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The week in type: die neue

First, thanks to everyone who took part in the My favourite letters competition. Some great entries, and two great prizes for the winners. See the end of the post to discover who the lucky ones are. If you didn’t win, then rest assured there will be many more give-aways and prizes in future, so stay tuned.

Let’s start with something different, a typography-inspired WordPress theme from hellyeahdude:

And it’s free. And while we’re on WordPress, I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about the WP-hyphenate plugin. I haven’t yet had a chance to test it, but will do. Hyphenation—depending on the measure (line length)—isn’t always the solution to ugly rags, but I’d like to hear what you think of it. You can download the WP-hyphenate plugin from King-Desk.

Like this work from ramp creative for CWS Capital Partners. Bringing the sex back into annual reports (was it ever there?):

ramp creative annual reports

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages—collect all the posters I’ve featured on iLT, and archive & index them. Behance has already done it, and very nicely too, with Typography served:

Some interesting type on these—of all things—poison labels:


A great little interview with František Štorm on Ralf Herrmann’s OpenType blog:

Who can name the typefaces in the illustration above?

A lovely collection of postage stamps designed by type designers:

Via Zeldman.

A great letterpress Flickr set from The arm:

They’re in NYC, so if you’re close by, why not drop in. Map here.

Really like the look of this display face, Akimoto:

Its designer, Ossi Gustafsson, tells me its release is imminent. Will let you know here.

I think I want one of these t-shirts from ugmonk:

In fact, thanks to Jeff Sheldon, the guy behind ugmonk, we have one t-shirt of your choice to give away. Just tell me which letter you’d like to see make an appearance on an ugmonk t-shirt. Rather than clutter up the comments, please send your idea to jboardley{å†)gmail(dot)com. Please put ugmonk in the subject line. I’ll announce a winner on next week’s twiT.

This wonderful design for a commenorative 5-Euro coin. Designed by Stani Michiels:

Thanks to proud Dutchman, Albert Visser for the heads up.

To see the reverse side, and for more information see Unzipped.

The Dutch government has just introduced new corporate typeface familes, Rijksoverheid Serif and Rijksoverheid Sans:

Read more about it over at Sander Baumann’s designworkplan.

An interview with Austrian artist BUSK on LetterCult:

Give-away idea

I have an idea: each month I’d like to select someone at random from those who subscribe to iLT, and give something back. The lucky winner each month will receive an Amazon voucher, a book, a font, a t-shirt, a poster, or something else. So, I’m looking for someone who can write a WordPress plugin that will add, say, a random number to the RSS feed. Each month, I select one number, and the winner gets the stash. How can I make this work. Ideas, please.

Type links

Real type on the web
2 Colors Design
New type: Late November from P22
Re-branding Polaroid
Irish Typewriter Keyboards
Font sightings—the next generation
Web fonts: the death of type foundries?

New fonts

Soft Serve from Haley Fiege and James Arboghast of Sentinel Type:

FF Mister K looks absolutely fantastic:

There’s quite a lot to be said about this great new Kafka-handwriting-inspired type, but rather than repeat it all here, simply head on over to the FontFeed for more about the incredible new type from Julia Sysmäläinen.

There’s a new addition to the Mrs Eaves family, in the form of Mrs Eaves bold italic:

A beautiful cover idea from Pentagram. Designed by Angus Hyland and Fabian Herrmann:

Love the manila bellyband! Via Ace Jet 170.

Some more yellow and black in the form of this poster from Vgrafiks Design for Amnesty International:


Really wish I could have dropped in on the Letters & Ligatures exhibition held by House Industries. For coverage see nerdski’s blog.

Robert has also uploaded a bucket-full of photos from the exhibition, including several of a 6ft ampersand!

And yet more info and pic’s at House Industries. Wish they’d go on the road with this.

I featured Paul Grabowski’s stunning poster for the 54th Type Directors Show. Heather Mcleay has done something similar with Times New Roman:

iLT was featured in Creative Arts design annual #49:

I don’t have my copy yet, so thanks to Lauren for sending me a few pic’s. More on creativecurio.

And the winners are…

Some great submissions for the My favourite letters competition. Stephen Coles of FontShop chose the winner of the FontBook: Hamish’s w from Museo:

It’s one of my favourites too. Stephen had this to say about Hamish’s entry,

Love the way it plays on the trademark feature of Museo: its pipe-curve serifs.

The second winner, who gets a copy of Made with FontFont, is Anne-Sophie Fradier (mitternachts on Flickr) with the letter R from Duc de Berry:

Congratulations to Hamish and Anne-Sophie, and a huge thank you again to Stephen and FontShop for these wonderful prizes. Be sure to subscribe to FontShop’s very cool FontFeed.

Space doesn’t permit listing all the others worthy of honourable mention, but here are two:

You’ve got to love Buffet Script!
The My favourite letters pool is still open, so feel free to continue submitting your favourite letters.

I’m only about a third of the way through my list of things to post here, but it’s getting late. If I have time mid-week, then I’ll post more then. Hope you enjoyed the week in type. Have a great week!


  1. Congrats to the winners! Your submissions are beautiful!

  2. Realmente maravillosas… genial colección.

  3. Congratulations to Winners! I was sure that Hamish and Esben would win, I wasn’t that wrong though ;)

    Thanks for the Typography Served link. What a great resource!

    Regarding your RSS give away idea. I doubt that it would work that way, by generating a random number in the RSS feed. It’s easy to add a script that would generate a random number, and the code could change the random range on monthly basis, but the tricky part is to ensure that the random number picked by you would have a match among the subscribers.
    Also, how can you verify if that person indeed had that same random number in his/her RSS feed? It can be easily changed before taking/sending you the screenshot.

    Perhaps I have wrong doubts… will keep thinking about it. Good idea though.

  4. Thanks a lot for picking one of my submissions, it was a great contest and I will certainly add more to the group!

  5. Yeah, I think inspirationbit is right about the RSS problem. The thing to do, perhaps, is to just have a little applet that picks a random record in whatever database holds all of your feed subscribers. Do you have unfettered access to that table?

  6. “So, I’m looking for someone who can write a WordPress plugin that will add, say, a random number to the RSS feed. Each month, I select one number, and the winner gets the stash. How can I make this work. Ideas, please.”

    Isen’t there a simple feature for this in WP? Other CMS-systems use this quiet easy; Expression Engine for sure does. On other blogs they use the comment-number, perhaps this could work for you?

  7. Thomas Vanhuyse

    Hello Johno, it’s my first comment here, but I’ve been a regular visitor for the last few months. As a student in graphic design this place is like inspiration heaven. I’m still learning as much as I can about typography, but boy, do I love it. (like we all do I’m guessing)

    Thanks for yet again a wonderful Week in Type!

    Oh and Buffet Script really is beautiful!

  8. I have to say, that Akimoto is a bit bleh. I much prefer Black Slabbath by Stefan Kjartansson. Stefan’s Slab has what I can only describe as sex appeal, while Akimoto looks rather clumsy.

    You definitely need to look into Black Slabbath, and Stefan, he is a pretty amazing type designer.


  9. I had no idea that there was a competition! Its a fantastic pool, thanks for featuring my W on the site. Makes me want to crack open the glyphs pallet in illustrator right now… mmMMmmmMMm Buffet Script.

  10. Thanks everyone! I’m very happy to have won; there are a lot of fantastic entries in the pool. I hope everyone takes a look at it. Also big thanks to Stephen Coles for choosing my design, and congrats to all the other participants!

    Great TwiT as usual John, keep it up!

  11. Good stuff as always. Thanks for putting up my Letters & Ligatures post. Congrats to all the winners!

  12. Steven Robertson

    It’s basically impossible to do the RSS thing fairly. Aside from post-contest forging of screenshots, one of the most problematic aspects of the process would be “stuffing the ballot box” - simulating hundreds or thousands of subscriptions using a simple script. This is hard to block directly, because legitimate users of a service like Google Reader will either cause thousands of legitimate and unique hits to come from the same IP addresses and client types, inhibiting filtering, or (if no URL token is used to identify subscribers) cause thousands of unique users to be merged into one hit. If a solution to this is found, there are plenty of attacks waiting to get around it.

    However, since the effort of doing all this is much greater than the effort of piracy, it’s safe to ignore these complications for the most part and simply trust your readers. With that in mind, here are two ideas:

    1. Every ‘subscribe’ link is given a unique hash (random number) on the site, and ‘active’ hashes - say, those with hits in the past week - are recorded. WordPress is modified, possibly with a plugin, so that you can pick a hash or a number of hashes from the list and add a new item to the feeds with those hashes. The item contains a unique code or phrase along with instructions on how to redeem it. First person to respond wins.

    2. Subscribers wishing to enter the contest provide their email address. A hash with a secret token is taken of their email, and both are stored by the plugin. A ‘subscribe’ link is generated which includes the hash. The plugin can track which email addresses have active subscribers, but spoofers can’t forge it without the secret token (which is kept on the server-side only). Winners get an email, ensuring that spamming doesn’t matter because a human has to check the email address. The downside, of course, is that it’s opt-in which is a hassle for readers, but since the only action required by a user is entering an email address - no password, no confirmation email cycle - it’s not too much of a burden.


  13. Hi Johno,

    Your Creative Arts feature is very well deserved. Congratulations!

  14. I’m definitely going to have to snag a shirt from ugmonk, very nice!

  15. Gongrats Hamish! Love the way you stretched the serifs!

  16. Thanks again Johno, for featuring the Angebot theme. I hope everyone enjoys it and appreciates the great work done by Tschichold. Keep up the amazing work! Everyone’s links on here are just awesome!

  17. Congratulation Hamstu & Mitternachts! Im not that Im surprised at all, since both are such great works

  18. Thanks for featuring Ugmonk! I’m looking forward to hearing the results of the contest of which letter people would like to see next. I’ve got lots more in store for Ugmonk.

  19. Lucas Stonehouse

    “Thanks to proud Dutchman, Albert Visser for the heads up.”

    No pun intended, of course :)

  20. Thomas
    Welcome to the comments. Hope to see your contributions here again. Thanks.

    Yes, I’m aware of Black Sabbath. In fact, if my memory serves me, I think Stephen Coles came up with the name. You’re right it’s exquisite.

    Many thanks for the comprehensive response to my plugin idea. I’ll either go with something like 2, or randomly select a comment (I think someone else mentioned that). Really appreciate you taking the time to outline the options.

    Always nice when someone spots it :)

  21. i love the poison labels! thanks for a such a cool blog. i’m no professional or anything, but an amateur type geek. for those in pdx, there’s a cool exhibit at ifcc called “word: a celebration of font and text” through november 22. lots of cool zines, posters etc.

  22. Akimoto is beautiful… I wish I could afford to buy fonts. I’m just a college student, putting out the school magazine and scrounging for awesome free fonts to jazz it up! I might shell out some cash for one of those lovely tee shirts, though.

  23. Love love love the Soft Serve typeface! So fun and curvy.

    I’m seeing yellow EVERYWHERE in every shade. Yellow/black, à la caution tape, in that WP theme; mustard yellow peacoats; and ochres and lemons and all manner of tints. Yellow was underappreciated until this year.

  24. Jesse

    Wow, ILT is becoming almost overwhelming with the amount of new type info. I purchased a copy of Quantum of Solace from Alibris! Thanks for the great info.

  25. Jesse
    Be sure to upload some pics of the book (to Flickr?).

  26. Jesse

    Will do! is there any ILT flickr group?

    p.s. I will not receive the book until December unfortunately.

  27. Jesse
    Great. Here’s the iLT Flickr group.

  28. Johno, I just checked out stuff I like. You have an amazing collection of info and pics. I love it. Carla

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