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I am proud to present a new limited edition print released today entitled ‘Peace’. It is available in two colourways. A classic metallic gold on black and a contemporary dark chrome on white. I would like to offer a little insight into the design.

There are words that are common currency for calligraphers and artists. Often profound words that encapsulate an idea or sentiment that has broad and timeless appeal. ‘Peace’ is one such word. I felt this year was a good time for me to produce my interpretation of the word ‘Peace’.

As is often the case I have drawn inspiration from our rich heritage of letterforms in the West. These influences have been filtered through modern sensibilities to, hopefully, produce something that appears fundamentally of our time. ‘Peace’ is a melding of inspiration from many sources including Anglo Saxon art, 18th and 19th century virtuoso penmanship and Medieval illumination.

The background filigree is composed largely of spirals and stars. I was drawn to spirals because, apart from their profound beauty, they have mystical qualities. They appear as ancient Pagan symbols in megalithic art, notably Newgrange in Ireland. They appear in Norse culture on the prows of Viking ships. They appear in Maori facial tattoos and in ancient Chinese art, where they are thought to symbolise the sun. They appear in the sacred art of all the world’s major religions. So spirals are powerful symbols that cross cultural and religious boundaries. For these reasons a filigree design based on spirals seems perfect to me.

I know a piece is finished when I feel that adding or removing even the smallest of details would be detrimental to the overall design.

Behind the scenes, the dark chrome on white edition in production at BEP Screen Printing in East London:

Peace – A limited edition screen print from Seb Lester on Vimeo.

‘Peace’ is available to buy now. Full details, including pricing and technical specifications, are on my website. I am also having a launch at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in London this Thursday, September 1st, 2011. A selection of my previous releases will also be on show there until the end of October, including a third colourway of my extremely popular ‘Stars’ print.

Some original pieces of art have also become available today.

Shopping List

Since I got into calligraphy all my shopping lists look like this.
Calligraphy on found ephemera (ok, it’s my gas bill).
148 X 210mm. Framed in a modern white frame.

The Quick Brown Fox

A calligraphic study of some of my favourite pangrams.
Black ink on white calligraphy paper.
297 X 210mm. Framed in a modern white frame.

One Of Those Days

Calligraphy, metallic gold ink on black Plike art paper.
297 X 210mm. Framed in a traditional black frame with gold detailing.

For more information about all of the above new work visit seblester.co.uk


  1. Wow, I love that shopping list! And the gas bill. I should try this sometime to make shopping less dreary…

  2. As a photographer, I love “One of Those Days”. Sums up life behind the shutter pretty well…

  3. Discovered your stuff last year - utterly entranced. My main interest is woodblock prints, but for your stuff, I make exceptions.
    Love the shopping list.

  4. It’s a great job.

  5. Thanks for sharing your work Seb. I just want to let you know that from time to time I will have someone in class who just can’t think of what to write ……. strange as this may sound for people who love letters and words they can find naught to write. “Easy” I say, “write up your shopping list.” A great little project, super lettering exercise which has a function as well!
    Tasmania, Australia

  6. I loved the ‘One of those day’

  7. love the shopping list

    it has some nice ideas - like why should a shopping list be left out of the typographic world, wherever that might be?


  8. Wonderful, but more GLORY than peace.

  9. I’d bet that even his text messages have swashes.

  10. Thank you all for the kind words, Seb

  11. John Wiley

    This is great! Especially love the shopping list! (But why is Marmite lined out?)

  12. John Wiley

    Or is that the only listed item that actually got bought? ;-)

  13. How wonderfully beautiful, both your new print, and your fun with calligraphy. I would love to learn that printing process because at the time… I have no idea how you did any of that. :)

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