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I was oh so tempted to post the first in our series of So You Want to Make a Font, but it’s Sunday; and Sunday should be one of those easy days. And what’s more Sunday is my day off (from iLT, at least), so on the odd Sunday, I’ll post some type-related links for you to click and enjoy. So while the kids play in the traffic and the cat purrs on your lap, lean back and…

Free Fonts Of The Month: Moderna, Mido, Liberation

And here’s a site that uses type pretty well. Very clean, simple and ordered. I like it:

Erik Spiekermann’s blog (just in case you haven’t seen it); not updated that frequently, but lots of gems in the archives:

The redesigned web site of Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Not sure what to make of the design, but boy do they make beautiful typefaces.

If you like your Ligatures, then you’ll love this beauty from H&F-J:

They also have a great article on What’s OpenType? Is it right for me? and a great blog.

Don’t forget to swing by on Monday for the first part of So You Want to Make a Font. Or to save you swinging by to check, simply subscribe to I Love Typography. For those of you who have no idea what an RSS feed is, or think that it might have something to do with a car’s fuel injection system, then learn all about feeds by watching this great video from Common Craft:

Have a great day. See you tomorrow.

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