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Month: May 2008

A Brief History of Type

Part Four: Modern (Didone) In the previous installment of this series, we took a closer look at Transitional style typefaces, so-called because they mark a transition from the former Old Style types—epitomized by Baskerville—and the subject of today’s brief history, the Moderns, also known as Didone (the terms Modern and Didone are used synonymously throughout […]


Sunday Type

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Adrian Frutiger turned 80 this week. I’m sure you’d like to join me in wishing him many happy returns. In fact LinoType has a page where you can leave him birthday greetings. I’d like to begin by thanking Stefan for the wonderful interview, and thank all those who read and commented. […]


Face to Face

An Interview With Stefan Hattenbach Stefan Hattenbach started designing typefaces in 1996. In 2003, he established his own independent foundry and design studio, MAC Rhino Fonts (MRF). Proud A.S. Roma supporter and father of two, Stefan works his magic from a studio in the beautiful city of Stockholm. What do you love about designing type? […]


Sunday Type: community type

The Ten-Gallon Hat First i would like to thank Mark Otto for iLT’s new menu (the one above the masthead). Thanks also to Hamish who raised the whole issue over at TypeSites. I’m thrilled that iLT readers are contributing in this way, so thanks. In the coming weeks I’ll be making some other minor changes […]


eXtreme Type Terminology

Part 5: Diminuendo, and the Future—by Paul Dean A ‘typographic’ tradition since Roman times, diminuendo is a type arrangement in which a large letter or word leads the eye, gradually, to smaller and smaller words until a standard text size is established. An abbreviated diminuendo is still seen today in the initial cap or large […]


Então Você Quer Criar uma Fonte. Parte 1

Por Alec Julien Então você é um designer brilhante, um mestre calígrafo, e aprendeu tudo sobre serifas, sidebearings e kerning. Agora quer criar sua própria fonte. (O quê! Você não aprendeu tudo sobre serifas, sidebearings e kerning? Bem, certifique-se de ler todos os artigos no iLT antes de embarcar na criação de fontes! Você vai […]


Sunday type: crossword type

Fraktur Mon Amour Before I begin, I’d like to thank all those who helped me fix a problem with some of my posts not displaying. Special thanks to Travis and also to Michael over at WP Candy. And all on Twitter. If you haven’t used Twitter, then I recommend it.