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The week in type: casanova

Welcome to The week in type*, the new name for Sunday Type. I know many of you have gotten used to the name, but for those new to the site, the former nomenclature could be a tad confusing. Thanks to the more than 100 of you who commented on the previous post, and for your votes on the WordPress showcase. Makes me all the more determined to really step things up. The book winners are at the end of this post. Let’s begin with some love,

from Joseph Mueller. I may have one of these to give away. Anyone interested?

New fonts

Neil Summerour has been pretty busy with the recent release of his latest sans, Akagi:

Available in twenty weights. It’s also Neil’s birthday today, though his age is a closely guarded secret.

And a lovely custom sans typeface from Kris Sowersby for the Bank of New Zealand. Serrano:

You might also be interested in this lengthy Serrano Typophile thread.

Though you’ll have to wait until October 2013 to license it for yourself.

Free fonts

A few weeks ago I mentioned SMeltery’s free font Geronto Bis. Well, Jack Usine (aka Jules the Vernacular) has updated his 2004 release Megalopolis. Now in OpenType, and with exteneded language support, download the freeware font Megalopolis Extra:

As always, remember to read the license before downloading. Also used to set today’s masthead.
Via Le typographe.

We’ve had Helvetica the documentary; now, from kartemquin films we have TypeFace, the movie:

For info about screenings see the Kartemquin web site. Thanks to Peter van Impelen for the link.

Lots of inspiration to be found in this type sketchbook Flickr pool:

For those of you who like type with an added dimension—the third—you might enjoy this list:

A brief, though excellent little article, Making geometric type work:

Attempting to apply exactly the same set of rules to each letter is similar to handing out the same size clothes to a random selection of adults. Some will have excess baggy sleeves, others will be skin tight, and some will barely squeeze over their heads.

Via Dan Reynolds’ typeoff.

A collection of ornamental type & lettering:

Lots more on the BiblioOdyssey web site. Thanks Jeffrey.

Those who read Portuguese might like Anatomia tipográfica:

And don’t forget there are already six iLT articles in Portuguese too.


I may have some Jawa and Midwich to give away, so keep your eyes peeled.

A type a day, for 365 days, from this calendar:

See typografie.de (German only) for more information.

For fans of type and Hitchcock, here’s a new t-shirt from Pampling:

Thanks, Yuki.

The rather clever Decode clock from Arthur Yung and Clement Cheung:

Thanks, Anton.


Some good news about Slanted:

I loved the magazine, but hated the printing. Well, now Slanted is printed in offset, to match the quality of its content. Issue 6 is now out. In future, Slanted will be published quarterly. There’s more information about subscriptions here.

Please, Slanted, have an optional English-language order/subscriptions page! Anyway, Slanted is great. Buy it!


Typoretum has just launched its letterpress Christmas cards:

Clever little star thing from the letter overlaps. Hurry while stocks last:

Roundup links

Display Type & the Raster Wars—Jon Tan
Typography Kicks Ass
WDE2009 dream speakers
Type Battle 28—Defiant alphabet
Whose Garamond is it anyway?
Android supports the @font-face
Hermann Zapf turns 90 today
Type trends—Sean Ashcroft
Discount on Spanish Bringhurst
Typography as the only design element
Pop!Tech poster from Bantjes
Obama big news in the NY Times
Image caption design—Smashing Magazine

An interesting piece from John D. Berry who suggests a new position in Obama’s government, Minister of Typography.
It brought to mind (though not completely related—that’s just how my mind works, I guess) Robert Kinross’ words in Unjusttifid texts,

Could tyography be a topic of regular and intelligent discussion in newspapers. If music, architecture, cookery and gardening have critics and columnists, then why not typography? **

Apologies for the hurried (dreadful) PhotoShop job. Send me a better one, if you can. Who would you vote for?

And the winners are …

In the previous post I offered two giveaways. The winners, chosen at random are Carolyn, who gets a copy of Robert Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style, and Torbjørn Vik Lunde who’ll get a copy of James Felici’s The Complete Manual of Typography. Thanks to everyone who left comments on the post. Wonderful to read your kind words. I’ll do my best to offer many more prizes and give-aways in future. In fact, I have some posters on the way. As soon as they arrive, I’ll be itching to give them away to iLT readers.

And finally …

Don’t forget the My favourite letters competition. You have until November 13. Two winners receive a copy of the type compendium FontBook, and Made with FontFont, courtesy of FontShop.

I’m really very, very far behind on replying to emails. If you have emailed me, then don’t take my silence as a snub/unrequited love. I’ll do my best to respond to everyone, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Hope you enjoyed today’s post. I have another interview coming up, a post of some of my favourite typefaces, and an in-depth look at diacritics, plus lots, lots more.

Have a magnificent week.

* Thanks to Stephen who suggested “the week in type”.

** Unjustified texts—perspectives on typography, p.358, making reference to Erik Spiekermann’s Rhyme & reason (sadly out of print).


  1. Magic Sam

    Thanks a lot for all the Love!
    Always a pleasure to take a look at all these amazing typefaces & artwork.
    The “Casanova” print by joseph mueller is nice too, I wish I could have one. I really like the Helvetica Neue!

  2. Hi!

    I’m here to say thank you for the link to my blog, LogoBR. I was so happy for it.
    In the next posts about tipograph I want to write in English too, for all the people can read. =)

    So, thank you!


  3. Magic Sam
    Thanks. …I wish I could have one.. Noted ;)

    Let me know when you do. I look forward to it. And perhaps you’d like to translate some more iLT articles?

  4. Nice set of resources. Cassanova is very sensual and sexy! I’d love a copy;)

  5. Aaron Trubic

    I’d like a copy of Cassanova, if you have one. ;-)

  6. That “Casanova” print…! Just….so….clever!

  7. Freeza

    Good post. Too bad that the portuguese iLT articles are in “brazilian”. Anyway, keep it up.

  8. This week in type eh? Sounds great to me!

    Oh and congrats to the winners of the two books there. I didn’t even bother entering in on that, haha.

    And is Slanted only in German? It looks really nice.

  9. Hugo Matinho

    very nice looking that casanova might i get one too please ?

  10. Always great posts, love the type specimens that you constantly area able to uncover. Especially love the new Casanova type by Josef Muller-Brockmann - his book on Grid Systems is like a design bible to me. If you have an extra copy of Casanova, I would love to get one.


  11. Zack
    Unfortunately Josef Müller-Brockmann is dead; although I’m sure Joseph Mueller would be flattered :) I’m with you on Grid systems—a must-have title. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Your fondness for the the poster has been noted.

  12. Thanks for the mention of our film! After two sold out previews at the Walker we’re starting to enter it into festivals. Stay tuned.

  13. wes

    I really like today’s header kudos!

  14. Yes, me too ;-)
    It’s an honor. Thanks iLT!

  15. Justine
    Great news. Please bring it to Japan. I have to see it.

    And thank you for MEgalopolis Extra!

  16. Anton

    Fantastic article about geometric type! for as much as i love simple geometric forms…..:) i’m starting to believe i can design a font…

    thanks a lot!

    P.S. This week in type sounds very nice to me.

  17. I am absolutely in love with Megalopolis Extra. *swoon*

    Edit: now I’m curious, where would you say is an appropriate place or subject to use these fonts you show us, Johno? And more importantly, why do you think that? I think a little explanation like this would help a lot of us begin to make better informed typographic decisions.

    Thank you for a pointer to that “Who’s Garamond is it Anyway?” article. It was facinating! I love learning little tidbits like that (and it helps so much to understand the history of a typeface).

    Looking forward to the diacritic article. We don’t have many of those in English… or do we?

  18. Great new name for the Sunday type, hopefully the the week in type is published in the beginning of the week, the weekly type roundup is always a great start of the week.
    Great looking corporate font Serrano from Kris Sowersby, too bad for us its a five year exclusive. Have a great week.

  19. karen

    hey john, i’m interested in a cassonova print, if you still have one available…. :D

  20. Anton

    Great idea, LurenMarie! that would be so nice to see where the specific type could be used tastefully! so many times i looked at font and somehow didn’t like it, but than i saw the use of it in a very suitable way, and fell in love….

  21. John

    I would love to have a casanova print, if you’re truly giving them away.

    Also, since this is my first comment on your site, I think it would be an appropriate time to thank you for helping me become a more typographically-informed designer. I’ve discovered many favorites through your site, including Maxwell Lord, whose work you shared a few weeks back (86era.org). (I actually had him design a tattoo for me, which I’ll send a photo of as soon as it heals.) Thanks.

  22. James Proud

    I’d love Casanova, would fit perfectly on my new clean wall :)

  23. James Proud

    I’d love Casanova, would fit perfectly on my new clean wall :)

  24. Torbjørn Vik Lunde

    Nice posters. Reminds me that I still haven’t seen Casanova yet.

    I really like the Megapolis Extra(and the header set in it), I have a project where it might be very appropriate. Lovely to see someone give away quality fonts. The “Support Free Fonts, Purchase a pay one” button actually makes me want to buy some of his fonts. Giving away free fonts seems to be a brilliant way of marketing oneself as a type designer.

    “Could typography be a topic of regular and intelligent discussion in newspapers. If music, architecture, cookery and gardening have critics and columnists, then why not typography?**”
    Norway’s second largest newspaper actually put out an article about Helvetica on their online site. In typical tabloid fashion they called the article “The Hell Font”, simply because… Helvetica sort of almost but not really sound like Hell in Norwegian. The article wasn’t that bad though.

    Oh, and again: Thank you! I can’t believe I’m getting my first typography book! I’m so exited!

    And thank you for blogging. Please continue to do so.
    I’ve understand that you like when people respond to your stuff, so I’ll try to comment with my thoughts instead of keeping them to myself.

  25. My last name is actually Casanova! I want it, must have it!


  26. Yoli

    Okay…my eyes are going ‘whoa!’, too many things at once.

    Oh yeah, I’m pretty interested in the casanova too (;

  27. Mark

    I love the look of Casanova, as well. Very clever.

  28. Mike

    Casanova looks terrific. If possible, a copy would be incredible.

  29. I would vote Alejandro Paul as minister of typography. I think politics would benifit greatly from more use of Whomp.

  30. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    You made a strong case for that poster.

    That made me smile!

  31. I want that clock - what a brilliant idea!

  32. I love the Megalopolis Extra font!! and the poster is also awesome, very clever.
    This is my first time to your site, and I love it, and I’m subscribing on bloglines :)

  33. Regarding “Could tyography be a topic of regular and intelligent discussion in newspapers” – A lifestyle magazine that ships with the ‘Dagens Næringsliv’ paper in Norway features a column on typograpy every week :’) The magazine is called D2, and it’s a real beauty.

  34. Hello! I just have seen this typeface & I think it’s really nice, it should be mentioned in your New fonts section. Cheers!

  35. WOW! Very cool stuff as usual John! Let’s browse around the links…

    Typography Kicks Ass… Yes it does!

    WDE2009 dream speakers… I wish I could go.

    Type Battle 28—Defiant alphabet… Those Typophiles sure are geeky; but they do great stuff and are really helpful if you have any doubts about type.

    Whose Garamond is it anyway?… I’ve always hated multiple versions of one typeface, but a great read.

    Android supports the @font-face… I’m sure it’s useful, but as I don’t live in the UK, on to the next one…

    Hermann Zapf turns 90 today… And I thought I was old. Nice to see he’s still around and doing stuff!

    Type trends—Sean Ashcroft… Looks good, I’ll drop by later when I have some extra time.

    Discount on Spanish Bringhurst… *Hides in shame after seeing the cover and hopes it wasn’t designed by a fellow Mexican*

  36. marc-f

    Sign me up for a Cas-heart-nova poster… But it seems Jorge has a step up on all of us! Absolutely marvelous post from beginning to end. Particularly enjoy the sketchbook. Made me fondly remember all the swearing I usually uttered while hand drawing type –complete alphabets o’ course– in my design courses. I think we were the last grads there to have that included in curriculum and that is just plain sad.

  37. You might want to check or remove the link on the Jawa and the Midwich, because there is a horrible ad on that site which minimizes my browser and pops up a semi-official-OS-mimicking window hoping for you to click on stuff. Utter crap.

  38. Jelmar
    Just checked that link in three different browsers, and there are no popup ads that I can see. You might want to check that something else isn’t the cause of that. I also checked the source, and there’s nothing suspicious in there. The site does use frames, so perhaps something else is hijacking one of the frames? Anyway, I’ll have a few others check it …

    Anyone else having problems with that link?

  39. That link works fine for me. No popus or other shenanigans (sp?).

  40. Johno:
    Strange. I tested it multiple times, and it would throw up that popup each time. When I click it now, it’s fine. Don’t think it was something on my side, since I block most ads and popups pretty effectively.

    Oh well… :)

  41. Mostafa

    That thing about needing more hours for a day… you make the same problem for me with posts like this! :) Anyway, thanks again for the great The week in type. Did you know that our weeks in Iran start at Saturday? So I start my weeks with these posts, while you end yours!

  42. Carol

    A quibble, it would be Secretary of Typography. We have departments, not ministries, in the US.

    If not a cabinet office, Typography Czar. ;-)

  43. Mostafa
    Pleased I’m creating problems for you :)

    You’re right of course. Typography Czar — I like the sound of that.

  44. thanks as always for a great post. Would ♥ a Casanova poster!

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