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Eu amo tipografia
Thanks again to everyone who sent in their answers to the Kinescope Font Competition (a little over 400 entries).

The last prizewinners were from the US and Canada. Today’s winner is Kazuo from Brazil where they say “Eu amo tipografia.” The question was,

Mark Simonson Studios has one typeface in its portfolio named after something you might find in the kitchen. Name that typeface.

And the answer is of course, Refrigerator.

Kinescope on I Love Typography

Kazuo is a Physicist with a penchant for:

I really wish I could afford to give more away (the prizes come out of my own pocket, by the way, and iLT does not make a profit — in fact it runs at a loss); and although the random integer generator didn’t pick them out of the proverbial hat, these few deserve at least an honourable mention for their entries:

Refrigerator is Simonson’s typeface named after something that might be found in a kitchen… though in my kitchen you’re also likely to find a Felt Tip pen. You’re not likely to find a Coquette, but then, my wife is neither vain nor trifling (and not always in the kitchen anyway). — Joey

On the question regarding a font called after an item in a kitchen, I was a little confused as I have more than once used Sharktooth and on occasion I have been in need of a Grad, but I’ll settle for Refrigerator, (I won’t mention the bottle of Kandal I have tucked away somewhere). — Ko van Hespen

Near my Refrigerator the Felt Tip Woman — a recent Grad – gave a Snicker. What a Coquette! — Anonymous — (John Nolan)

And, what the heck, a couple more honourable mentions:

Refrigerator! R-E-F-R-I-G-E-R-A-T-O-R! Refrigerator! — Erica Heinz

Well, presumably you’re looking for “Refrigerator” — but my wife and I have several academic degrees, so there’s usually a “Grad” in our kitchen. Our daughter cooks a lot and has astonishing gifts for the arts; she’s sort of a “Changeling” in that respect. My wife likes chocolate, so we occasionally have “Snicker“s. We have candles, but not “Kandal“s. And “Kinescope” is indeed lovely. — AKMA

Thank you to everyone who took part. I read every single entry, and everyone without exception got the answer right. I’m working on getting many more prizes (I can’t afford to buy them all, so I’m begging various companies to donate prizes — wish me luck).

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