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Month: September 2007

15 Excellent examples of Web typography

Part II: taking a list apart In part one, 15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography, I showcased fifteen web sites that make excellent use of type. To avoid this article being inordinately long, I’m going to focus on the first site in the list, namely A List Apart. To take all 15 examples to pieces […]


I Love Typography is Moving

Today, I had planned to post the second part of 15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography. The first part, was such a success that it crashed my dedicated server. A combination of the Digg and Zeldman effect, took down the site within a few hours of posting the article. Apologies to those who had difficulty […]


Baskerville, John

Type Founder & Printer (1706-1775) Type founder, printer, stone cutter and lacquer ware professional. In 1750 he set up a printing business, but it took him until 1757 to produce his first book. However, during those seven years he was an impressive innovator, not only in the construction of the printing press but even in […]


15 excellent examples of Web typography

Part I: Showcase I have spent the last month searching, stumbling, noting, bookmarking and analysing in a quest to find 15 Excellent examples of Web Typography. I’ve chosen them because they make excellent use of type. Some of the examples mimic the typography of print, while others actually leverage web technology, smart CSS and delicious […]


ILT Investigates: type torture

kern baby kern Warning: readers may find some of the images in this article disturbing. It was 2am when the call came in over the radio. Italic rain lashed down against the wind shield, liquefying the neon sign’s reflection. Clarendon looks good in Neon, but perhaps… The radio interrupted my thoughts, bearing a voice that […]


fresh Faces, fine Fonts: Montag

A New Rounded Sans Serif in Town Today we’re going to take a brief look at a new face on the block, namely Montag. I’ve just purchased this one, and I love it. In my excitement, I must be careful not to overuse it. Montag is one of the latest typefaces from Jeremy Dooley of […]


Decline and fall of the ligature

fi fi fi, chuckled the lig If the ligature could speak, it might well ask, why does nobody love me? Well, let’s put the record straight, but before we do — just in case you’re wondering, what the hell’s a ligature, let’s take a brief look. First, the typographic ligature should not be confused with […]