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First, I must apologies that today’s Sunday Type is closer to a Monday Type. I have now moved and am surrounded by numerous half-open boxes, and I have to wait until March 21 until I get connected. What an odd feeling it is not be connected to the Internet. Anyway, I’ve found an Internet Café close by, so I’ll survive until I get connected at home. Oddly enough, I appear to have lost several boxes during the move, and my heart missed a beat when I thought that I’d forgotten my FontBook. Anyway, that’s quite enough of moving mishaps. Here’s Sunday Type:

First up, we have a simple and yet very effective type treatment. A word comprised of words. This one would make an interesting classroom lesson; how about the word typography constructed from typographic terms.

99/100 words

Next is a collection of Album Covers. Part of the allure of Vinyl is not only its distinct sound, but its size and shape, which makes it a great canvas for design. CD cases are too small. For those of you too young to remember Vinyl, head on over to Mark Simonson’s site. Oh to be born with the surname Kern.

kern 45 from Mark Simonson

Next we have a special offer. Who doesn’t like special offers! Ginza is another typeface from Neil Summerour (30% discount):

ginza, new from Type Trust

What to do if your parcel gets lost in post limbo? Repackage it like this. Something tells me, this one won’t be getting misplaced:

fedup, fedex parcel

Type links roundup

How much of a font do you draw out by hand?–Typophile
Type Club of Toronto–promoting good typography in Canada
Proceed and be bold–from Type For You
Design is in the details–A List Apart
Type Workshop–by Underware
Women printers in Mexico–easily amused

I really like this simple logo idea:

egg and spoon logo

And from my very favourite Found Type site, Ace Jet 170, the mostly overlooked side of postcards:

postcards' rears

And a great article on the em and em square, hidden away in the Font Bureau archives:

what's an em square?

And while on the subject of the Font Bureau, this month they released two new typefaces, Scout and FB Moderno. Moderno, initially designed in 1995 has grown into a family of 32 rather lovely styles:

fb moderno

Today’s type

Block Gothic Extra Condensed from Red Rooster Type:

block gothic extra condensed

Coming up

Some Extreme Type Terminology, book reviews, several interview, a series on type foundries and much much more.

And finally

Thanks to everyone for their comments on Kris Sowersby’s wonderful From MoleSkine to Market article. Wherever you are and whatever day it is where you are, have a great day. See you all mid-week for some more type goodness. For me, it’s back to the joys of unpacking.

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