Sunday Type: illegible type

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Welcome to another Sunday Type. It’s time to forget about work, kick off your shoes, sit back and feel some type lovin’. What’s all this about illegible type? Isn’t type meant to be read? On the whole, yes; but sometimes it’s interesting to see how far we can stretch type before it breaks. At what stage does type become unreadable or illegible. For that reason, I like this experiment from James Elsey:

illegible font

The font is called Illegibility. The brief, set by Neville Brody, for the 2008 D&D Student Awards, was to create a new and original font for a relaunched FUSE magazine.

The process of creating the typeface was to break down different media…Letraset was used and photocopied at high percentages until it was no longer legible. Another example was to use the ink-bleed through paper and record the results from marker pens on the reverse side. In this case my typeface reflects how for example a Lower Case would be the bleed marks, the Upper Case being the original experiments.–James Elsey

If you’re a student, then there’s still time to enter. Deadline is March 20th. I’m hoping James will sort out the kerning.

More Letterpress

A video on Hatch Show Print:

Thanks, Robert.

And another video on the wonderful Heidelberg Platen Press. As Don Black says in the video, you’ll run into ones that have red balls, and you’ll run into ones that have black balls:

There are more LetterPress videos on Don’s web site.

More Type Links

Font Tester Tool
11 Luscious Designs Let Down by Illegible Type (thanks Ian)
Smashing Magazine’s Free Fonts of the Month
Gemma’s ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) submission
Ornamental Letters

This is something you might want to buy in time for summer. Lemonade (or Whisky) on the type, please:

cool type, ice type

From swissmiss.

And be sure to check out Andy Rutledge’s redesign. I like it:

andy rutledge. design view redesigned

Typographic Vacations

Now, I like the sound of this. A type vacation, or type camp. That’s my kind of holiday:

type camp

For more information see Type Camp. If you’ve been on one of these, then let me know. How about Camp-ILT?

Type as sound from Meek FM. They were at Typo Berlin 2007, but just in case you missed it:

meek fm

I haven’t heard any recent news on this project. Anyone know if it’s still going?

Coming Up

I’ve been very excited about this article for a long time. Next up is an article from Kris Sowersby on…. Well, perhaps that’s enough to whet your appetites. Whatever you do, don’t miss it. It will be published on Wednesday, and you’re going to like it–a lot.

We also have a contributed series called Extreme Type Terminology. I like the format of this series: a kind of quick-fire tour de force of type terms; not only will you enjoy reading it, but this series will be a great future reference for typography terms. I really enjoyed reading the series, and I think you will too. For now it’s in nine parts. Keep you feeders at the ready.

Sunday Fonts

First up is another typeface from Jeremy Dooley, the creator of Montag, Aviano and Terfens.One of the latest additions to the Insigne library is the script Florencia:


The fun Toy Box Blocks from P22:

toy box blocks font

and Soho from Monotype:

soho typeface

Thanks to alyce.

And Finally

Thanks to everyone who reads and contributes to ILT. Have an exceptional Sunday. And don’t forget Wednesday’s post! You might want to take the day off.

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