Free Fonts

If you’d like to submit your own font for inclusion on this page, then simply send the file to jboardley{at}gmail{dot}com and a link to your own web site (if you have one).

Here are a few free fonts to get you started:




anivers specimen



Pointy by James Beardmore

And many more over at MyFonts.

  1. I really like this section John. I just wish it was easier to find :)
    I think it would be great to gather all the free fonts you have mentioned on your website, or anywhere for that matter. I love this “Free Font Wall” idea :)

  2. Typ3R

    I was wondering, what typeface have you used for the I love Typography logo?

  3. Robert
    You’re right, it’s not easy to find this page. However, I have big plans for this page, and will even have fonts downloadable from here.

    Every now and then I change the header image, but the one you see above is Le Monde Livre PTF (bold). Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Typ3R


    Actually when I posted, just after in fact, the header changed!

    So the typeface I really like was the one you had used previous to this one. Would be great if you would inform me of that particular one….


  5. Typ3R
    Good timing :)
    The previous one was set in FF Meta Serif. Shout if you need anything else.

  6. Typ3R

    Hey thanks,

    it’s really quite nice isn’t it?

    By the way - great blog, keep up the good work.


  7. X

    Hello! I’m doing a mural painting based on the tipographer Tobias frere jones and I really need his font named Archer cause it’s the most suitable for the job but I can’t find it for free in any website and I don’t have the money to download it , so I will be really thankful if you could send it to my e-mail. Thank you very much!

  8. X
    I do hope you’re joking! First, it’s an H&FJ typeface.
    Even if you could find it for free somewhere, if you were to download it, you’d be breaking the law, and at the same time you’d be mocking its creators.

    Archer is an exceptional typeface. If only you could begin to imagine the work that has gone into its creation. On top of that, it’s not particularly expensive. If it is indeed the most suitable for the job, then I suggest you get saving, and buy it.

    I’m absolutely flabbergasted that you make such a request here. I would very much like a vintage Porsche 911, but I can’t afford it. Should I, then, go out and steal one?

  9. I have a free font available to download on my blog. Click the link.



  10. marta

    Thank you so much for these resources!!

  11. vicky

    thank youuu soo muuchhhh… i really love this website…
    i’m a beginner, interested in typography, and wanna learn more about typography.. I’m glad that i know this website.. so happpyy..
    keep it up! ^^
    thanx a lott.. :)

  12. What I always feel about free fonts is that they devalue our industry –
    if these fonts are free why not all the others – lets just copy.
    Also many of the fonts that are given away are not of very high quality – if they were we would not give them away. If I look at ‘Delicious’ the quality of draughtsmanship is very low. It would take a lot of effort to
    improve it. Students who cannot always afford good fonts might use
    it and not being very discriminating think it’s fantastic, this then this unfortunately becomes their norm.

  13. Kayla

    David, that’s an incredibly arrogant post. Lest you forget the adage, (clearly you have) one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Do you think anything on the Billboard 100 is great music? It’s not Verdi or Berlioz, which has and will last the ages, but people are free to like whatever they wish. It’s subjective. Some people think Maria Callas was mediocre. So what? No need to look down your aristocratic nose at everyone who deigns to find them appealing in some way(s). I’m sure there are many people who find your typefaces lovely and others perhaps grotesque.

  14. David Quay

    Kayla, thanks for confirming what I always half suspected that I can be sometimes extremely arrogant and pompous, but I do believe the culture of free downloads dosen’t help our industry, it devalues it and as I have already said most of the free stuff is not of very high quality and that’s why it’s free. It also confuses a lot of young designers into thinking that everything should be free, ‘Why should we buy when some fonts are free or piratable?’ Pirated fonts are also a big problem,
    does dentist after buying his dentists chair go out and steal all his drills, gold filling material, syringes etc. from his collegues?

    It’s a big struggle these days for designers to make a living from their work so why give it away free! That not only goes for young designers trying to get a toehold in the industry but established designers too are finding it increasing harder.

    ‘One mans meat is another mans poison’, but you cannot call Maria Callas mediocre, the general consensus is that she was a wonderful singer, she is not at all to my taste as I would prefer to listen to Snow Patrol or Debussy.

  15. Bryan

    Bro. You just made the same post twice.

    Anybody can call anything mediocre. You can’t tell people how they feel about things. People are entitled to their opinions. They make the world go ‘round. Here are some of mine:

    I hate meaningless cliches like general consensus.

    Snow Patrol is garbage.

  16. I am not saying I like Snow Patrol!

  17. i love the pointy!! awesome!!

  18. Ari

    If everyone’s opinion is valid, why educate? If an uneducated designer’s opinion is just as important as an educated one, what’s the point of the institution anyway? Using your logic, Bryan, a surgeon’s opinion is equivalent to a garbage man’s opinion on heart surgery. Apply it to any objective field of study you’d like. Design isn’t as subjective as you’d like it to be.

  19. Don’t you think this list just too small, why don’t you make a page dedicated for free and exotic fonts.

  20. I love your idea of having awesome and unique fonts in this wall. You’re a genius, John. I think the free fonts here are brilliant. Keep posting more of these fabulous fonts. You just earned a regular page viewer to your site. :)

    Cheers, man!

  21. marianoR


  22. David Quay may very well be a bit arrogant… and pompus, but I get what he’s saying. While it’s true that opinions are all too easy to come by, there is though not anything like consensus some attributes that folks in the design world tend to agree on when it comes to aesthetics. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that I bet that most folks who have use type extensively in their work would say that this Delicious font looks pretty rough. It looks pretty similar to some other things, but with less well considered curves and proportions… it somehow just looks “wrong.” The way that I see it is that no matter the styles most typefaces are designed to have very elegant natural contours. The exception being typefaces that are designed purposely deviate from that look of perfection. Ones that are meant to have a handmade or poorly printed look are prime examples. Delicious to my mind falls into neither of these categories…

    Many of the fonts available for free are to my mind very nicely designed… and yet the most desirable ones from my viewpoint are ones that cost something. I do think that there is a bit of a correlation between the effort and/or skill of the creator and the cost… that only makes sense, right?

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