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I’ve been a little quiet here of late. Now you know why. I’ve been working days and nights on a new site, something I see as a natural extension to this one. Meet WLT — welovetypography.com, a collaboration between myself and Kari Pätilä. It has been great fun to create, and I really hope that it inspires.

welovetypography dot com

Rather than spend paragraphs explaining how and what it is, just take a look for yourselves. It’s like an FFFFound for type-related content, a type-themed delicious for the eyes.

One of the features that I’m particularly fond of (Kari’s handiwork) is the search by colour.

we love typography. search/filter by colour

You can learn more about the site on its about page, and more about its contributors on the, um, contributors page. They’ve been busy bookmarking some 1000 images and videos!

To share, just add #WLT to your tweet, and see what others are saying. Enjoy!

Other news

There’s now a more mobile-friendly version of ILT at m.ilovetypography.com. The clever people at mobify.me created it. It certainly loads incredibly quickly, and supports dozens of mobile devices. Would love to hear what you think.

I’ll now be back to posting more frequently here on iLT. Coming up is a packed-to-bursting the week in type, a book review, a wonderful essay from a great type designer, a couple of interviews, and lots more besides.

It’s a beautiful sunny day here! Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, or thinking of doing, have an exceptional week.


  1. Very nice! It has been a real joy to be with iLT since the beginning. It’s great to see how big its gotten. Good stuff John.

    -Robert (aka nerdski!)

  2. This is awesome, Johno. Great idea and nice job! I’m glad to have something just for typography now, considering browsing FFFFound can be something of a crapshoot at times.

  3. Lovely! Looks great. I’m going to have a gander now… :)

  4. Looks very interesting… all 89! pages. I can’t wait to explore more of it… when it’s not 2am in the morning and I’m wide awake and not procrastinating on finishing my tax return! Thanks for sharing; I love this kind of thing!

  5. Congratz on the new site. Very interesting. And you are so lucky to have that domain name :)

  6. likey! I especially love the right menu bar with the fonts on black. beautiful.//

  7. Torbjørn Vik Lunde

    Great stuff like always.
    I know I’ll use WeLoveTypography to search for inspiration. FFFound can def. sometimes be lacking the in the typographic department.

    mobile-version of iLT seems to work great. The only complaint I have is that the text might be slightly small, I feel like I have to hold the phone a bit close for comfortable reading. (Might just be me though.)

  8. Beautiful! Congratulations! :)

  9. Smart & useful!
    It’s a good idea to be able to search through the site.
    It makes it much more than a bookmark tool, it is also a place for serious diggin’.
    Thank you.

  10. Firstly, love the we love typography header. Perfect size and perfect type(goes without saying, still wanted to say it). Amazing work, amazing collection! Thank you so much again and again! Its such amazing inspiration for newbies like me. ive learnt more from iLT than everything in 4 years of college! RESPECT!

  11. anton

    Very nice! Only thing I have to say is that I would want the search bar input to have text-align: center;

  12. Wow! This is great. I am often too lazy to read all articles but I can stare at one picture for minutes if it’s good, interesting, inovative. You and collective around you often bring such flawless images so… this is really great :)

  13. This is really cool!

    Just what is needed when you’re looking to be inspired to work with type again and again.. Added to my feed reader straight away :)

  14. Congratulations! The new site is awsome. I already found some of my favorite designworks, like the ones from Paul Lee…
    Thanks for the hard work and affort.

  15. The colour search was the one I had most fun working with. Too bad I couldn’t get more than the 5 colours (blue, yellow, purple/violet, orange or black) working on launch day.

    Incidentally, it’s the feature I’m still working on. We should have more wonderful stuff available soon enough.

  16. Hey Johno, Kari

    Absolutely loving WLT—ffffantastic idea! The design and type is, of course, gorgeous.

    Only one very tiny note: typos inside words of big fonts tend to stand out; see the contributors page and the word “subscribe.”

    Keep being great :)

  17. What a fantastic new addition to the ILT “family”: a wonderful concept, and beautifully executed. Congratulations on such a fabulous new site!

  18. Wow, great new project—superb idea and beautifully executed :-)


  19. Fantastic resource Johnno, love the simple but effective design.

  20. Great Stuff ! Thanks !

  21. Congrats John & Kari on this great new photo resource! Browsing through the website now! Only one thing that I noticed, how about the license of the photos? Good luck with your new project.

  22. @Sander
    Copyrights are mentioned at the bottom of the page. There’s also a more detailed version at http://welovetypography.com/copyright/

  23. WLT Looks great! A perfect complement to this site and very valuable when looking for type inspiration. The mobile version of the site looks nice and is much easier to browse on my iPhone. Thanks!

  24. Oh, just great. Now I have yet another page to view every day. ;)

    Thanks! A wonderful idea realized. WLT will be a terrific resource for my students (and me).

  25. Justin

    I see a well-spaced future where you are involved with, on some level, every type-related site on the internet. It is a lovely place. :)

  26. Congrats on the launch! Site is beautiful, content is beautiful and the concept will keep people inspired for the life of the site. Search by colour is the icing on the cake.

  27. Aaron Mc Adam

    Awesome stuff! This will keep me happy for ages!

  28. Great job! Congrats.

  29. Jelmar

    Very nice project, John. If you ever need another fellow-typehead contributor, let me know. :)

  30. I’m having a problem viewing images bigger than the screen resolution, the scroll is just causing a shake in the picture. Am i having this problem because of the setting or are other people having it?

  31. @Satwik
    Which browser/OS combo are you using? Scrolling through large images works fine for me.

  32. Its windows xp; mozilla firefox. I could download google chrome. Does it work on that? I’ll try it out. Also the page numbers are just numbers. They arent working as buttons. i’m sure its a problem with my browser. However, i have a request: All the systems in my class have the same os and browser; infact most of the internet cafes i know in india(I know about Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai) have the same os and browser; will it be possible, therefore, to probably make it compatible with this on your end? Thanks for the prompt reply!

  33. I admire quick and easy interface. It just work as is supposed to work :-) Your project is very useful, especially for designers looking for typo inspiration. Congrats!

  34. @Satwik
    The pagination not working is really strange, since they are nothing but regular links. I had a chance to test both issues with Win2000 and Vista, but neither caused any problems for me.

  35. ilovetypography.com is a great site to visit when in need of inspiration, fresh fonts and ideas. Look forward to browsing the new WLT site.

  36. Lan Truong

    Ohmygosh. I frickin’ love welovetypography. I visit it several times a day. AWESOME idea!


  37. Congrats on the WLT site. It looks like it will be a great addition and resource for us all. Looking forward to many inspiring post.

  38. Hi Kari
    I think the problem might be with my version of mozilla firefox. Its working well on internet explorer and chrome. Also i checked with many other friends last night. It’s working very well for them too. Sorry for causing all the alarm! can you please clarify one more thing: The search is unusually sized, but it works great, functionally speaking, what made you go with that as opposed to the usual?

  39. @Satwik
    The design is mostly John’s. I got involved after the layout was done, but if I’d have to guess I’d say that it’s because our focus group tends to work with rather high screen resolutions, hence the large font size. That, and the focus being on typography and search, it’s kind of natural to emphasize both.

  40. Wow. That looks amazing. Really cool. Very simple (and efficient) layout. Very slick looking. Congratulations on creating yet another fantastic type related site. :) Bookmarked.


  41. yes, that is true! Now the site is working perfectly and i am amazed at the collection! really, really amazing work! A big thanks to you, john and all the contributors!

  42. Nice site, I love this site, So many pages as well, i like the fact that you choose by colour, how long it take build the site at this standard?

  43. I’m absolutely delighted by this new site, great work! Thank you!

  44. The site is a huge pool of copyright infringements. The images are moved to a new server even if they are explicitly marked “All rights reserved”. The copyright owners are not asked.
    Looking at the list of contributers, they all should know better. I am very disappointed.

  45. @Ralf Herrmann
    Fair use is a shadowy area, but we’ve made it clear that the copyrights of the images belong to their respective owners. Bookmarking doesn’t change the copyright status of the image. The origin of the image is also clearly displayed and every post contains a link to the original.

    The copyright holders can also request an image to be removed at any time.

  46. Copyright is not shadowy at all. And it is not about “naming a source” or “linking the source” either. It’s the explicit right that the copyright owner can decide over every single use of his work!
    You do not “bookmark” those images. You move them to a new server where they are not under the control of the copyright owner anymore. You need an explicit permit of every copyright owner to do this. This is common law in almost all countries of the world. Every single image on this page that is not in the public domain or under a creative commons license is a clear copyright infringement.

    The fact that you remove images on request must be some sort of a joke. Do you really expect that every copyright owner in the world should check this page every day to see if someone uploaded an image of them? No! You need to ask them if they agree to your use in the first place. And I no you didn’t do that, since I found several of my images that were marked “All rights reserved” on Flickr.

    You might continue this site by carefully choosing images that are in the public domain or licensed under Creative Commons (but even that would need refinement, since at the moment the respective owners are not clearly named. The contributer seems to be more important than the creator of the work). But I strongly suggest that you remove all images that are not PD, under CC or a similar license.

  47. I’m responding to Ralf Herrmann’s comment:

    Ralf, I agree with you that copyright violations run rampant throughout the web. Most “gotta catch em all” web sites do ignore copyrights.

    Usually, I turn a blind eye to sites that are non-profit or hobby type sites such as ilovetypography and welovetypography - or those sites that link to the actual copyright owners website.

    The day you start to see “gotta catch em all” web sites making a profit with advertising, THEN you can sound the copyright violation alarm.

    Oh now I see your point, by then It may be too late. Hum.

    BTW - To the author(s), I love the sites. However, Ralf has a point. Maybe add an extra line that includes the copyright status for each image on welovetypgraphy?

  48. @Ralf Herrmann & @Aaron
    I’ve been giving this one some thought, and feel there’s more we should/could have done.

    There are exceptions to the law if the purpose of displaying the images is for nonprofit educational purposes, of which wlt clearly is an example of, but using the full-sized images without explicit permission is clearly something we shouldn’t be doing, even though it seems to be standard practice or seem harmless. It’s not my place to speak on behalf of the contributors, but I believe they are doing this strictly with an intent to promote 3rd party content.

    @Ralf Herrmann
    Even though at first you seem to come on pretty strong, I personally appreciate this kind of criticism. If you wish to continue discussing this in greater detail, then, please, contact me directly at kari.patila (at) gmail.com. In either case, expect your content to be removed from WLT shortly.

  49. My suggestions are:
    Set up an approval procedure!
    If a contributor wants to add a copyrighted image, an email or html form is created and a ticket number assigned. The form contains the image (linked from the original source) and a request to move it to WLT. The author can then enter his name (because something as a Flickr screen name may not constitute a proper way to name a copyright owner) and choose a license for the use of the image on the WLT server.
    The form must then be faxed in to an administrator. Only after the signed form is received the images can be moved to the WLT server. Not one second before.
    (And the same approval is neccessary for your other plans like WLT screensavers …)

    For CC content: I would suggest to name the autor and the respective (linked) CC lincense on every page the image is used, even those “thumbnail pages”. Don’t hide that stuff on a different page or require people to follow the link to the original image just to see the license. The license should better be visible whenever the image is used.

    With these changes even I would be happy to contribute some of my work to WLT. But I need to be asked first, and so does every other copyright owner. I may be using harsh words, but I have no doubt that other copyright owners might not hesitate to take immediate legal steps against WLT. So these things should better be changed sooner than later.

  50. Very nice pictures indeed, but what I miss (on flickr too) is a collection of just “boring” (real) book spreads like those in Bringhurt’s TEOTS.

  51. I love the new site!

  52. Cool project John, very simple layout, i like the twitter integration, it works. Very useful, congratz!

  53. awesome stuff! … thanks for that … this will keep me happy for ages :D!

  54. Someting to look at and aspire to.

    Many thanks.

    Keith D

  55. I like how you kept it consistent. Very accessible, looks great.

  56. The only comment I would have on the site apart from being its a fantastic resource for designers is that it would be great to have a link from the image to the original site that the image comes from rather than going off to another site where the image was spotted… if you know what I mean.

    Great work guys.

  57. Jelmar

    @Ralf Hermann: while I agree with you on the copyright issues, I doubt something like that would work for a bookmarking site. If every copyright owner would have to give permission, it could take days before an image can be posted. The site would basically grind to a halt.

    If it’s in the fact the the images are copied to a new server, you could link directly to the original server, but with the amount of visitors WLT will probably get, it would kill some of those servers with all the traffic.

    And what about sites like FFFFound and Vi.sualize.us? They do exactly the same… they also create a copy on their own server.

  58. @Jelmar

    The premise of any bookmarking site should be that content should be posted by and from people who actually want to be represented on the site. The fact that FFFFound or vi.sualize.us disregard copyright issues in some cases doesn’t in any way make it justified. I feel that this topic has been exhausted to the point where no further remarks are necessary. In Ralf’s case we made a mistake and corrected it. It’s as simple as that.

  59. Jelmar

    Kari: Yes, I agree, I wasn’t implying it justifies it. What I mean was that if every copyright law was to be followed to the letter, alot of sites we think of as the most influential, ground-breaking and interesting, would not exist.

    But if you’re only posting content which you are allowed to post in the future, that’s of course good to know. :)

  60. I don’t really see what the issue re copyright. Some of the images of my site have appeared on WLT I have noticed and I dont really mind. They are not big enough to reproduce in print for advertising, WLT makes no money from them, they are there for everyones enjoyment and thats why I took the photos and posted them on my site. I dont mind a bit of extra traffic with people having look at them if they want… thats why they are on the web in the first place.

  61. Suzanne

    Well done guys! fantastic site…

  62. Daniel

    i love welovetypography.com - been using it everyday and it’s a great resource. thanks so much for creating it…

  63. I love this site. Great Design and nice layout

  64. Your site is paradise to me! I am part of the semioticians crowd - ah this is history now - and I am totally fascinated by typography and the “meaning” of all sorts of signs. Congrats, I am going back to WLT.
    Best regards from Paris.

  65. Yanda

    This is awesome!

  66. I love the new site!

    Great Design and nice layout.

  67. Anthony Proulx of Plastic Printers

    Awesome inspirational site! Way to go guys!

  68. @Anthony
    Thank you. I might have to get in touch with you regarding those business cards.

  69. Wonderful job, I had to do a post in my own blog reccomending it to my few readers.

    I am an absolute fan of it.

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