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It has been predicted that Apple will have sold 45 million iPhones by the end of 2009. And that’s before it hits China. There aren’t hundreds of type-related apps for the iPhone, but here are few; and a few type-related tips too. (Helvetica Moleskine give-away details at the end).

iPhone apps

Recently released, MyFonts’ What The Font for iPhone is a terrific little app. The biggest barrier is not MyFonts’ image recognition technology (which has proven itself online), but the dreadfully inadequate iPhone camera. However, despite that it does a pretty good job. Just ensure that the lighting is good.



And remember, that even with a great photo and big type, there are no guarantees. Although the MyFonts database of type is big, there are numerous foundries and faces that just aren’t there. For example, you won’t see the likes of H&FJ and the Gothams. There’s a review of the app over at DesignWorkPlan. See my font identification post for further resources.

The next app (free) is imaginatively named Fonts. It’s incredibly ugly (I refuse to post the app home screen here, lest it set off a migraine), but it lists the iPhone’s system fonts.

link to iTunes app store

Knowing which fonts are installed on the iPhone will help with your font stacks. So, if you’ve chosen Lucida Grande, and wonder why it doesn’t display as Lucida Grande on the iPhone, then this app shows you why. [iTunes link]

FontShuffle from FontShop is aimed at helping you find typefaces. You can home in on a selction of faces by selecting from a number of categories and sub-categories (general to specific); e.g. serif > french > or sans serif > grotesque. It’s you pocket type catalogue:

font shuffle for iPhone

It was recently updated with 50% more fonts. Again, it’s a free app. I think it could be educational too — in teaching the basic type categories. [iTunes link]

The next is a fun little game by the name of Kern. Not easy to describe how this one works, so take a look at the Kern site for instructions. Basically you play at letter spacing. More fun than it sounds.

kern iphone

Price: a mere $0.99. [iTunes link]

Another game, and one that can be quite addictive, is iLT’s own FontGame:


I’ll talk to the Kari, the maker of the FontGame, and see if we can develop it further. And of course you don’t need an iPhone to play this one. There’s also a regular (no pun intended) version of the FontGame.

Would be happy to hear your suggestions for improvements, or additions to the game.

iPhone font tip

I’ve heard many complaining that they don’t have access to accents (diacritics) on the iPhone. If you don’t already know, then you simply have to press and hold down the key, and you’ll see a list of alternates, like so:


The standard US keyboard has quite a few accents, but if you want something like ý (y acute), as in Josef Týfa, then simply turn on the Czech keyboard: settings > general > international > keyboards.


ShinKanji isn’t for everyone, but if you’re interested in Japanese, then this is really useful. Includes handwriting recognition. Just draw the character (Kanji) with your finger, and it finds it in the extensive Japanese dictionary:

shin kanji

The Lite version is free. The standard ShinKanji, with an expanded dictionary and alternate input and search methods is $5.99 (much cheaper than an electronic dictionary). Might be worth consulting before you get that gorgeous Japanese tattoo.

Type themed wallpapers for iPhone from TypeNuts:

typenuts iphone wallpapers

Even some for the G1 & BlackBerry. I promise to add more for those devices.

And the lovely poolga. Not all type-themed, but lovely, nonetheless:

poolga iphone wallpapers

I wonder what’s next for the iPhone. Imagine a mobile version of FontStruct, or … well, I have some ideas too, so stay tuned. So, if you’re an iPhone developer and you’re interested in collaborating, then please mail me.

If you have your own type-related tips & resources for the iPhone or other mobile devices, then please share below. And, if you’ve used any of the above, let me know what you think.

My apologies to those who do not have or don’t want an iPhone.

Helvetica Moleskine give-away

I mentioned here that I’d be giving away some of these beautiful limited edition Helvetica Moleskines, produced by the Helvetica Project in Japan:

I have already given away three. I have another two to give away. The winners get to choose black or red. I paid full price, plus postage, so although I’d love to give them all away, I’m stretching it with five. Of course, if there are any philanthropic souls out there who’d like to donate some cash, then I’ll give away even more (and mention you, if you so desire).

helvetica moleskine

So, how to win one? I’ll give one away to someone in the comments below (might regret that); the other I’ll give to a random twitter user who tweets about iLT. It needn’t be a tweet about this competition. And you needn’t tweet multiple times. No prizes for driving twitter users crazy with iLT tweets! I’ll announce the winners within the next few days. Always difficult to know how to run these give-aways; if you have a better idea, then do let me know.

moleskine helvetica limited edition

The remaining 10, I will sell. Not sure of the price (approx US$30 + postage). I’ll set up a shop with someone like bigCartel. Hope to have it live by Monday.

I will also have some limited edition handmade bags (made from sail cloth, and until now, not available outside of Japan):


I’ll try to post some better photos later. And, another type-related Moleskine project. More details to follow.

Other give-away winners

@justincraigen got a copy of the font management app, Suitcase Fusion 2. Courtesy of Extensis. Winner of the Bolda Display font give-away is @chergaoui. I used twitRand to choose the winner (and did some quick checks for multiple accounts).

Coming up …

A monster-sized the week in type, and a number of educational articles, including one all about the zero (promise it’s not as boring as it sounds); some more translations (German & Japanese) … oh, and that iPhone app, and lots more.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading.


  1. Crikey, that’s not Arial on that sailcloth bag is it? And I always assumed sailcloth was used for making sails. Oh, well, thanks as ever for the stunningly mammoth selection of inspiration, and giving me another excuse to get an iPhone.

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    And most of all, thanks for you post on FFFFound post :) That’s very nice of you.

    I’m going to re-tweet the contest right now, just in case (I planned to give away my already bought copy to a friend, so I can still complain about not having one).

    Have a great week too!

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  8. Thanks for posting about the great font related iPhone apps. Installing a few of them now (and looking into the great backgrounds)!

    Article Correction: The “ugly” font app is named “Fonts” (plural).

  9. Thanks, Kevin. Fixed.

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  162. Helvetica isn’t just a font. It is a lifestyle, and ideology and a font!

    A Moleskine (in red) would be my daily source of inspiration if I was lucky enough to win one.

  163. A Red Helvetica Moleskine doesn’t sound so bad at all!

  164. LibraryGirl

    I am a moleskin virgin, so a Red one would help a girl out. Then I too would truly understand the need…

  165. Interesting apps. Love the moleskins. Love Poolga.

  166. Great posts! Love the moleskines. That iphone apps, specially the FontShuffle is very interesting.

  167. Di

    Obviously, this is THE time for anyone creating typography. Or games, for that matter, such as the KERN.

    I was listening to a National Public Radio interview of one of Apple’s original gamers - don’t know his name. He said the last year with Ipods and Iphones has been a revision of the 80’s when games first came to computers.

    To be the first (if it’s not already too late) to come up with typographies specific to ipods, iphones, blackberries will be the ones who cash in.

  168. Wow, that’s an amazing amount of comments on here! But then again, those moleskines are pretty neat, and those apps look cool too. Yet another reason to purchase that iPhone

  169. Carleton Wilson

    Cool iPhone apps. Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPhone.

    Love ILT though, and would love a Helvetica Moleskin just as much! Cheers!

  170. Those Helvetica Moleskines are totally rad. I only have two pages left in my lowly non-Helvetica Moleskine, so that would be incredibly convenient. Also - nice work with the FontGame iPhone app!

  171. Sebastian

    oh my… I just fell in love with the red Helvetica Moleskine. Would perfectly fit in my grey bag.
    Otherwise I would have to buy an iPhone to get some cool new typo stuff…!

    Anyway. Thanks for the efforts you are doing with this wonderful website. One of the best on the net regarding typo and design.

  172. I’m a big fan of the Font Shuffle app and find that with the new update it became even more versatile. Love the site by the way.

  173. Oh man. What the Font for the iphone? (Swoon!)

    Also, thanks for giving up these yummy Helvetica Moleskines and bag to your readers! You’re the best!

  174. What the font’s a moleskine?

    I’m new here. I like it.

    I am also comfortably, tragically out of touch.

    Enlighten me.

    Thank you.

  175. I would love love love a Helvetica Moleskine. Does it double my chances if I comment AND tweet? Well, just in case, I’m going to. :)

  176. these things are almost to nice to use. I sure they make protective glass cases for it…

  177. Dude, that FontGame is awesome. Great way to train your eye to recognize typefaces (at least common ones, anyway).

    Also, moleskines are awesome. I’d love to have one so I can write a romantic novel and then kill myself out of despair. I’ll even do it with a Swiss Army Knife to fit the theme. It’ll be epic.


  179. Luis Bameule

    I’ve been following iLT for a while, but always in lurk mode as I’m really just a big enthusiast of type and typography - I’m learning a lot and realise I wouldn’t add much of value. But in this case, that Helvetica Moleskine has prompted me to write.

    Keep it coming, and congratulations!


  180. Javier Salinas

    Funny how things are: I have a first generation iPod Touch and besides my music the only movie I have on it is the documental movie: Helvetica (if you have not seen it, check it out, it will like you, trust me) and I been making up my mind for buying an iPhone, here is Mexico they are really expensive, so all the time I only carry my old nokia mobile, but in this article are entangled two subject that keep my interest: the iPhone and Helvetica font.

    by the way: did I mention I really want that Helvetica moleskine? just in case :-)

  181. Bonnie

    Kern is actually one of the top paid word games in the App Store, I think—I’ve seen it before. It’s such a funny little concept…I haven’t tried it yet, though.

    I wish that the iPod touch had a camera….curses! But then, the iPhone is just too impractical. (Data fees + switching to a carrier with practically no coverage in my area? Um, no.)

  182. great info on type and the iphone!

    very nice of you to give away the notebooks, would be great to have that black one :D

  183. Matty Ryan

    Seems like everyone wants the Moleskin. :)

  184. Great post. I love the iPhone even more. And the Helvetica Moleskine and sailbag… sigh, Japan has it all.

    Thanks for sharing.

  185. I want a fancy Moleskine!

  186. Victor Zuniga

    It’s crazy how this page already has a bunch of comments. I wonder if it has to do with that Helvetica Moleskine…

  187. Moleskine’s are an addiction. I love them. I need them. But I have to rob banks to get my fix.

  188. Armando Roque

    Hola John–
    Te escribo desde Caracas (Venezuela). Quiero ganar uno de esos Helvetica Moleskine… the black one would be very nice.


  189. I love my Moleskine, but a Helvetica one… now that would sure be the bee’s knees.

  190. Wooooooooow those Moleskine are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    I’d really really love one :)

  191. Just downloaded the What The Font app. Such a great idea.

    Really digging that red Helvetica Moleskine. So nice!

  192. demargo

    red, please

  193. Victor Zuniga

    If i get lucky, any color would be nice….

  194. I’d be willing to pay $30 for one of the Helvetica Moleskines. Be sure to let us know when you have a store up. Cheers!

  195. How about hosting some simple type-related contests for your give-aways? Say asking which fonts were used on a certain packaging, poster, or posting some background info on a certain typeface and ask readers to identify the type and/or its designer, etc. Just another chance for your readers to brush up/improve their type knowledge. :)

    I’m definitely bookmarking this post and will come back to it when I get an iPhone, probably in summer.

  196. Hamza

    Wow, I did not know these were commercially available! I’d be honored to get one. :) If not, I hope I can buy one from you soon.

  197. Diane O'Rourke

    Thanks for the tips about iphone apps.

    I want a Moleskin, please!! :)

  198. ilkut

    i am totally commenting for the red moleskine.

    thanks for sharing knowledge (and (guess what?) the moleskines )

  199. gina

    i’ve never had a moleskine and would like a black helvetica moleskine to take my moleskine virginity. awww yeah.

  200. Sharleen

    Thanks for the tips! I would love to get a Moleskin; I’ve been wanting one forever but could never afford it, but judging from the number of comments, I doubt I would get it. No harm trying I guess.

  201. The Helvetica Moleskines are really beautiful… you’re so nice for giving them away! :D

  202. great app recommendations for the novice typography enthusiast. can’t wait to get my type on.

  203. Victor Zuniga

    Even though there’s like dozens of comments… hope never dies

  204. Ok, I’m getting an iPhone just so I can read these sweet newsletters on the train. I keep getting distracted by work in the office…

  205. Mmmmmm Moley goodness and sweeeeeet sailcloth! Shuriken me now!

  206. Tom Crichton

    Those moleskines are *very* nice. Thanks for the Poolga link, btw- it’s a great site.

  207. I believe I discovered your blog about 3 weeks ago, and since then have been coming back every 3-4 days… it’s getting addictive. Thanks for providing a nice range of information. Also, the Font Game is tons of fun… will certainly make it on my iPhone as soon as I get one, til then, I’ll have to try to beat my 28 from my laptop.

  208. thanks for the diacritics tip!

  209. ami

    i almost wish i had an iphone to further enable my type geekiness. the diacritics article was much appreciated!

  210. iFont makes me want an iPhone! Damn that touch screen!!!

  211. I never knew any of these apps existed! I now can not wait to get my upgrade in May and download away :D

    Thanks i<3t

  212. Look at all these comments! Keep it up!

  213. I guess this is one good argument for having a twitter account. Oh, well, I’m going to have to settle for less odds. Gimme! :3

  214. Heh, i love moleskines and this site.

  215. Liz

    Thanks for the heads up on the iPhone apps. I am looking forward to exploring these.

    I agree on the camera. My former blackberry had a much better camera.

    Thanks for all you do!

  216. Mary Beth

    mmm helvetica. I want.

  217. I never win anything, but I’ll give it a try.

    I want an iPhone so bad I can taste it. And the funny thing is, I don’t even want it necessarily for the phone, just for the apps. I know, “it’s called iPod touch”. Either way, I can’t justify the expense of it or the AT&T plan. AT&T service in this area sucks big time.

  218. Gab

    God! I love typography…

  219. Jelmar

    Kinda late, but tweeted anyway =)

  220. pick me!
    Helvetica rules the world

  221. Dave Fitz

    Hi Johno - everyone,
    Love the site its fantastic! I’m new to this blog type commenting thing so not sure if I’m commenting in the right place, but was intrigued by all the posts and have recently fallen in love with italics, so i was trying to ID the italic serif that everyones name is in on the site? Probably real easy one, just not for me.
    Any help from anyone would be cool, glad to have found you all?

  222. How about a limited edition sail cloth bag with Helvetica and the swiss cross? First order would be from me!

    I have an iPhone, skipped the Kern app but dig the What The Font from MyFonts!

  223. Lane Meadowcroft

    Please and Thank you!! (black)

  224. Ahhhh!!! I want one of these Japanese Bags!!!! How can I get one???

  225. Thanks for the iFont list… grabbed all the apps!

  226. wes

    man would I love to get a book, would make me popular amongst the other designers…all I got is a pencil with a broken point…

  227. Helvetica Moleskins.
    The quickest way to get 233 comments!

    Must try that myself..! :)

  228. rio

    you….are the cats meow.

    love the post makes me want to defect from t-mobile.

  229. Michelle

    Excellent apps - reason enough for me to consider an iPhone

    And lovely moleskins!

  230. Eleanor

    Despite being of the blackberry clan, I still love the posts re: the iphones, esp. on new backgrounds - just because I don’t have one, doesn’t mean I won’t look at pretty, pretty backgrounds.

    As for the Helvetica moleskins - two great things rolled into one, in my opinion. I’m a huge user of moleskin, and have an even larger weak spot for Helvetica as well. I’d love one, if that’s possible. :)


  231. mark in MN

    Awesome site..linked from Nack blog…will use your site in my InDesign Classes I teach

  232. Oh, man! How I’d love to snag one of the moleskins. I can’t wait to try out this KERN game. :D

  233. wow that Fargo font is amazing!! I bet it isn’t free though…

  234. Erin

    What a sweet thing to do! And, how cool is a helvetica moleskin!?!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win this.

  235. moleskin… yeah that would be nice. But I would LOVE that sail cloth bag!

  236. There is a Helvetica-Moleskine-shaped-hole in my heart. :)

  237. Brad Enderson

    So many people… you think I’ll win?

  238. Mmmm, helvetica and moleskin combined!

  239. Tiffany

    I thought I’d entered this already. I guess I didn’t (sorry if I just missed it, not trying to enter multiple times :P)!!

  240. i wanna win something…i love moleskines…they are the perfect size for my purse….XD

  241. CTC

    Molevetica Helskin …that I could go for.

  242. Just realized that i made the mistake of subscribing this entry… guess i’ll be reading a lot of emails!!! Seriously never had such a full inbox! :P

  243. kimmy

    God I love this site. I read this while in class. Thank god the teacher never catches me. This is like webheaven!

  244. John

    Love the site, and a chance at one of those Helvetica moleskines is brilliant.


  245. No one in their right mind would be caught dead with that bag. No Arial for me, but I would gladly take Helvetica.

  246. I don’t know if i’m too late, but I want a helvetica moleskine!

  247. Wow. I had no idea about the accents or the font apps. I shall investigate! Thanks for a great post.

  248. So how do we get our hands on one of those sailcloth bags? Will all be revealed shortly? I’ve seen other similar bags but not as sexy as that one! I’d like to pre-emptively enter my name into any future prize draw. ;-)

  249. The iPhone really seems to conquer everything, and all around me, more and more of my friends show up with their new bought gadget…Still I find it too expenseive for something I will mainly use to call someone, but now that I realize that it has got typo applications…maybe I will consider into buying one…someday…;)

  250. how did u manage to get so many of them?? i think i missed out, i would have loved to buy one… oh well, maybe i’ll win one instead :)

  251. Thanks for the notes on shinkanji.

  252. i have to say I was going to splurge on one of those beautiful moleskines despite it’s fiscal irresponsibility. And nice paradox, having the moleskines posted with the iphone apps… would you go as far as calling the moleskine the iphone of it’s time for designers?

  253. yen

    would love love love a moleskine! would also love an iPhone, any chance that will happen? =P

    i enjoy your site very much!

  254. How in the world did I miss this contest announcement?!? I am so ashamed, though winning a prize would make me feel better. :-D

  255. I love these moleskins! I keep a journal with me at all times for writing inspiration. I think a Helvetica one would be absolutely perfect for my, er, font obsession.

  256. Thanks to everyone for participating!

    The winning randomly selected comment is Ryan Ragsdale.

    Comments are now closed.

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