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Chelsea, darling

The move to my new host, Fused Network, went very smoothly. As iLT has been expanding pretty rapidly, a server with a little more oomph was required. If you’re looking for great hosting and fantastic support, then try Fused. David, the main man at Fused is something of a server superstar.

Chelsea Darling was the winner of my first twitter-type prize. Chelsea won a copy of Simon Loxley’s The Secret History of Letters. I’ve decided to do this every week. So, from now on, I’ll pick a random follower and send you some type-related goodies. And, no, Chelsea Darling is not a character from AbFab — it’s her real name.

OK, let’s kick off this week’s the week in type with something I really want need. The Helvetica Moleskine:

moleskine helvetica

Great little video from RocketBoom, in which Vincent Connare, creator of Comic Sans (by no means his only achievement), talks about the ubiquitous hand-drawn type:

See also John D. Berry’s The man who made Comic Sans.

House Industries introduces the absolutely exquisite Alexander Girard Collection:

alexander girard

Love these alphabet blocks:


House kindly let me use one of their photos to create an iPhone wallpaper which you can download over at TypeNuts.

Nice idea for a Flickr Group, Book of the Week, where you’re invited to create your own book cover — based on an existing cover:


Take a photo of some type or lettering with your iPhone, and upload to Huge Type:

huge type


Business cards from Studio on Fire:


via @aisleone

Free fonts

Two free fonts from Ascender Fonts. First, Mayberry Pro Semi Bold:

mayberry pro semibold

Second, Resonance Bold:

free font: resonance bold

You’ll need to sign up to download them, but it’s free to do so. Let me know if you make use of them.

Lavoisier, the free and Open Source font I mentioned in last week’s the week in type has been updated to include support for Cyrillic.

New type

First, the surprise release of Skolar. Had expected a much later release date, but it’s available from TypeTogether from today. Skolar is the type used for iLT’s default masthead, and I’m a big fan:

skolar specimen

David tells me the Bold Italic will be released in April. Be sure to take a look at the new Skolar PDF specimen too.

Newt Serif by Nathanael Bonnell:

newt serif

Not sure how to describe this one. It doesn’t easily fit into existing categories. It has a hand drawn quality about it, though it’s a seriffed face. I don’t have a license for this one, so haven’t had chance to play with it. Anyway, I think I like it. What do you think?

SangBleu & SangBleu Sans from BP:

fonts: sangbleu bp

Bolda display is Morten Iveland’s first typeface.

bold display

A limited character set; only lowercase a-z, but comes in Regular and Outline. I’d like to use this on a poster.

The League of Moveable Type intends to create a repository of Open Source fonts:

league of moveable type

Typographic posters

This could really become a great resource for typographic posters. Mentioned in passing a while back, but has been updated since:

typographic posters

This Sagmeister is one of my favourites:

thinking life. sagmeister

Love this poster by Spin from the recent We are Tokyo exhibition:


Like this poster from the Romanian Citrus Design:

babel center by citrus design

citrus design

I lost faith in the Tooth Fairy after getting just 10 pence under my pillow. And that wasn’t during a recession. However, for those less cynical, how about the letterpress Tooth Fairy kit:

tooth fairy kit

Via @inspirationbit.

Looking forward to the publication of Oded Ezer’s The Typographer’s Guide to the Galaxy:


[iLT tag: Oded Ezer]. Via @NirTober.

Really like the look of this site:

the semantic web

Another resource for typographic imagery, the new image tagging imgspark. Take a look at the typography tag:


Nice spread/layout from Pinch for Fios, Inc.

pinch design studio

Also see Pinch’s work for Hawthorne Books.

Type links

New OpenType editor: DTL OTMaster
The Printing Museum in Tokyo
LegiStyles for NetNewsWire
Comic book letteringvia
50 typography resources
Everyone’s a number
Type Battle 35 — stars & stripes
Valentype 2009 & win a Fontsvia
Hand drawn type book covervia
Spotted a Hobo?
Interview with Jonathan Barnbrook
Are fonts embedded with sIFR safe from theft?
Birmingham (UK) kisses the apostrophe good bye — via

Can’t believe I haven’t featured this site on iLT before. if you haven’t already seen it:


Some lovely photos from the Musée de l’imprimerie in Lyon.


Love this kind of experimentation with letterforms:


Another excellent grids tool, Fluid 960 Grid System:

fluid 960 grid

Where tweets mean prizes

I’ve offered a number of give-aways in the past, and I’ve often done so through the comments; leave a comment, and I pick one at random. Once that led to some 300 comments. In future I’ll give away things via twitter (unless someone has a better idea). I have absolutely no problem with you ‘unfollowing’ me after the give-away; it’s just an easy way for me to pick a winner.

prize 1
a license for Bolda Display mentioned above. What do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning? Well, if you’re already following me on twitter, then nothing. I’ll pick a winner at random from my twitter friends within the next few days.

prize 2
a copy of Suitcase Fusion 2 for Mac OS X, from Extensis:

suitcase fusion 2

In the meantime you can download a free 30-day trial. If you’d like to be included in the draw for this one (remember the app is for Mac OS X only), then simply let me know on twitter. Add #ilovetype so I can find it. Thanks to Extensis for donating this prize.

There will be prizes every week from now on. Next week will be a book or some fonts. If you’re already following me, then you’re automatically entered into the weekly draw. Spread the word. And, If you’re in a position to offer prizes, then let me know.

And finally …

Hope that at least some of the above inspired you. Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, have a great week.


  1. Didn’t notice any changes and iLT loads so much faster. Thanks for the Fluid 960 grid system. Off topic, might be intersted to create a article about font management systems for Win & Mac. Search iLT but didn’t find it. Thanks for the inspiration post, have a great week!

  2. The moment I saw Skolar, it was love. Just like with Tisa.

    Great stuff, as usual. I liked the Tooth Fairy letterpress set. It’s like someone bit on the paper.

    I have tried Suitcase Fusion, but I still find the old Adobe Type Manager a staple, due to its usability and simplicity. More often than not, less is more.


  3. Sander
    An article on that topic is a great idea. Problem is — and it always surprises people — I don’t use any of those apps to manage my fonts (I have my own system), so, although I’ve tested just about all of the font management app’s, I haven’t spent much time with them. Anyway, it’s on my list.

    Likewise re Skolar. I’m really hoping to use it for a big project.

  4. I quite like Newt Serif, it would look great for packaging for certain organic products, or for life-coaching book covers ;)

    I kept postponing on getting those Girard blocks and guess what? They’ve bumped up the price for them by $20 now ;(
    Instead of the wallpaper they should’ve donated you those blocks, then at least I would’ve had 1:5,320 chance to win them.

    Love the look of Cynosura site. And kudos to The League of Moveable Type!

  5. @johno
    I find that all these low-contrast serifs are love. They have a warmth and charm that most serif faces lack. Well, it all depends on the typeface’s purpose, and I believe that what makes half of a typeface is its purpose. The other half is all about detail.

  6. Thanks for the links. The fluid 960 grid system looks interesting; so far I’ve only played with fixed 960s. Anyway, the site transition seems to have gone well because I noticed no hiccups and now it seems to be loading faster than ever. Great work.

  7. love the newt serif font, great post!

    and thanks for giving away prizes, very nice of you :D

  8. John, thank you for feeding my addiction; I look forward to this post every week. Keep it up mate.

  9. John, many thanks for the plug. My partner Eric and I are huge fans of your site; it is a strange delight to be minding one’s own business, reading the Week in Type, and come upon one’s own work.

    All the best,


  10. Great update as usual! I’m sort of new to twitter, what is #ilovetype? Or should I take it like in 1995, is it an irc channel?

  11. Josh

    @ Johno:
    Speaking of Skolar, is there any possibility you would re-do your masthead to make it bigger, kind of like your prior masthead? I love seeing the character details, but this one is quite small compared to the last. Here’s to hoping.

  12. Miguel

    John, I have sent you 2 e-mails about the t-shirt contest. Can you e-mail me please?

  13. I love the type letter blocks! They’re the kind of thing you buy for the kids but end up playing with more than they do..

    Skolar is quite a nice font too — for some reason the slight curve to the bottom serifs on the A and the M really grabbed my attention..

    as always, a great collection of links, thanks for going to the effort to piece them together

  14. Really great stuff this week John. That Helvetica Moleskine is very nice indeed. When I went to the House Industries exhibit, “Letters & Ligatures” they had a small type specimen book on display that showed a little preview of the Alexander Girard Collection, so I been anticipating the release of the full collection. Again great links and sites, my bookmark list continues to grow :]

  15. thanks john, great as usual!

  16. Hey, thanks for mentioning The League. It’s really exciting to see something we made in a blog I follow. Much respect!

  17. @Micah - it’s also been talked about here: http://typophile.com/node/54558

  18. maeda

    SangBleu & SangBleu Sans looks wonderful

    Any chance we’ll see wallpapers for G1 Android in the future?

  19. Hey, another nice post; plenty to keep me reading this morning.

    Don’t you think http://weblog.cynosura.eu could be mistaken as a sister site for http://www.alistapart.com ?

    I second Josh’s suggestion. I would love to see the detail in the fantastic lowercase y in the masthead.

  20. Great round up as always. Do you know if there is any way of getting my hands on one of those Helvetica Moleskines?

    Would love to add one of those to my collection. :-)

  21. Wow! I love that Tokyo poster by Spin. Good stuff. Thanks Johno.


  22. A letterpress Tooth Fairy kit. What a find. Things really have progressed past the days of Hello Kitty stationery and a blue Biro.

  23. Christopher A.

    I really like that Tokyo poster because i keep coming back to look at it over and over again :)

  24. Love the Tokyo poster and the featured fonts! I’m also surprised that you haven’t featured justwatchthesky.com! I think it’s a really interesting site…it really made me fall in love with Helvetica condensed oblique :) plus there are great songs.

  25. Carrie

    I love your website! It is fun, interesting and educational.
    Can the Helvetica Moleskin be purchased somewhere?
    Thanks for all you put into it.

  26. Great stuff, John! It made my day : )

    Seems the Helvetica moleskin is only available in Japan, lucky you!

  27. just amazing, never seem to stop surprise! :) That water text effect experiment looks great.

  28. There is some pretty good stuff in here, which I haven’t seen before. Thanks!

  29. Does anyone out there have any favorite PDF type specimens?

  30. Skolar made my day, i was unaware of David Březina work.
    Absolutely wonderful shapes there, thanks for the post.

  31. I’m always using my procrastination in something that really matters reading this blog :)


    take care!


  32. I really like the idea of “The League of Movable Type” but they need to get some more fonts on there asap.

  33. The Helvetica moleskin is amazing looking. And the typographic posters are great for inspiration. Keep up the quality posts.

  34. Man, that is one damn fine looking Moleskine you got there. The huge type site is cool, too…I so love your site!

  35. arnault

    There are a limited number of the Helvetica x Moleskine notebooks on sale at http://www.moleskineasia.com

  36. nice post — like that League of Moveable Type project …useful!

    hook us up with Helvetica moleskines!

  37. marc

    wow the SangBleu typeface is really nice! crazy discover! the tokyo poster is really cool too

    thank you!

  38. maeda

    G1 in the house! from the house industries :)

    ILT rulez

  39. Love Newt Serif. Great showcase, once again. :)

  40. upala

    I loved the sagmeister poster. More so because the designer has articulated a personal belief. Where a word ends an image blossoms. Where an image ripens a word plucks it off. The touch and go relationship between words and images is what all effective design hinges on.

    Thank you once again for sharing that one.

  41. I just bought myself a moleskine, but this helvetica one looks nice.
    Moleskine should think about of making more “limited editions” like this one!
    Amazing post again :)


  42. Kari Pätilä

    The Helvetica Moleskine is just about the greatest thing I’ve ever seen…

  43. Miikka

    Oh, the SangBleu face is awesome! Recently I’ve been playing around with a typeface of my own which looks a lot like SangBleu Sans…

  44. I just discovered your blog today; and I think it’s love at first site.

    I thought I was a bit of nerd being so in love with fonts, but there’s a whole blog about them!

    I added you to my feed and blogroll.

  45. Victor Zuniga

    Chelsea got lucky… has anyone seen the Helvetica Movie?

  46. micheal

    i m definitly fan about the SangBleu typeface! so new! thank you for this discovery

  47. kimmy

    I love justwatchthesky. Thanks for sharing!

  48. awesome post johno.

    chelsea darling is an adorable name, and that moleskine is hot.

  49. thanks for providing the info. when these info are provided in a blog, its very catchy with the images out there. It tempts one just click on each to see what pops in.

  50. Alain

    Very nice Fonts.
    I like the “sang bleu” thicker version.
    Alphabet blocks are quite nice.
    Thank you,

  51. thanks john, great as usual!

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