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Today, I had planned to post the second part of 15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography. The first part, was such a success that it crashed my server. A combination of the Digg and Zeldman effects took down the site within a few hours of posting the article. Apologies to those who had difficulty accessing the site.

iLT on Digg

This is how my server was made to look during the Digg-Zeldman effect.

The Digg-Zeldman Effect

To prevent this kind of thing happening again, I Love Typography is moving to a new server — one that will withstand just about anything you can throw at it, and the kitchen sink. The move is well-planned, but you never know what might go wrong (with me involved). In theory, the downtime should be around five minutes. I will also take the opportunity to upgrade to WordPress 2.3. However, I’m taking no chances, so I will post the second part on Thursday. If everything goes smoothly, you can congratulate me; if everything goes terribly wrong, you can blame Brian.

So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to seek your feedback. I’d like to know what you like or dislike about the site; should the articles be longer or shorter? Is the text a comfortable reading size? Do you have suggestions for articles? How about posting frequency? Is two posts a week enough, or perhaps a single post each week, that’s more in-depth, with the odd newsy or fontsy (new word!) article in between.

Here are some of the things I have planned for future ILT articles:

01 A closer look at an individual typeface or font; it’s distinguishing features, a little about its history and its designer, where it can be used well; other typeface it goes well with.

02 A series of articles on how to make fonts. How to get started, free software for font creation, with a guest post from a type designer;

03 Book reviews;

04 More type terminology articles like Who Shot the Serif?, The Return of the Serif, and Decline and Fall of the Ligature.

05 More typographic humour and cartoons;

06 Video Podcasts. I would love to do this, but what do you think? I’d really appreciate feedback on this one — especially if you have any ideas for specific podcast topics.

07 And lots of other incredibly interesting stuff, that I’ve yet to think of.

ilt readers are great
Thanks to everyone who shared and Dugg 15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography, and a big thank you to all you subscribers and commentators. You are all stars.

See you Thursday for 15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography — Under the Bonnet. Wish me luck and keep everything crossed for the server move!

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