Helmut Schmid at ddd Osaka

The 155th ddd Gallery exhibition adds representative works by Helmut Schmid to the original exhibition, presenting a more comprehensive picture of his design. The exhibition entitled helmut schmid: design is attitude, will run from August 23 to September 26, 2007.

Schmid, now based in Osaka, Japan, studied under Emil Ruder in Basel in the 1960s, and has worked in the design industry for almost half a century.


Helmut Schmid is a precise poetic designer.
In his typographic work, he has been perpetuating Emil Ruder‘s legacy from the 1960s into the twenty-first century. Our goal is to shed light on that work and on this person….

In 2003, at the design department at the Fachhochschule Duesseldorf (University of Applied Sciences) in Germany we announced the course “schmid today: typography for advanced studies, design research for beginners.” Since then around 60 students have researched Helmut Schmid’s typographical works. They wrote him postcards regularly; they traveled to Osaka to visit and interview him, his fellow students, and friends. They researched on the Internet, in libraries, in secondhand book stores, among colleagues who were friends or acquaintances.

Fjodor Gejko was there from the beginning. He catalogued Schmid’s oeuvre. The result: two files with a total of around 900 pages. They are the foundation of the digital Schmid archive and the “design is attitude” book and exhibition. After Seoul, Basel, Duesseldorf, and Tokyo, the ddd Gallery invited the exhibition to Osaka.

Philipp Teufel & Victor Malsy.
ddd Exhibition web site.

I’m hoping to visit this exhibition. If I do, I’ll report back. I hope I get to meet him; perhaps I can even get an interview with the man — now that would be a coup!

Notes: Schmid was featured in the Idea Magazine [アイデア] (June, Issue 322)

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