Thinking With Type Prizes

and the winners are…
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the discussion on Ellen Lupton’s Thinking With Type. I wish I could send everyone a copy, but I don’t have a spare (160x$30). The winners were chosen using the Random Integer Generator from The first time I ran it, I forgot to take my own comments out of the “hat”, and guess who won a copy? Yes, me. However, after a re-run, the lucky winners are:

Jeff Mueller (comment no. 718)
Ian Stewart (comment no. 705)

Their books are in the post. In future I hope to be giving away many more prizes. If any wealthy readers are reading this and would like to contribute type-related prizes, then by all means send me a mail. If you’re a font designer and you’d like to offer one of your faces as a prize, that would be great too.

Thinking With Type Book Review.

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