I Love Typography


Good luck to US voters. You might also want to vote for iLT:

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Oh, and as I’m in a particularly good mood, and I’d like to say thank you for your support of iLT, there’s a copy of Felici’s The Complete Manual of Typography, and a copy of Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style up for grabs.* Just tell me—well everyone—why you would vote for iLT. I’ll pick the winner from the comments before the next post.

See you all for the next post, and some more inspiring type.

* Two winners; one book per winner. If you already have the book, then choose another of approx equal value.

Thanks to Douglas for nominating iLT.
See also the FontFeed’s gentle reminder.


  1. You’re very welcome! Great blog.

  2. iLT gets my vote for being an amazing source of both inspiration and new information, and for feeding my addiction to typefaces.

  3. Definitely having a good text color and very readable content is already 5/5. However, there’s that beautiful tags grid…. The Font Wall (as well as the fonts sidebar) is very helpful as well: it gives you an idea and sense of taste when it comes to fonts* (which happened to me).

    But really, all the nifty WordPress stuff are nearly invisible, just like typography. It’s because the content is honored, and the readers are drawn to it. Especially when readers are rabid typoholics, and the content is very, very relevant to our interests.

    5/5, without a doubt. And a huge thanks. Typography has had such a huge impact on me ever since I heard that term.

    * Which means, Papyrus, Comic Sans, and other family members aside.

  4. nesto

    I’d nominate this site because it’s the working-designer’s favorite site. Through a lot of effort that seems seamless here, this site conveys a style and approach that most designers would otherwise only think cam across in print (because such is just not as associated for blogs frankly). Yet ilt is pleasing, substantive and fills that creative mug every day, in small ways and large. Congrats.

  5. Jeff

    iLT - geeky enough to satisfy the most rabid typophile, friendly enough for newcomers, beautifully written every time, and fantastic links, inspiration and information which continues to inspire me every time I read a post.

    oh, and props for putting your full posts including images into the RSS feed

    you got my vote for sure

  6. iLT is one of most visited inspiration stops… but not just for the typography, information, typefaces and design. I also come here to see a web site that does what I aim for all mine to do: it emulates a beautifully laid out print piece, without being out of place in a web format. Got my vote of 5/5.

  7. I voted for iLT because it has been a great inspiration for me to work on some typefaces myself. It has helped me learn a lot.

  8. I used to be a graphics designer who is now a full time web developer. iLT helped me to find back my passion with type and I’m designing again! Thanks iLT!

  9. Cameron

    Because iLT is the web’s very own Complete Manual of Typography, and the equivilant to Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style!
    There is so much crap written about design on the web. I follow about 20 blogs - iLT is the only one I really read consistantly. Not only is it a good written resource - there is always great inspirational visuals and links!

  10. jasmine

    iLT gets my vote because if ever I get depressed about the monotony and sameness of Graphic design I know where to come to renew my faith in the design world. It’s a clean website dedicated solely to inspiring other designers to create beautiful things.

  11. Diego Sanz

    I love ILT because it’s the more helpfull blog about typography on the internet. I’m peruvian and here in mi country is so difficult to get a book about typography. So every day I’m cheking ILT to learn a little bit more. Thank you for being my teacher and show us everything with generosity.

  12. Zach LeBar

    iLY is the go-to spot on the web for all things typography, IMO, and being a student of graphic/web design, typography is an integral part that I want to learn.

  13. I voted for iLT because it’s excellent design. It’s inspiring and I always come away from the site knowing something new about typography. It’s well written, highly informative, fun, and it’s the only design blog I subscribe to because the other seem sub par compared to iLT.

  14. iLT has a 5/5 from me for all of the fun typographic and design touches you’ve littered throughout the site—the changing banner, the ‘type a response’ link (my favorite), the ornaments in the article headings, etc…

    But more than anything, as a relative typography noob, I have loved learning all about typography through your carefully curated selections of resources, interviews, links, and inspirations.

    Thanks for the wonderful site and I hope you keep up the great work!

  15. I gave you all five. Good luck with it. And I found out about the typeface I asked you about from the Mathematics books, it is of course Century Schoolbook.

  16. You’ve illuminated typography in a beautiful way. That’s why you get my vote.

  17. I love Type but I am voting for Al Gore in this election :)

  18. Just put my vote in - thanks for making such a beautiful site, and source of inspiration

  19. Liz

    As a newbie to typography, iLT has been an invaluable resource. Always accessible, iLT helps convert theory in to practice. A definite 5/5!

  20. Five stars, didn’t even have to think about it.

    There’s a few reasons why:

    One is the excellent content—my favourite subject.

    Two is that it’s a high level of discourse. I never feel that, as a student, I’m being talked down to. I’ve also learned an incredible amount—I feel like I should get at least 3 credit-hours for Independent Studies as a regular, perhaps rabid, reader.

    Three is that you have done some lovely things with the site design.

    Four is the quality of the community here. I can only recall one trollish commenter in the history of iLT.

    Five is the headers.

    Six is the monthly font sidebar. It’s just gorgeous.

    Seven is that you have, without fail, been a gracious and courteous host.

    Eight is that you used one of my photos in a Flickr Found Type segment. (I was touched. I know, geeky.)

  21. Paulo Pereira

    Some reasons I voted for iLT:

    * POST QUALITY: the #1 reason I jump to iLT on my feed reader as soon as I see that there’s an update is the post quality. Each post is packed with either advice or showcases or freebies.

    * THE INSPIRATION: I’m passionate about typography, and iLT made this passion grow and my eyes smile. When I need type inspiration for a design project, I just come here and browse.

    * THE CAUSE: Type really matters. The web world is becoming more aware of this fact. And iLT is one of the promoters of this change.

  22. I vote for iLT because it presents typography is a way that’s appealing both to people learning to love type and just discovering typography, and to those who are “in-the-know” about this stuff. It gets my vote for pointing out the beauty and fun in everyday things that we may otherwise merely glance at; and the more beauty and fun that is highlighted in everyday life, the better walking down the street, or browsing the web, or flipping through a magazine becomes. Plus, the posts are written in a way that for me connects me with the blog itself; I feel a loyalty to reading iLT that I can’t really explain but that definitely contributes to my vote.

  23. Typography exists to honor content.

    That is why i vote for iLT.

  24. iLT is a huge source of inspiration and I can’t imagine the amount of effort that goes into each post. That’s why I voted for iLT.

  25. I vote for iLT ‘cause it has change my regard on typography.
    It has made me discover Archer and Hoefler, buy the Element of style and so much more, all in a clear an amusing way. What’s not to love ?
    And more… there’s the people commenting here. Allways a pleasure !

  26. iLT changed the way I look at not only printed but even a written word, while Johno re-defined the word ‘passionate’ for me: a truly passionate person is the one who transcends his passion to others who become as passionate if not more about the topic that unites them.

    And to paraphrase Dostoevsky: iLT is the beauty that would save the world.

  27. Jay

    I’ll tell you why I voted for iLT. First, the articles are wonderful, and full of inspiration. And secondly, the site design is top notch. What’s not to like?

  28. Angela

    I voted for iLT because I love I Love Typography typography!

  29. Dante

    I Love Typography shows an infectious enthusiasm with all things type-related. It has become my prime go-to source for new, beautiful, and exciting typefaces.

    That’s why I Love Typography gets my vote.

  30. Jarek

    Well, the site is clear, simple and legible (with some quirks though, but really minor stuff ;-), and, most importantly, I learned a few things about typography from reading it and looking at it. Thank you for that and keep up the good work!

  31. Cedric

    I’ll vote for iLT because it saved my life in a big period of doubts about typography… thank you !

  32. Carlo

    I vote for iLT because it has beautiful typography to look at, after a day of ugly pages. Well, also for contents of course, but i love the relaxing moments i spent on some good arranged typo.

  33. No doubt that this is the genuine place to find all sorts of inspiration from the subject of typography. That is why I love iLT and vote for it!

    Keep inspiring others! Cheers

  34. Dan

    For inspiration & education - voted!

  35. I would vote for ILT because it makes us discover every week amazing stuff without this “245+ most stunning lists of beautiful lists of lists” stupid trend ^__^
    Thank you

  36. Jack

    because you make my sunday’s a little more graphically and typographically inspiring :)

  37. Anton

    iLT is just absolutely beautiful site in all aspects - design, content and delivery. I love iLT. :)

    Thank you!

  38. Simon

    A trusted resource, strong throughout turbulent times, iLT gets my vote…

  39. for the inspiration!

  40. Off course I gave you five!

    Because of the great contents, because of your beautiful header and because you have the best name in town!

    ps: congratulations to US voters for the excellent choice :)

  41. iLT got my vote long ago already! A great place of inspiration and information, a reference in the beautiful world of typography… What else?
    VOTE iLT!

  42. Johanna

    For beautiful type photo collections, for the love of detail in typographic web design and for personally responding to comments by mail.

  43. stk

    I voted for iLT, because I could not vote in the US election, so I figured I would have to pick something else the world can clearly benefit from ;)

  44. Chris

    I vote for iLT because it is the only site where i can´t wait to read new posts, but when the new entries are posted i dont wanna read them cause when i finished them it´s not new anymore haha sounds stupid i know. this page is like a girl you fell in love to,and everyday shes telling you another secret of her,and with each new thing you learn from her you love her more and more…so,to put in a nutshell…
    pure love!!!

  45. Jeffrey

    Probably just saying it is the most interesting typography site I know of is not enough…

    Here’s some more strong points then:
    • Broad and open-minded
    • Consistantly high quality
    • Eye-opening showcases
    • It has both typography and lettering
    • a nice layout
    • should I go on…?

    This is your victory!!

  46. iLT gets 5/5 for…
    …the content
    …the easy-on-the-eyes layout
    …the full RSS feed, including images
    …the custom, relevant, and unobtrusive ads
    …telling me things I didn’t know
    …I, too, LT

    PS: I don’t want the book. I just wanted you to know that your work is appreciated. Thank you.

  47. I voted for iLT because I love type and in all of the blogs I have read about typography, iLT is the best. The posts are extremely well-written, the topics are interesting, and the design is beautiful. Any time that I need inspiration, I just check the archives of Sunday Type. I could go on and on forever about how great iLT is, but I think this sums it up.

    Keep up the great work!

  48. Jeeves

    I had very little interest in typography when I was first introduced to iLT, so from an outsider it posed a wealth of knowledge and and passion to share. In reflection, this has to be largely due to the attention to detail that so epitomizes typography; the grid, the clarity, the artistic streak, and the elegant marriage of black and white.
    Needless to say, I imediately subscribed to the RSS, and almost always jump straight from my reader to the site to read, as the content is always quality, and the design never gets boring to look at.

  49. I Vout for iLT. I think its one of the most beautiful sites on the net today. I Love typography.

  50. Armando

    ILT made me rediscovered why I went into graphic design back in the 80s: typography.

  51. iLT is one of the first one to get me realize the beauty of typography. the articles are real great and the design is just a pleasure to look at. i’ll definitely vote for it.

  52. iLT is one of the most thorough and impressive typography resources on the web. The site design is an inspiration i refer to frequently. I always know that new content on this site will be inspiring and pertinent to my career.

  53. astifter

    … its interesting
    … its _very_ well made
    … its beautiful

    It’s simple as that.

    Thanks for this site!


  54. I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!I.L.T! I.L.T!

  55. About a year ago i was given a task to facelift/touchup/frashen/modernize the logo (and musthead) of the newspaper i work for. Õhtuleht (in Estonian translates as Evening Paper) has allways had a non-font based, hand-drawn, custon type kind of logo - a tradition we desided to continiue. Since it was my first contact with type design, i did a lot of research and came across iLT. And the search was done! :) iLT has since been my main type relateted info base. Thank you for schooling me!

    Thank you for the articles, specially about type history and terminology, and type news of course.


  56. I love typography and I love receiving your interesting and amusing post. Thanks for your great work!

  57. You got my 5-star vote because you always deliver the most cowbell.

  58. This site has not only sparked my interest in typography, it has continued to fuel a desire to learn more, see more, and do more when it comes to type. It’s a site I can honestly say keeps getting progressively better. Keep it up!


  59. Voted because it’s one of the best resources for type and typography inspiration on the web. :)

  60. It keeps it simple, and that is nice.

  61. Mostafa

    Sure I’ll vote for my favorite weblog! Reading iLT helps me feel more typographic! I mean it’s a simple way remaining close to typography, while I may be busy with other things.

  62. You’ve got a great looking site with great content, and you kindly reply to every email, tweet, and comment you get rather than going to sleep each night.

    I think that deserves a vote.


    Oh, and get some sleep, the typos are killing me! ;)

  63. ILT gets my vote because…

    …serifs are cooler than tariffs.

    …tracking is much more interesting than tracking polls.

    … descenders make more sense than delegates.

  64. Mostafa

    Oh, I just forgot to mention visual reasons in my comment! :)

    iLT is a pleasure to look at, with its fine details and thoughtful choices of type and color. In terms of typography and design, reading iLT is one of my best regular reading experiences on the web.

  65. Alvin

    Why vote for iLT?

    Because it’s the “change” we need from the last 8 years of bland typography.

    : )

  66. When I found the ILT blog on the web this past spring, I had just signed up for a class in Typography, something I had always wanted to learn more about. It quickly became apparent to me that all the ILT articles on the history of type, and the different typefaces was exactly what I was learning about in my class. At first some of it seemed overwhelming, but instantly, ILT became an invaluable resource for me to learn more about typefaces, how fonts are designed, as well as the history of typography and the latest trends. As I was becoming more familiar with typefaces and font sites, this site just seemed like the thread that pulled all of the other sites together, into one meaningful package.

    When I first saw the blog, I had been used to looking at other web designers’ sites, with lots of images. What struck me was that this was a blog just for type, and because of that, the visual presentation of typeface was what was most important. At first, I wasn’t sure what all was here, or contained on this page of sparse white, black and red type with only images of type, but eventually I found that the site was not only easy to get around, but things jumped out at you, in a direct way. Not only the design makes sense, but the content is also engaging, imaginative, fun and interesting to look at! One of the neatest touches is the beautiful star-shaped background image that looks like a giant fancy asterisk, left on each person’s comment field!

    Now, I can’t wait to receive the weekly edition of the newsletter in my Inbox, to see what new images of fonts, letters, and other featured typefaces are going to appear. The guess-the-font game has also sharpened my ability to recognize fonts, as well. What a great blog. Thanks for taking the time to share all of your knowledge in such an enthusiastic and useful way for your viewers!

  67. 5/5 from me.

    So many things I assumed were intuitive with typefaces turned out not to be universally accepted. It is nice to find an authority to back up my arguments. :)

  68. Best online source for typographic inspiration hands down.

  69. Jan

    I love i Love Typography.

  70. ILT along with the movie Helvetica, were the two reasons, I started to love typography! So I voted for ILT :-)

  71. Vitor Lopes

    5/5 for ILT for being the typographic eyedrop to a world with such bad typework.

  72. Amanda Mays

    What’s not to love about this site?

    Impeccable design, clean, structured = perfect platform for showcasing type. A very high quality site. The go to place for typography… totally inspiring!

    5/5 is my vote you should win hands down!

  73. Pooja

    When I am down and out, and don’t know what to do with my next graphic design assignment..

    When I am about to say I hate *gasp* design..

    When I am about to say I hate *louder gasp* typography..

    All I need is a reminder of the truth -
    Enter I Love Typography !

    Will it sound stupid if I say I Love I Love Typography ?
    Oh, what the heck :)

  74. Lisa O

    Definitely 5 out of 5. The page said something about “wordpress implementation” and, not having experience with wordpress, I figured as long as I hadn’t noticed, the implementation must be excellent.
    Besides, that makes room for all the great content. I always come to iLT looking forward to all the typographic goodness! The inspirational typography is always great, but I really enjoy the interviews with type designers and the articles about type - iLT, thanks for all the time you put into this site and all the great contributors you bring together.

  75. For the simple reason that this blog never fails to bring a smile to my face!

  76. Dan

    ILT has become my first stop every morning for inspiration and education. I learn something new here every time I visit, and my work continues to improve as a result. Thank you.

  77. elin

    i love iLT because:

    a) i love typography
    b) iLT is filled with a hyper-banquet of treats - useful, interesting, fun, creative, wonky — all in one place
    c) iLT does what it describes - it’s not just good to read, it’s good to look at
    d) one of the groups in my 3rd year university “print communication and culture” course based their seminar partly on what they found on iLT - and the thesis for their presentation was “typography is NOT boring!” they found this a very pleasant surprise!

  78. Visually Orgasmic Typographic Enrichment!
    ǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd ʎuɐ ɯoɹɟ

  79. I vote iLT because John bribed me into it.

    Let’s face it, the possibility of getting “The Complete Manual of Typography” (as I already own Bringhurst’s book) was too good to pass.

    What?! At least I’m being honest.

    That’s why I voted.

    Why I love it is a different issue. I love it because of everything everyone else has already said. Great place to get some inspiration, to see what’s going on with type design, updates on new fonts available, interviews, great links, awsome articles that educate and the freebies!

    Thanks John!

  80. I’ve voted for iLT because the little voice in my head told me to.

    Oh, and because it’s a brilliant blog too.

  81. I love iLT because graphic design is nothing if it doesn’t convey information. And to do that you (99.9% of the time) need effective type. I’m always coming to iLT for inspiration, for information, and for a welcoming, like-minded community.

    Great work!

  82. Dan

    I love I Love Typography.

    As someone who has never studied or worked in design, I Love Typography introduced me to and continues to inform me of the art and function of typography, as well as new and innovative work in the field; something I would never have otherwise been able to experience.

    The site has also shown me that it is not as unusual as I originally thought to be so interested in the appearance of letters and words on signs and buildings. I feel very fortunate to have even just a glimpse of the world of typography as an outsider. Thank you.

  83. Simple. I voted because I love typography. And I love I love typography.

    Thanks for the great resource of inspiration!

  84. V

    You can ALWAYS rely on “I love typography” to give a great kick start for the day! I love starting the day with seeing and reading something interesting. Finding the “I love typography” post in my in-box always brings the smile on my face and makes the coffee taste so much better.

    You have my vote any time!

    I imagine it might be hard at times to keep finding interesting material and putting it all together while there is real work to be done. Thank you for showing commitment and enthusiasm for something that others benefit from so much.


  85. For a design student like me, iLT is a constant source of inspiration. And the links you post come from a wide variety of styles and techniques, so my eyes are constantly being opened to new ideas. A week wouldn’t be the same without my weekly dose of typography!

    In terms of WordPress, iLT is a masterpiece. I love how the header changes each week - it keeps things fresh and interesting. I’ve always been a fan of the reversed out fonts in the sidebar as well… The style of iLT is very distinctive as well, conservative yet at the same time gently pushing the boundaries of web typography.

    So of course you have my vote. Now hurry up and post that typography, I’m itching with excitement!


  86. iLT is such great source of inspiration for those designers interested in typography, it also shows me many things that are being done all over the world.

  87. Andrew

    Five ★’s for iLT because:

    1. I ♥ typography.
    2. iLT is, hands down, the best typography resource on the web.
    3. I’m tired of renewing the sole copy of “The Elements of Typographic Style” from my local library.

  88. Half Joking

    I voted because I want a book.

  89. I’ve voted for this website without asking me any questions. I found this website recently (one month ago, give or take) and I immediately put it in my bookmarks.

    As a young graphic designer, ILT is a new source of inspiration that I try to apply on every of my projects. Typography is the base of graphic design when you watch history.

    Plus, the website is perfectly made, we find things quickly, the design is pure. For all of that, I putted a 5 stars out of 5 in my vote.

    I hope you will continue to feed it as long as you can.

  90. I used to be a graphics designer who is now a web developer. iLT has stirred the passion for typography and design back in me again. That’s why I vote! Thanks iLT!

  91. Alec

    I voted for ILT in the hope of winning a book.

  92. Not Joking

    I voted for ILT because I want a book and have no money.

  93. WM

    5 stars

    I read a lot of blogs everyday, but hands down my fav for typography is iLT. Simple, clear & concise posts that really showcase the work being presented, what more could you ask for? I love seeing new fonts, and iLT does a great job of showing us the cream of the crop. All in all, best type site around!

  94. I voted for iLT because it INCLUDES heterogenic material which allows us to learn from different sources and let us think! Thank you!

  95. I love it because it makes me feel warm inside and gooey all over… ILT is the bestest in the whole wide world, i’m the #1 fan… i don’t even care about the free book… oh i do love ILT!


  96. Well, I voted for iLT because I wanted the books. I gave it a 5 because there’s no other website like it!

    Great stuff happening here, a few changes coming, which are great, and great interviews and competitions, too! This place is getting better and better.

  97. I vote for ILT cause it makes my morning readings so much more interesting. Content we don’t have access here in Brasil.
    Keep it up

  98. Marian

    Well quite simple actually..
    It’s nice to know that there are quite a bunch typo-lovers as me out there!!

    Love Marian

  99. Frederico, I couldn’t agree more, although I’m from the Philippines.

  100. Andrew

    This might get buried in this sea of comments, but I noticed ILT had a little blurb on Smashing Magazine’s site recently, for you’re unique use of captions…



    P.S., 5 STARS!

  101. Torbjørn Vik Lunde

    I gave I Love Typography 5 out of 5 because this site is really inspiring. It has taught me a lot about type and type design, and gotten me interested in something I before (I now think) I underestimated.

    The teacher at my early graphic design classes almost spoke of type in a way you would believe he wanted us to think it was boring. You write about type with passion, and it shows! And it’s contagious. I’m studying type everywhere I see it now. It’s a beauty that used to pass me by.

    And of course: your site is beautiful as well.

    Yes, I also voted because I wanted the book. But I would never care about the book if this blog(along with some other blogs, and a couple of Computer Arts Projects Magazine) hadn’t gotten me interested in type.

  102. I voted for iLT because it’s the best damn design blog out there! How do I know this to be the honest-to-God truth? I am currently subscribed to about 300 different portfolio sites, and many more ‘found’ blogs, that post stuff from elsewhere. The only blog that I ever *have* to look at in its original online state is iLT. Whether this says more about the content you put out, or the great layout of the site, I don’t know.

    What I do know is that I’m consistently inspired to create by the site, and that’s why I voted for iLT!

  103. It has just been such a good resource for me as a relatively new to graphic design professional. It’s just fabulous. Keep it up!

  104. …because, in the typical American spirit these days, we really vote based mainly on what we can get out of it… and I want that book!

  105. It is inspiration at it’s finest. It embraces historic fundamentals by delivering real-world examples of contemporary adaptation. ILT is a font of inspiration (pun intended) and it pays homage to designers that share a similar passion for beautiful type.

    That is why I vote for ILT. Every single designer can benefit from regularly trafficking your site!

  106. wilk

    I’ve realized, after looking at this post, why I’m so addicted. It is pretty straightforward really… a well designed blog about typography with regular updates. What more could you need?

  107. I have been with iLT from the very beginning. I have been such a devoted fan of the site and being a design student I have used it for constant resource. I been showing it to various teachers and because of that my school has even adopted the website as the number one reference website on anything typography. I have seen iLT grow and become one of the biggest typography sites on the web. I am truly a typenut and iLT feeds my addiction for type.Thats why I vote iLT!

  108. Just gave iLT five stars—well designed, informative, and (of course) great use of type! If you use these next four years wisely, iLT could have a chance at the Democratic ticket for 2012.

  109. Harry

    Pleasing to the eye, captivating for the mind.

  110. iLT is one of the most inspiring and yet down-to-earth design sites around.

    I love iLT!

    I always enjoy reading Johno’s posts as they are delivered in a way that makes everyone feel they have something valuable to add.

    There is no design-snobbyness here!

    So congrats iLT and Johno, you definitely got my vote!

  111. Zak

    If George W. Bush can make a successful campaign by just using the “W.” from his own namesake (and not even being trained in typography or design), imagine what iLT could do with all 26 letters in the English alphabet.

    Heck, iLT could launch a new campaign every four years for the next 104 years (26 terms), one for each letter. If “W.” can win, I bet all of the other letters can, too.

    I’d vote for iLT. And I’d wear the campaign button every day.

  112. You get my vote because this is one of the few blogs that I look forward to checking during my week. Loving typography has become more fun now that iLT is around.

    Thanks for being here. Really.

  113. It’s simple. Because I actually learn from this site. The time and effort put in this site is tremendous and great thing is shared with the world here.
    As I said, it’s simple.

  114. Honestly, iLT taught me almost everything I know about typography.

  115. iLT gets my vote because of the community it builds. It brings people who share a specific interest and allows them to feed of each other.

  116. I had no clue this was even a WordPress. That’s how good you guys are! ILT gets me through long newspaper production nights (and makes my desktop look pretty).

  117. Sajid Saiyed

    iLT for me is an institution in itself (not writing this to win the books but I sincerely feel it). Apart from the design of the site which makes you feel more connected to the typo world, i also love the amount of knowledge that you share.

    Good luck and keep up the great work.

  118. Molly

    iLT, to put it simply, is awesome. The way information is presented is enough to not overwhelm newcomers to the font world (like me!), but still satisfying for hardcore typelovers. iLT keeps me coming back again and again, it’s accessible, up to date, and inspiring.

    Keep up the good work!

  119. I voted iLT because it really says I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY, from the heart.

  120. Tom

    I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY makes love type a little more each day.

  121. I vote for iLT because the site looks great and the posts are always useful!

  122. I vote for iLT because when it says it loves me I can tell by it’s eyes that it speaks the truth.

    I’ve been hurt by websites too many times before.

  123. Austin

    voted for you because you’re where I go to for typo articles. no one else ;p
    cheers from dt.

  124. Magnificent blog, congratulate.

  125. 5 Stars. I Love Typography initially sparked my interest in type and fuels my current addiction to it. When I saw that people seriously LOVE typography I became intrigued, went out and bought a couple of books, and now regularly visit ILT. I am, to a certain extent, forever indebted.

  126. Carolyn

    Earlier this semester I found iLt through a friend. I’ve been addicted to this site, voraciously taking in any and all information about type. Some if not all of the work that is posted here has inspired me beyond measure and given me a greater appreciation of typography.

    I’ve shown this site to fellow design students and professors, and they definitely find it to be informative and enjoyable at the same time. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  127. sooki

    iLT has resurrected my love for the beauty of type. because of your blog, i see type in a totally new light.

  128. I voted for iLT because this blog continues to amaze me week after week with insightful and well written information for type junkies like myself. In fact I don’t even know if I would be accurate in describing myself as a type junkie until I got on that iLT… mmm good stuff… need another fix!

  129. Rafael

    I voted for iLT because of the combination of beautiful design and great blog entries from someone who knows what he’s talking about.

  130. Kendall

    …..smart, sleek, simple…..
    …..great attention to detail…..
    …..porn for type geeks…..
    …..homage to a dying art…..

  131. Onedinkenedi

    because i Love iT?

  132. technopaegnion

    I voted for iLT because it’s not just a site about typography: it’s a mental state about art. The Author is not just a lover of types, he’s a person totally involved in typography and wants to convey his deep love to the world. The sensible visitor, when coming on this site, will fall in a state of hypnosis: his brain is certainly lost among types, beauty, love, books and art.

  133. I like ilovetypography.com because it inspires me. The site and the posts both do.

    Look at the site. Check out the posts. See for yourself. Don’t take my word for it.

  134. Alex Francisco

    Now this is the blog that takes in my love for type and envisions it in a well concieved compilation for all things typographic.

    There’s no magic tricks or coporate affiliations here, its purely typographic and typeface material, and this is the minimalism that keeps me coming back more and more. Coupled with a community fostered by the same common passion, there’s no doubt on why people Love “I love typography”.

  135. Alain

    I vote fot iLT because it is such a great resource for someone like me who is not a font designer. great things to discover.

  136. Rouss Valiulin

    Being a designer, I’m completely obsessed with typography and the only site I’d recommend to a newcomer is iLT (the film obviously would be ‘Helvetica’). Moreover, iTL inspired me to make my own typeface I’m currently working on.

    For a long time John has been studying and teaching us what one can do with type, how to bend it to our will.

    I felt so generous that I decided to make an inteview with Ludwig Übele exclusively for iLT.

    Thank you so much John, keep the good job and don’t cease to inspire us.

    Voting for iLT.

  137. I would vote iLT for being one of the few design blogs that posts more because they have something worth posting and not because ‘its been a while since we posted at all’. Always great content never have to skim to see if it is worth it, if its from iLT its good stuff.

  138. Because ILT is the one main reason I started to understand the importance and the possibilities of typography. Thank you for helping me keep my daily work fun.

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    next post: The week in type: casanova

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