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Lisboa, Leopards and Links

Oddly enough, this is a type site I only recently discovered. Type For You has a great interview with Ricardo Santos the designer of Lisboa Sans (amongst others), and lots of other type-related news, views and links.

You might also want to take a look at my Flickr Group Typographic Inspiration. I don’t moderate this group, so the quality may vary, but I do plan to pick out the best and feature them right here; so if you have some typographic inspiration that you’d like to share, then, well…share it. It doesn’t need to be your own work; could be a photo of some type in a book, or of a road sign — so long as it’s type-related, you can add it to the group.

There’s another wonderful Flickr set put together by Vernon of New Typography: Flickr New Typography Set. Moreover, be sure to check out his other sets on the wonderful Typotect Piet Zwart (1885-1977) and the Typeface Design set.

New Typography


Stephen Coles has been writing on Typography since the 1930s — or at least it feels like it. Insightful news items and never scared to express his opinion on type-related matters. A true Type-Trooper (try saying that with your mouth full). Great discussion around his article, “Embedded” Web Fonts Return. Uh-oh. If you’re both a TypeNut and a MacNut, you’ll want to read “Grading the New Font ‘Features’ in OS X Leopard“. It’s also worth digging around in the archives. You’ll unearth some real gems. Stephen is one of the unsung heroes of type; that’s given me an idea: anyone care to write a type-related Stephen Coles song? You write the words, and I’ll choreograph the dance routine; the other people at FontShop could be the backing singers… (enough! [Ed.]).

iLT news:

Work has begun on an iLT Typography Wiki. I already have a couple of willing volunteers. We need a few more people willing to devote a couple of hours a week, writing and editing entries. You don’t need to be Stephen Bringhurst to help out; if you’d like to be involved, then wing me a mail through the ether at m{AT}ilovetypography{DOT}com, or wing it via the contact form. (I like the word “wing” today, by the way).

I’m also considering starting an I Love Typography Forum. You see, I receive about 100 emails each day; a number of those ask for my opinion on type, to suggesting a typeface for a project. Now, it’s impossible for me to write for iLT and answer 100 emails a day, so I thought a forum might be a good way, not only to build community, but to have you — the famed iLT readers (enough flattery?) — get involved in answering questions and expressing your opinions on type-related matters in a forum. Let me know what you think. I thought we could have the forum divided into sections; for example:

1. Font/Typeface questions;
2. Identify a font;
3. Request feedback on own work;
4. A found type section, where anyone can upload “type they find”, photos, etc.

Would love to hear what you think. If we go with it, it will be your forum, so your input is imperative.

There’s also an iLT page of Type-related videos. If you find others, then leave a note and link in the comments to the Video Page.

Coming up soon is “Getting Started Designing Type — Part One”, and some great tips to improve your web typography. To stay forever tuned, become part of the Type Revolution and subscribe to I Love Typography today.

For iLT’s numerous German-speaking readers, there’s a great podcast on CSS and embeddable web fonts entitled, Technikwürze 94 – Die Webkrauts sind los! It must be good because I listened to the entire podcast, and I don’t speak German. However, Thomas Schaaf of Technikwürze kindly sent me a summary of the podcast in English. Thanks, Thomas.

And finally, to discover who won the Kinescope Font give-away, just follow the link.

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