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Greener type

Notice anything different? iLT has gone green. In addition I have a new masthead. For more than a year, one of my all-time favourite typefaces has graced the head of these pages; but it’s time for a change. I had given some thought to a complete redesign, but then I asked myself, why? So, I’ve chosen not to redesign just for the sake of it. Instead, I’ve made some relatively minor changes, including the menu at the very top, tweaks to the sidebar, and swapping out the red for a little green. Now who can name the typeface?

OK, on with the show. Let’s start out with some more green. This lovely poster from ColorCubic:

quid est veritas by colorcubic

And this even more impressive piece:

nueva forma by colorcubic

ColorCubic is also on Flickr. You can buy a print here.
Via fudge graphics.

A little grid goodness, and the redesign of Unit Interactive:

unit interactive redesign

Well worth reading Unit’s blog post about the redesign.

Next up is a typeface that, when it was first released, I pretty much ignored. But after taking a closer look, thanks to Stephen Coles’ excellent review of FF Tisa, I’ve really warmed to it:

ff tisa ink traps

There’s also an extensive specimen on issu.com.

Greg Meadows has taken some more great found type photos. A walk through the boneyard gave us these:



Be sure to check out the others in the set.

Some interesting type experiments:


Like this alphabet from Margus Tamm. Parasite Typography:

margus tamm

New typefaces

Great to see a new type from Jonathan Barnbrook and co. Inspired by those monster 19th century ad slabs, Regime has some lovely little quirks and a number of additional experimental characters and alternates (really like the alternate g and Q, in particular).

regime by jonathan barnbrook

New from Sudtipos is Kewl Script:

kewl script by ale paul

And Sugar Pie, which grew out of an ‘italic’ version of the hugely popular Candy Script.

sugar pie by ale paul

Be sure to take a look at the PDF specimens for both Kewl Script and Sugar Pie.

Ubiquitous typefaces often lose their edge; Gotham, despite its use everywhere and in just about everything, hasn’t. To me, it remains as good — if not better-looking — than it ever did. And what’s more, the Gotham family benefits from some new additions, including Narrow, Extra Narrow, and Condensed:

new gothams from H and FJ

Some nice type treatments in this video (though it’s a little too long):
YouTube Preview Image

Tees from Magpie Studio:

magpie studio

Really like Peter Hoffmann’s GlasHaus:


The cover of today’s Sun Herald:

sun herald

Via @RogerBlack & @FontBlog.

I’m keen to get my hands on a copy of the latest issue of How magazine. Stephen Coles writes on Cure for the Common Font:

cure for the common font by stephen coles

An expanded version of the article will later appear on Typographica.
If someone from HOW is reading this, please contact me about getting hold of a copy in Japan.

As I approach my 40th birthday (ouch!) this is particularly poignant. Youth by Julien De Repentigny:

Julien De Repentigny

The outstanding paper-form lettering of Russian born Yulia Brodskaya:

yulia brodskaya

Type links

Abused typefaces — via @andyrutledge
Book Review — TypeStyle Finder
Master Text Frame, What’s the Point?
Georgia on my mind
Font-weight is still broken
FontAgent Pro 4 for Mac OS X
Me, Myself and I — CR Blog
Sharpening screen fonts in Windows 7
CSS typography: vertical rhythm
sIFR lite (under 4k!)
Free symbol signs from AIGA
ATypI’08 | Typophile Film Fest 4
Spiekermann in tomorrow’s Tagesspiegel (German)
The Ultimate Adobe InDesign Toolbox — via @creativecurio
Design Matters — with Neville Brody (iTunes podcast)

Great 3D type, colour palette and texture in this poster from Mike Harpin:

mike harpin black tie dinner

If you read Japanese, then you’ll enjoy the latest issue of Web Designing. Not just because I wrote for it, but because the whole issue is devoted to typography.


Hicks Design has done a great job on the icons for FontExplorer Pro:

hicks design

Read about the process on their blog.

Just love this 50s Chevrolet ad spread:


Thanks, Malin.

Some new and great pieces from Cristiana Couceiro:

cristiana couceiro

cristiana couceiro

I’m a huge fan. The Portuguese wonder is also on Flickr (as I’ve mentioned before).

New book

This one is at the top of my shopping list. Adrian Frutiger — typefaces: the complete works

book: adrian frutiger typefaces

Type & typography RSS feeds

Here are some recommended type-related RSS feeds. You can download the OPML file (save it, then import into your RSS reader of choice). I’ve heard some say that they struggle to keep up with the RSS feeds they presently subscribe to. But RSS is not about reading every single post. The strength of RSS is that, at a glance, you have all the titles of all the posts; you only need read those that pique your interest. If you believe there are others worthy of inclusion, then let me know in the comments. Remember, only type-related blogs.

And finally …

Will someone please correct this young lady on her misconceptions about Arial.

Coming up …

A brilliant article on diacritics by David Březina.


  1. Another great This Week In Type!

    I really liked the link to the redesign of the Unit Interactive and Peter Hoffmann’s GlasHaus.

  2. Loving the new color!

    Now if we can only get that favicon changed :)

  3. Love the new masthead, Johno!

    Any chance you’ll be translating your article in Web Designing into English?

  4. I really like the small stylesheet changes Johno, subtly and refreshing!

  5. Great roundup - especially a fan of Sugar Pie. Definitely going to take a bit to adjust to a more simpler masthead, though…

  6. Love the work from Cristiana Couceiro - excellent use of color.

  7. Thanks all.

    Not sure that it will ever be available in English.

    It’s going to take me a while to get used to it.

    A major favicon redesign is planned for 2010. It might even be green :)

  8. Another beautiful post with lots of great stuff to look at! Thanks!

    My question is when are you going to post the last installment of the brief history of type?

  9. I want to visit The Boneyard! It would be sooo cool to see all those old Las Vegas signs. I might be going to my company’s sales convention in Vegas this year. One has to make appointments with the museum to get to the good stuff and I don’t think I’ll be able to keep one (supposed to be working afterall).

    The illustrations from Yulia Brodskaya are beautiful! That paper manipulation technique is called quilling. Is it really paper in those illustrations, though?? It’s so perfect it almost looks 3D.

    Maybe this will cheer you up as your b-day looms closer, Johno:

    We have enough youth. How about a fountain of smart?

    Congrats on the Web Designing article! Too bad I can’t actually read it. But a valuable contribution to the Japanese readership nonetheless, if this site is anything to say about your dedication to good design. Looking forward to the diacritics article!

  10. Well I like the redesign so far but I got to be honest the green I am not 100% sold on, maybe its because I’ve just seen it red for so long. :) But I’m sure that it will grow on me. Anyway great post John, oh and the typeface in the new masthead is Skolar.

  11. The olive colour is quite refreshing, the new masthead is very pleasing, though it would take time for me to get used to its smaller size. Will you be keeping red in the comments area?

    I’m very impressed by your proficiency in Japanese. Well done. It would be great if later you could post the English version of that article on iLT. How many sites did you review there?

    I wonder if there is such a thing as Balzac age for men… ;) In any cases, it’s how young you feel, not how old you are, that counts.

  12. Great article, refreshing change. My only suggestion would be to make the non-current links on the top navigation stand out a bit more, the light gray is a bit too close to the white background :)

  13. I am torn. The navigation at the top is very nicely done. I miss the extra large banner type. Olive green is great. But my favorite element of the website was the snazzy comment styling on the main page! The brackets {} that defied html/css standardization… I always came to this site for design inspiration and that always sent a jolt of creativity down my fingertips :)

  14. I love your side, it is one of my favorite and I love your new head too, especially the type (skolar) you used. i’ve started using it as a new part of my own companies corporate design.
    best regards

  15. I’m on the edge of my seat anticipating the major favicon redesign! ;)

    You weren’t wrong when you said this post would be huge. Inspirational resource, Johno, as per usual. Thank you.

  16. Oh me, oh my. Congrats on the new look, and thanks a lot for a very informative article. As for me I liked the new fonts from Sudtipos the most. A well-spent coffee break on my part, I must say. :)

  17. christapher
    Part 5 of the type history series is still in draft. We’re on Sans now — a pretty big one, so I’ll probably split it into two articles. Anyway, not forgotten.

    Kind words. And quilling — a new one for me. Would love to try that.

    I’m impressed! Yes, Skolar it is.

    Interesting timing: when I first read your comment, that’s exactly what I was thinking about. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the red for the comments formatting. Will try green, and see how it looks; else I’ll try to find an alternate match for the green at colorlovers.

    Those menu items are a little light. Might try a darker grey. Thanks for your feedback.

    Thanks. Several people have mailed me re bringing back the brackets. Perhaps they’ll start a petition ;) Well, they won’t be returning, but I’m pleased you liked them.

    Would love to see how you’ve used Skolar.

    Thanks. Pleased you enjoyed it. Time for me to catch up on your latest posts.

    Welcome to iLT. Or is this just your first comment? Appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts.

  18. To johno: it is just my first comment. I must say I am now positively in love with Sugar Pie, and my credit card starts to jump in my hands :)

    As for the green in comments, I think it is definitely worth a try. For the sake of a unified look. ;)

  19. hey john, totally awesome as usual! um, the skolar link seems go straight back to this post…

  20. behindthepgoto
    And green they are. I quite like it.

    Thanks. Now fixed.

  21. Beautiful typeface for the header. Just to let you know your old header still seems to be popping up on the ‘Free’ page! A quality article as usual as well, always an interesting read.

  22. James
    Thanks. Yes, some pages, and numerous articles have their own mastheads. The one you see on the home page is the default one.

    Here’s a very different one, for example. I started uploading my mastheads to Flickr; must update it.

  23. I like the olive green in the comments, John. Looks good, no need for looking for another colour combo.

    I hope you’ll try a different styling for your dates/comment-link above the headline. I do like the styling for the Headline and byline, but the date part looks out of place for me, a bit on a rough side.

  24. Great work, I like the new style :)

  25. Ok John, I took the bullet and schooled her about Arial. Somehow even managed to eek in a Mad Max reference in the comment. I need to get out more often, me thinks…

    Awesome post. Love Skolar for the header, too, BTW.

  26. Hi Johno,

    Great! Green changes, I love ‘em. But you’ve taken down that big-type masthead, which I really think represented this site’s design. Anyway, never change the favicon, let it be a reminder of all things past.

    The Arial thing is simply lol-esque. Bob, sorry if I didn’t use the proper words… it’s late at night and I’m sleepless :) Hope Arial lady won’t mind.

    oh wow. the signature thing at the bottom is awesome. Congrats on the few very well-thought design changes.

  27. One of my favorite roundups. Thank you.

    I just bought Kewl Script a few days ago and playing around with it. Fun.

    The GlasHaus - what a treat. Incredible work. Bookmarked that baby.

    Love, love, love the acid, olive green. Just the perfect amount of yellow to keep it bright and fresh. And the dark grey pairing is just lovely. Sophisticated.

    I miss the larger header and don’t. This is a lovely change, a different feel. It works.

  28. Rachel

    With the idea(even if weather patterns aren’t there yet)of spring coming up, a redesign seems like a good, fresh thing. I like the typeface you used, but the color seems a bit off to me, like I’m suddenly viewing the old red titling as colorblind. Perhaps a brighter green a bit might counteract that? Anyway, love your images and links for this week, as usual.

  29. We’ve started using Skolar as bodycopy for our new internal brochure series about type history and for our next project book. david has done a great job so far. perhaps if david (greets to you) could make an greek and cyrillic version too, we would like to introduce this wonderful type as a secondary corporate typeface (for newsletters and the annual report) for one of our clients later on this year.

  30. Loved the 3D type poster !
    The type experiments from http://type.fwis.com/ are indeed a great idea. Making a typeface every day, now that is some ambition.

  31. Loving the new fresh look and the subtle changes. I liked your previous design as well, but this one is growing on me. I think the reorganized sidebar is a big improvement and really cleans things up. Great read as always.

  32. Jackie Apel

    Hi -

    I like your new look, and the green is an interesting experiment. However, it seemed to me a couple of days ago you had a neat new logo up there as well, with an italicized version of your ilt, in the red and black. I really liked that but don’t see it anywhere now. I liked the simple green with the black on a white background, and I think using red elsewhere would be nice as I think the red really did pop and make this site sort of bold and visual and was a type of branding for it, as well. Just my opinion! I think that it is good to experiment with different looks.

    As a web designer, I can’t limit myself to one consistent look (for better or worse), as I am always trying to see what new things I can improve upon or come up with, so the website and colors are an evolving process. Maybe the same is true for your blog. Something I noticed recently on the Typophile site, was their new logo, which was contained inside of a red square, with an alternating “t” designed in several different unique typfaces. It was like an animated flash logo, that changed all the time. I have never seen that anyplace else, but I have to say it worked for the typography site quite well. I think this idea could work for your site too - and to some extent already you have used it by changing your masthead. Anyway, I think you should put your logo back up there at the top with the masthead.

  33. A really “greener” font (not meaning the color) is Ecofont (http://www.ecofont.co.uk/) - beautiful font? useful font? thoughtful font?

  34. The Ecofont makes no sense. Every Light weight saves more ink and is much more readable.

  35. Deb
    Good to see you. The green colour was borrowed from some illustrations by the author of the upcoming article on diacritics. Saw it, and immediately thought, that’s for iLT. Dropping the big type header was the hardest decision. However, I will from time to time continue to use alternate mastheads for articles.

    I’m with Ivo on the so-called eco font. I laughed a lot when I first read about it. If one is really interested in saving ink, then one will simply print low res grey scale, or use a smaller type size. Additionally, it’s the images that eat up the ink; not the text. I’m all for saving scarce resources, but …

  36. Such a good post! I got to learn a lot!!!! Keep up the good work. I like your new green logo but I liked the older one more and if you can keep the older one somewhere in your archive for reference it would be great.

  37. Margus Tamm’s alphabet is sweet & Yulia Brodskaya is pure awesome.

    I’m so much a fan of the green masthead. I liked the red. It went with the whole “love” theme.

  38. This site is one of my favorites! i really enjoyed this article and all of the inspiration I get from this website. I know of a website that shares ad revenue with writers and they encourage people to use creative typography in their articles, so there are some good examples there too. http://www.sayitaloud.com

  39. I love that Russian paper form
    truly amazing
    and I love your site too

  40. Yulia’s paper form lettering is amazing, and very beautiful.

  41. ralph

    the lettering on “quid est veritas” seems to have been made with the ‘tabletto’ template by mark-a; check his site at http://www.mark-a.nl; quite an impressive design though, do love it…

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