Typography Videos

Here are some typography-related videos.

This video is a beautiful brief introduction to typography. Typography is what language looks like – Ellen Lupton. A good typographer is someone who communicates a point of view with skill and imagination and makes the type taste good–Jeffrey Keedy


Veteran graphic design, typography and letterpress teacher from the London College of Printing, David Dabner talks about typography, giving an insight into the principles of design, creative letterpress and why computers–in his opinion–make students sloppy.

An interesting use of type. The typewriter font mimics those used in old police reports. Individual letter forms are animated to illustrate characteristics of, in this instance, a serial killer.

Helvetica The Documentary (clip) Wim Crouwel:

One minute and 53 seconds with Wim Crouwel. “Neutralism was a word that we loved”.

Helvetica The Documentary (clip) Erik Spiekermann.

“I just like looking at type…they are my friends.”

Pulp Fiction

What ain’t no country I ever heard of….”


Devil’s Advocate

“Inside information”

Typography in Motion


Typography Brazil


Designing Multi Lingual OpenType Fonts

TV Interview: Typeface Design

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