is available free for a limited time.

metalista from suitcase

Designed by Tomáš Brousil who also designed the Dederon Serif Family, which I’m quite a fan of.

New Type

They’ve been a long time coming, but at last Mark Simonson’s Metallophile Sp8 has a couple of new weights. In addition the whole family is now in OpenType and has a much larger character set.


Mark plans to release yet further weights in the summer, so keep your eyes peeled. Be sure to take a look at  the PDF too. I bought the medium weight for today’s header.

Sunday Links

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Anamorphic Cups—thanks Ricky

Blog: The Calligraphy Alphabet

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Video: John Gall, book designer—thanks, Hamish

Interview with Phil Martin—from the Typographica archives

Hidden Optical Type

For Your Next Type-Themed Party


Nicholas Felton is pretty talented when it comes to presenting data. His Felton Annual Report is no exception:

felton annual report

Some 3D type via Fuzbiz:

Not sure that this will be the next fashion hit, but it is fun:

feeling c

A simply beautiful image from the Ministry of Type:

Autological Art

And I love this masthead from the CharmingWall web site (nicely animated too):


Crossword Winner

Thanks to everyone who sent in their entries for iLT’s first Type Crossword. Of those who completed the crossword, the winner—picked at random—is Julie Sims. Thanks again to Henning who offered such a wonderful prize in Haptic. Here’s the completed crossword:

solutions to iLT crossword, volume 1

As this one was so popular, I may make the crossword a regular (monthly) feature.

Today’s Types

First, something fun from P22. Great for those Sex Pistol-esque record sleeves. Dada Special Edition:

I mentioned Dederon Serif above. Well, here’s the perfect Sans accompaniment, Dederon Sans:

dederon sans from Suitcase

Coming Up Next…

an interview with type designer Stefan Hattenbach. Have a great week!

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