Sunday type: Spiekermann

Erik Spiekermann is the HighLander of type. He was no doubt present when Gutenberg got his finger stuck in one of his prototype presses; and he’s still here–his enthusiasm for all things type has not waned. Designer of numerous typefaces including the huge FF Meta family, ITC Officina, FF Unit and many others; “information designer”, author, winner of the Federal German Design Prize, and certified typomaniac, Spiekermann is…well, it’s difficult to sum him up in a sentence, so you decide.

If you have no idea who Erik Spiekermann is, then, well, I don’t know what to say–go stand in the corner. Alternatively, take a look at this video:


I have never met the man, so I’d be interested in hearing from those who have.

Tomorrow we have the second instalment of Alec Julien’s hugely popular So you Want to Create a Font. That article has been viewed almost 40,000 times thus far. To ensure you never miss out, Subscribe to I Love Typography, and feel the love that only type can bring.

A big thank you to everyone who has read and commented and sent me emails. Another big thank you to Ebsen who is working tirelessly on the iLT Wiki–he’s a true type trooper. More news on the Type Wiki soon; and to Hamish who’s putting his programming skills to work on a new and much improved Fontometer.

If you can read German, you might want to head over to the FontBlog where iLT is mentioned for it’s recent review of Made With FontFont. And it looks as though they are considering offering a money-back guarantee on the book! Though with my 12 words of German, I could be mistaken.

And finally, lots of people mailed me to ask if they could have a high-res version of a photo I used in the Made With FontFont article, for use as a Desktop Wallpaper. So here it is:

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