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Let’s jump straight in with some great photos from the Type & Media graduation exhibition. Really impressed, not only by the quality of the types, but by the specimens. Here’s a detail from the graduation poster:

type and media specimen poster class of 2008-2009

And here are a few of my favourites types (by no means all of them):

Arietta by Abi Huynh:


Preto by Ján Filípek:


Malausséne by Laure Afchain:

Malausséne by Laure Afchain

Abi, a graduate of the Type and Media Masters program, has kindly agreed to write a piece about the class of 2008-09. What’s more, he’s sending me a couple of the above graduation posters, that I will be giving away here on ILT, via Twitter.

Tokyo based designer Craig Mod sent me a link to this Web page demonstrating the potential of @font-face.

the potential web typography and @font-face

The page also lists numerous @font-face related resources and articles. You’ll need a @font-face friendly browser like the new FireFox 3.5 (Safari and Opera seem to have some problems with @font-face referencing in conjunction with CSS pseudo selectors…). I like that even the Hedera used in the background (top-right) is text. What do you think?

Type news

Small Batch Inc., the company behind TypeKit has secured funding from some pretty big names. Among them: Twitter CEO & co-founder Evan Williams, Flickr founder Caterina Fake, and Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg. It’s good news, but ultimately the success of TypeKit will hinge on its ability to broker deals with the foundries and distributors. Unfortunately I’ve heard nothing about who, if anyone, is on board. One of the problems is that the font industry can hardly be described as such. Perhaps the only way forward is for the larger distributors like MyFonts (Bitstream), FontShop, LinoType, and Veer et al. to broker deals with the people at TypeKit. Then the foundries (there are thousands) who sell their fonts through those distributors have the option to opt-in to the scheme, thus making their fonts available for TypeKit and its implementation of @font-face. But then that still leaves big and important and independent players like H&FJ. Interested to hear what you think.
via typographer.org.

New fonts

Kevin Cornell is one of my favourite illustrators. Insanely talented (& perhaps insane) and very funny to boot, you perhaps know him by his illustrations for A List Apart, or through his Web site Bear Skin Rug. I’m surprised he hasn’t done this before. Anyway, better late than never. He and Randy Jones, designer of Olduvai (see below), have turned some of his lovely Victorian flavoured lettering into a font. Meet Phaeton:


Comes with a pretty extensive character set for this style of font, and numerous ornaments and dingbats, or miniature illustrations. This is going to find its way onto a book cover soon. Stay tuned for more from Cornell and Co.

And here’s Olduvai I mentioned above. Not new, but I like it:


Be sure to take a look at the Olduvai PDF specimen too.

The latest addition to my own font library, Fugu, drawn by Neil Summerour and available though TypeTrust:


And a lovely script with countless intelligent alternates — Liza Pro from Underware:

liza pro

Whatever you call it — 42-line Bible, B42, Mazarin Bible, Gutenberg Bible — you can now view most of the two volumes online, thanks to the Harry Ransom Center.



The images are from the University of Texas copy that was purchased back in 1978 for a cool $2.4 million.

Great piece over at LetterCult on the making of Mark Simonson’s Kandal.

kandal by mark simonson

If you think working with FontLab is a chore, then step away from the computer, and take up your pencil, French curves and tracing paper.

You’ll want this


until you see the price. Via @SuzanneLemon, who wrote, I want it so badly I’m thinking of selling my soul to buy it. Can you buy souls on CraigsList? (Gogol-List, perhaps).

Nice die-cut stationery from Hyperkit:


Via Do it for the fame.

Experimental type design from Friday Fonts:


Via @designworkplan


Seb Lester will be holding an exhibition of new work at the Electrik Sheep gallery in Newcastle (UK) next month. I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak peek. One of the new pieces is certainly his best piece yet.

SebLester Solo Show

If you have a type-related event that you’d like to share, then simply send it to johno@ilovetypography.com, with type event in the subject line.


I’ll let you into a little secret. I have a thing for girls who print. An ink-smeared girl with dungarees— OK, I’d better stop there. Let me introduce you to the ultimate male (or gay girl) type nerd fantasy, Ladies of Letterpress:


There are a number of Ladies who print on Twitter too. Here are several I know of:
dolcepress dingbatpress, kristaprints, and moontreepress.

If you know of more, then leave them in the comments and I’ll add them here later. No stalking, please.

And some work: this simple and lovely card from Dingbat Press:


Discovered WoodTyper while listening to Nick Sherman on the RBtL podcast. A site dedicated to wood type (something Nick knows a thing or two about):


There are business cards, and then there are business cards. Half-inch thick, and made from recycled CDs and water containers:

corporation pop business card

Be sure to subscribe to FPO — great content.

Love this cover from USSR in Construction, a Soviet propaganda journal:

USSR in Construction

Via @iamkhayyam

Like this cover and spreads by Stockholm-based Frankenstein:



Ballets Russes The Stockholm Collection, published by Dansmuseet & Langenskiöld.

Font picks

My first typefaces of the week is a sans called… wait for it… Fishmonger. Love the tapered joins in the lowercase:

fishmonger a minimalist sans from suitcase type

It’s available in numerous weights and styles (50 fonts!). Among other things, I think it would make a great logotype choice; or used to set an Architectural journal or magazine. [PDF specimen]

From minimalist sans to something strongly calligraphic. Vatican by Alan Meeks:


Type links

An interview with Nick Sherman of MyFonts — RBtL
The art of the carved letter (video) — via
Go Font Urself 2
What was next (audio)
Fixing Futura
Revised Web fonts proposal
New work on fonts at W3C
An interview with Canada Type’s Patrick Griffin
Angles of acuteness
Wedding invites — design sponge
The Questa project
First Saarbrücken Typostammtisch

Gargantuan give-away

I’ve decided to move the give-away to the beginning of next month, because ILT will turn 2 on August 8. So the give-away will celebrate ILT’s second birthday, and is ultimately a way of saying thank you to ILT readers.


I won’t list all the prizes here (there are more than 40). But these should whet your appetite:

$200 font voucher from FontShop, Fonts & merchandise from Veer and House Industries, a limited edition Flames print by Seb Lester, free hosting from Fused Network, plus lots of Field Notes, limited edition screen prints, letterpress stuff, books, CDs, DVDs, and much more. Most of the prizes will be given away via Twitter, with a couple of the larger prizes going to the winner of a competition (yet to be arranged). I will begin the give-away on August 8, and will publish more details then.

But why wait for next month! Today I’d like to give away three letterpress prints by Kevin Cornell, and available exclusively through Coudal:


Just include the hashtag #ilovetypography in a Tweet, and you’re automatically entered into the draw. I’ll pick three winners (one letterpress print per winner), and announce them in 48 hours. I can ship anywhere.

Have a stupendous week.

Who can name the fonts and styles used in the gratis, free, nothing graphic?


  1. Thanks for the inspiring post! Really enjoyed all the KABK stuff!

  2. Not shure about the fonts in the gratis image, but is it officina sans on the top and bottom?
    And i imagine that the background could be from liza!

  3. Daniel

    1. ???
    2. Megalopolis Extra
    3. Officina Sans Book

  4. Second one is Metropolis, third one might be Anonymous. Not sure about the first one.

  5. Dustin Lynch

    yes the background is definitely Liza Ornaments

  6. Vatican is a great pick. I was so happy last year to see Alan Meeks alive & kickin’ after years of silence. His scope of work since the ’70s is incredible.

  7. Sergio

    Nice issue, I was missing this. Type media works are stunning, great job.

  8. “Can you buy souls on CraigsList? (Gogol-List, perhaps).”
    Now that was a very funny joke of an erudite ;)

  9. Anna

    Have you read @girlprinter? She also has a blog at http://www.girlprinter.com/blog/ - and does interesting letterpress.

  10. Are you familiar with Gilah Press? Kat Fuerstein would definitely be a nice addition to the Ladies of Letterpress! Based out of Baltimore, MD. http://www.gilahpress.com

  11. haraya

    Adorable header, awesome post! Thanks ^^

  12. SN

    Is it me or do almost all of theType&media typefaces look like fonts made by Underware? Like you said, the quality is excellent, but I think a bit more variety would have been nice…

  13. Thanks for all the Ladies of Letterpress suggestions. Perhaps I should create a page of links and resources.

    No-one has named all the types used in the Gratis, free, nothing graphic.
    A hint for the sans (always a little more difficult identifying based only on caps): it’s a recent sans from a certain German type designer. Daniel was pretty close. The words GRATIS and NOTHING are the same typeface — just different weights.

    The ornaments are indeed from Liza Pro (Pedro & Justin), and the word FREE is indeed Megalopolis Extra (Daniel & Kári).

    I think Alan Meeks is deserving of an article.

    Pleased someone got it.

  14. Thanks for the kind post Johno!

    @SN, responding to your comment about our (Type and Media) typefaces looking like Underware typefaces, there a few typefaces that are clearly inspired by brush lettering (like some of Underware’s typefaces) but I believe it does each individual designer a disservice to lump them all together and say there is no variety because of a few brush types. Amongst the project there are newspaper and information design typefaces, magazine typefaces and book typefaces; each for a distinct purpose and they all exhibit varied inspirations and reference points. As for the point about variety; the range extends from a reserved/functional newspaper type to an expressive bold display script typeface, in my eyes that’s quite diverse already.

    (Thanks Pedro and Sergio for the kind words)

  15. lb

    maybe what made SN say the type looks like underware is because the poster is pretty much a rip of the way the type is treated on the village site (vllg.com)…

  16. gk

    i agree. the way the letters are shown is a rip on Village.

    the type though looks really nice (except watch the kerning on “amir” and “roastable”)

  17. SN

    @Abi: I’m certainly not dissing the type! I think - as far I can judge from the pictures - that they executed very well indeed. And I can tell they all can serve different purposes and can be quite usefull.

    The problem I have with a lot of them is that they are brush-typefaces in exactly the same style as Underware does them. The strokes are very stylised (outside of stroke: curved, inside: straight), the lettershapes are very calligraphic (especially the italics), terminals are all realised in very similar ways and curves are rounded sharp corners, to name a few stylistic characteristics. Surely there must be other ways to stylise the effect of a brush?

    (And lb and gk are right - the fact that the printwork looks a lot like stuff Underware’s done doesn’t help)

    To be fair: not all the typefaces are like that. For some reason I really like BAT by Charles Mazé. It’s one of the few modern typefaces, it doesn’t try to hard, and has one of the most beautiful № signs I’ve seen.

  18. SN

    I ought to start proofreading my own comments someday…

  19. @typemedia part of discussion: i think it would be really sad if everybody would stop doing the grids of letters, just because it’s been done on the vllg site and specimen… the principle itself is not that special that it should not be used anywhere else. it was the best way to show more than 40 styles made by 11 people and we all agreed on that. but i understand if somebody sees that as a problem. i don’t.
    anyways, thanks for all your comments, guys.

  20. WoW! Never thought I’d be featured on one of the BEST typographic blogs ever - honored really Johno! Thanks and BTW I don’t wear dungarees when I print, it’s strictly done in spandex and tees ;) I like to relive my 80s childhood in my studio!

  21. Arlo

    I’m pretty sure the GRATIS and NOTHING are Axel by Erik Spiekermann, that certain German type designer.

  22. Amazing! Very good job as always. Very nice inspiration source, this is the true quality. Congratulations.

    By the way, Czech type rocks!

    Best regards.

  23. Love Phaeton, looks like some great work here.

  24. Phaeton is gorgeous! I love it.

  25. i agree its important also i using pixel fonts thanks for this lovely post

  26. What a cool blog.

    Did you ever see the documentary on “Helvetica”?

    From that list, my favourites are the “i”, “g” and “p”. Especially the “p”.

  27. allio

    wow cool

  28. thank its great theme

  29. Nice collection there.

    I just can’t seem to get enough of beautiful fonts and typefaces. In my life, I’ve worked with many beautiful typefaces. And yet, I always long for more. Your roundup naturally excited me with all those beautiful fonts.

    Liked the New Fonts section in particular.

  30. Friday Fonts has some really interesting stuff, good find!

  31. I love this site. I am developing creative fonts into text message shortcuts

  32. nice design i love your website. what is this theme???/

  33. It’s a custom theme designed only for ILT. But try themeshaper for a great place to start.

  34. Just a thought. As type becomes an art form, words are shortened for text message purposes, icons replace words, are we reverting to the communication of the caveman? Will there be dictionaries in the future? Will people use whole sentences?
    Perhaps we are moving towards telepathy.


  35. Daniel Escudeiro

    ooh, I’m late…..
    It was just gonna say that Axel (reg. & bold) is the font for “gratis and nothing”…
    Amazing blog indeed!

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