Sunday Type: mirror type

Don’t Command I ⌘ B

Welcome to May’s first Sunday Type. Yes, it’s May already! First is this great poster found via the equally great Designer Daily. The lower version is the poster as viewed in a mirror (or flipped horizontally in PhotoShop). A nice idea:

cyrillic mirror

New Type

Some new typefaces this week. The first is Mário Feliciano’s Flama available from Village. Flama is a sans serif comprising 20 fonts, and comes in 45 weights across 4 widths (that’s a lot). It also supports…well, I didn’t count, but lots—lots and lots of languages.

Flama from Village type

Next is New Standard a Didone from ParaType, Russia’s leading type foundry:

new standard from paratype

Originally designed  ca. 1940, it was widely used in the former Soviet Union. Now available from FontShop.


Love these posters from Brooklyn-based Christopher David Ryan. Simple type, simple idea, brilliantly executed:

atmostheory command posters

More t-shirts. This time from Collapse Design in the UK:

collapse design

Some time ago I mentioned chocolate scrabble. How about this chocolate keyboard from Michael Sholk:

chocolate keyboard by Michael Sholk

Via Architectradure.

Some great posters from Change the Thought:



FS Mencap is a joint project between type designer Jason Smith and the charity Mencap. FS Mencap is designed for ease of reading and is aimed at young learners and those with learning disabilities.

fs mencap

The only thing I found a little baffling was this comment:

FS Mencapis set to challenge Arial as a new standard in legibility.

Since when is Arial a standard for anything? Or perhaps it means that Arial is commonly used and in that way is a ‘standard’. Anyway, it’s great to see this kind of partnership. A lot of work has gone into this typeface. In fact, some really good type has come out of FontSmith; I particularly like FS Clerkenwell:

fs clerkenwell

Be sure to take a look at the PDF specimen too.

If you have a thing about apostrophes, and you slap your forehead every time you see them omitted, misused and abused, then do take a look at apostrophe atrophy.

apostrophe atrophy

Feel the pain.

Sunday Type Links

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Subttraction Print

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hami.sh—nice looking site

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Numbered Drawers

Entertain and Embellish

For all you iPhone users, the iPhone version of the FontGame is also now hosted on iLT. Kari has tweaked and beautified it and you can play it at http://ifontgame.ilovetypography.com/.

iphone font game

I do hope the iPhone comes to Japan soon!


Today’s prize is two copies of dot-font: talking about fonts—a wonderful collection of type-related essays by John D. Berry. It’s a great book!

OK, so this is what you have to do to have a chance of winning it: Name the three typefaces used on the cover of ‘Talking About Fonts’.

dot font competition

Please email your answers to m{AT}ilovetypography.com with ‘dot-font’ in the subject line. I’ll announce the two winners during next Sunday’s Sunday Type.

Today’s Typeface:

First up is the stunning FF Maiola by Veronika Burian:

ff maiola

Coming Up

Next week is iLT’s regular 15 Great Examples of Web Typography (Quarter 2). So, get ready to digg, and let’s show the world how good type on the web can be.

And Finally…

I was going to post a Jumbo Type Crossword today. However, I couldn’t finish the submission form in time, so I’ll post it next week. I think you’ll enjoy it. If you do, then I’ll make it a regular feature. If there’s a generous sponsor out there (type foundry, book publisher, or philanthropist), I might even be able to offer prizes.

And Finally, Finally…

Have a great Sunday or Monday wherever you are; and thanks for reading iLT.

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