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The Eagle Has Landed

Welcome to another Sunday Type. I’ve now moved, have unpacked most boxes and even have a connection to the Internet. Time to celebrate with a Shandy. Thanks to everyone who has mailed me this past couple of weeks. I’m a little behind in answering mails, so please bear with me.

I was recently looking for some top-quality type photos to illustrate an article, and came across some very nice ones from the type junkie on Flickr:

metal type

Type Junkie also has a nice type blog; and I’m really tempted to buy this Mixed Keys photo:

mixed keys typojunkie

Next is a tip for Mac Leopard users that I wasn’t aware of until I read about it on H&FJ—the space-bar preview; never thought of using it for anything other than images.


Via allmyliesarewishes.com.

Always great to see readers of iLT experimenting with type. Karly set herself an exercise from Designing With Type. Read more about it on Karly’s blog:

type exercises

How about doing your own using the above four words, lost, charge, bright, and bloom.

Another excellent piece on the TypeFoundry blog, on the construction of brass matrices for big type—struck with steel punches or cast?

brass matrices

It’s a follow-up to Big brass matrices: a mystery resolved? If you’re not quite sure what matrices are, then Wikipedia has a brief article describing them.

And for children of typenuts everywhere:


Thanks, Lauren.

Next, an amazing popup book. The v/w is among my favorites, for its simplicity. How about you?


Thanks, Alec.

Sunday Type Links

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60 Brilliant Typefaces For Corporate Design

Today’s Types

Calgary from Umbrella Type:


The rounded sans serif, Propane:


and Museo from Jos Buivenga, in 5 weights; three are free:

museo typeface

Coming Up

An interview with a female type designer. I’ll leave you guessing. More Extreme Type Terminology from Paul Dean, an article on Choosing Type, typeface reviews, and lots more.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

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