Sunday Type: farnham type

It’s a big one, captain

Loosen your belts because this one’s a big one. Not sure where to start, so why not start with a receding hairline. Well, that’s the name of Christopher’s blog; and why do I mention it? Because he’s written a good little piece entitled Ten typographic mistakes everyone makes.

First, something for the children, or for the child in you: Action Type, type gone 3D:

Looking for engraved stationery? engravedstationery.org is a great place to start.

Thanks to Jon Tan (via Twitter)

Love these designs by Toko (discovered the talented TOKO via aisleone)

For some Found Type inspiration, take a look at Joseph Robertson’s Flickr Type Set.

We’ve had letterpress on old maps. Here’s some type on old Damask wallpaper:

via swissmiss

And some more letter-blocks—slab serifs, please:

And another interesting image from the same site. Can you spot the type? This one has given me some ideas!

Some heavy-weight inspiration. This is my type of Elephant. Elephantype, if you like:

Typesites review of AIGA DC’s Are You a Virgin? site.

Next up is an excellent piece on Typewriter Typefaces. I’m sure there are many more yet to be digitized; would be a shame to lose them:

Roundup Type

Open Source Cynicism
A critical review of Eric Gill’s An Essay on Typography—Paul Rand
In Your Face—featuring 256TM.
OpenType Icons—via Manuel.
typofont—Swedish type blog from Magnus. Like the header (perhaps because it’s set in one of my very favorite typefaces)
forensic typography—from H&FJ

Karly’s Expressive Type (update)

Last week I mentioned the type exercise that Karly set herself. Looks as though she inspired others to have a go. Here are two of them: Vlad (like his take on the word ‘magic’—with the omitted ‘a’); and Matt Jewell (with a very lonely ‘o’. Perhaps I’ll work with Karly to set a type exercise every couple of weeks. What do you think? And what would you think if there were prizes involved?


A great free PDF magazine that you may not have come across before is Letterspace, the newsletter of the Typpe Designers Club. It’s a darn good read.

I particularly enjoyed Cyrus Highsmith’s article Do we need more fonts? from the winter 2008 issue (PDF link at the bottom of that page).

Today’s Type

Zanzibar, yet another lovely script from Mark Simonson:

Two from Umbrella Type. The first, a curvy sans, Sans Original

the second, a scratchy handwriting-inspired script called On the Line

and Farnham by Christian Schwartz, the new face of the redesigned Creative Review. I just got my copy through the mail, and it looks gorgeous. Farnham is an excellent choice and comes in four million weights and styles (42, actually):

Coming up

Several interviews, part four of the Type Terms/Type History series; part three of Paul Dean’s eXtreme type; iLT’s second-quarter 15 Great Examples of Web Typography; and an article on Selecting Open Source Fonts. Oh, and the first iLT t-shirts will be available soon. Initially, there will be three designs to choose from. An opportunity to get some type on your chests before summer.

Have a great Sunday. See you all in April.

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