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Sunday type: kokoro type

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I have come across so much type inspiration this week, that there just isn’t the space or the time to post it all, so I might post some other snippets during the week. In addition to what’s below, be sure to check out Jon Tan’s great little article on Quotation Marks & Texture. Enjoy:

Let’s start with the beautiful work of Japanese artist, Siho:

See carlsi4’s Flickr for more.


Would like to know who illustrated and designed this piece. Anyone?

I bet Jonathan Hoefler never envisaged this, when drawing Gotham:

I guess it’s almost—unintentionally— Gotham Rounded.

Some more Linocut lettering. There’s a whole Flickr group here.

Via Type for You.

And Mark Webber at work:

He even does Linocut animations.

Nice text treatments from brooklyn-based graphic designer Matthew Anderson:

Name that type

An October desktop calendar from NewFangled:

Name the typeface used.

Lovely photo, but can you name the typeface?

For bike and type lovers, the Type Bike Tee:

Thanks to Steve Avery via Twitter.

Sunday thumbs

Just click the thumbnail for more:

Journée européenne des langues

My Spanish is not so good (actually non-existent), so I think this piece was designed by Hugo Alberto Sanchez. Spanish-speaking readers please correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, love this poster:

Sebastian Lester on the typefaces used in movie promotion:

Thanks, Martin, et al.

Free fonts

Comglomerfont is a collaborative effort, with each character designed by someone different. The end result certainly won’t go down in the annals of type history, but it is great to see people enjoying designing type:

New fonts

Filmotype Ginger from Mark Simonson:

This is the third Filmotype typeface that Mark has digitized, after Zanzibar and Glenlake.

Sunday links

Double or single quotes?—Jon Tan
Parkside candies
On designing Comalle
W-shaped building
Use Your Typeface Knowledge for Fun, Profit
22 of the World’s Most Creative [?] Alphabets
The worst letter-spacing ever?
Love is blind—Durex

And, finally…

Lindsay, from I don’t know where, mailed me to say she loves iLT and,

…we spent about 3 weeks with a nameless cat until we chose… serif.

And you thought I was bad :)

Coming up

Next up is that article on combining sans serif and serifed typefaces, then the quarterly review of Good Web Typography, and…well, lots, lots more. Have a great week. Oh, and next week there will be prizes!


  1. thanks john, these are great!

    i believe the desktop uses a certain font that starts with an m by jos b, yes?


  2. oh, first post too! yay!

  3. Simon
    Thanks. I think you might be right :) Sadly no prizes for leaving the first comment, but you can have this: ★

  4. Mark Webber’s linocuts and the grocery list illustration are superb, Johno, and Siho’s characters even more so. I’d like to know who the pen belonged to as well — fantastic installment. P.S. Transitional 511?

  5. haraya

    Details on the creative team behind the Career Junction print ad.

    I tried reading the description below the Mexican poster and I don’t think it says anything about who designed the it. Don’t take my word for it though— I’m not sure. My Spanish is extra rusty. ^^;

    Wonderful post, as always. I love Mark Webber’s work and the link to 4 dead celebs font art. Thanks!

  6. Stewart Pratt

    “go down in the anals”

    Now _that_ is a quality typo :)

  7. Onedinkenedi

    Queen is written in Bauer Bodoni Std isn’t is?

  8. The linocut maps are terrific, thanks a lot for sharing the link. As you mention Siho’s work, I’m thinking that Japanese culture is one of the written word: walking in Tokyo means being surrounded and even overwhelmed by words. A paradise for type lovers.

  9. Hi Johno, I hope you’ve had a good week!

    Just wanted to say this was a fantastic sunday-type.. A great start to my week, thank you :)

    The linocut by Mark Webber, Matthew Anderson’s tool-type and the Mexican poster made my day.

  10. the desktopo calendar uses “museo”

    good week to you :)


  11. Great roundup John! Always enjoy the sunday posts. The Amsterdam Linocut is just faboulus. Queen = Bodoni (from Bodoni Roman, the Linotype Originals) I think. Have a great week.

  12. Just FYI: The Spanish poster does not specify who did the poster. This is what it says:

    Only for Mexico

    Record: In search of new talents!

    If you belong to the band of Illustrators, with traditional and digital techniques (Illustrator & Photoshop CS mid to advanced skills), Infographists, with experience in newspapers/magazines (Illustrator, Photoshop CS mid to advanced skills, and basic 3d modelling), Designers, with experience with magazines and newspapers (skils in Indesign & mid to advanced Photoshop CS), prepare only your best work, and send your portfolio to these emails…

  13. Looks like Bodoni (Standard) to me…

  14. carolina falcão

    desktop calendar = museo
    queen = it’s a bodoni, but i’m not sure which one :(

    i had a cat named serif once… and i have one called fleuron :)


  15. saralicia wong

    For the mexican poster it does say who design it if you go to the link and it was indeed design by Hugo Alberto Sánchez. And I can be sure of this because I’m mexican.

  16. One of the best Sunday Types I’ve read until now. Cheers!

  17. Just posting to comment that this is another great entry.

  18. Randy

    Great post! It’s like christmas everytime I open i LT.

  19. JP

    You guys should check out http://www.spinningword.com . Saw it the other day; some neat manipulation with presidential candidate’s names.

  20. Some really beautiful stuff this week. That linocut letering is really something else. For the October calender I’m going to say it is Museo 300 and the other look like Bodoni to me.

  21. I’m going to guess that ‘Queen’ is Linotype’s Bodoni Classico because of the ever-so-slight dip in the top right serif on the u (and I’m taking Jon’s advice ;) ) I think it’s the bold weight, too, because of the more squat tail on the Q (that was really throwing me!). Definitely difficult to tell because of the angle. So what is it John?

    Love the hammer from Matthew Anderson! Creative type treatment like that really intrigues me; not to mention I’m insanely jealous because I can’t ever seem to get my stuff to look that good!

    The art from Siho is beautiful. Why is eastern art so captivating??

  22. Interesting roundup..few really great typographic elements..I love :) Thanks!

  23. Lauren—for me at least, the captivation of eastern letterforms come from the cultural difference. I have absolutely zero knowledge of the content or meaning behind each character, so I’m able to interpret it without any kind of “baggage”—just the pure forms.

  24. Justin, good point. For me, I also get a “zen” feeling from it, very balanced and structured, peaceful (sorry to those who truly practice Zen, I know it’s a lot more complex than I make it). Many eastern artists have an excellent grasp of proportion and the golden section I think.

  25. sasidesign

    wow great…
    so interesting make me more inspiration
    thanks for sharing

  26. wow….awesome post.

    also, great blog. i love typography too. awesome way for me to see it in so many various forms. on this post, my two faves were the mexican wrestling poster for it’s simplicity yet great design and the grocery list. brilliant.

  27. Over on the Stuff I Found I posted the ‘name’ of the illustrator that did the St Sebastien you’ve got up…the comment didn’t appear, so in the event that there was a hiccup rather than a moderation queue, here it is again:

    Milk, at http://www.myspace.com/logyu

  28. I really like the putting your skills to better use design, a great design with plenty of scope.


    hi Johno, some further info on the grocery list illustration here

  30. As always, you manage to find brilliant sources of inspiring type, and present it in a way no one else could. Love the site, keep up the great work!

  31. I LOVE THAT GROCERY LIST! That is really awesome. I like the other works too but that one just stood out to me. I love that you love typography because I take for granted fonts but you highlight the art of it all by itself. It’s really cool and inspiring to me.

  32. Umm, can’t really deal with the Mark Webber stuff. I thought you were going to start including disclaimers before such overstimulating posts?! :)

    ps) I am ALL OVER those prizes this week… :)

  33. Yes; you are correct. The designer of the poster is Hugo Alberto Sánchez (México)… he said in the blog.

  34. Kari Helgason

    That Queen is Bodoni Classico Regular, I’m positive.

  35. I love the grocery list… takes me back to all my doodling during college (I never created anything quite so interesting as this, but it was fun)!

  36. I forgot how much I LOVE this website!

    Summer’s been busy, but now that it’s turning to Fall, it’s time to curl up in a sweater and dish over fonts. Oh, how wonderful a good font can be to a girl!

  37. Sweet! I love those “reasoning behind the type” info like the Sebastian Lester link. Wish it was more in depth though… let us know if you find more.

  38. Jongseong Park

    There is a link missing for the first Sunday Links entry.

    I believe the link is Double or single quotes?—Jon Tan

  39. Jongseong
    Thank you. Fixed now.

  40. Yep that’s definetly a Bauer Bodoni!

    Hey I just saw you’re using BSA for some spots on your sidebar…hope it works, it’s been working like a charm for me!

    oh btw, that Linocut lettering just made my day :)

  41. i love the cat named Serif! That’s so great… though I may have them beat.

    I never had the chance to name a pet before my fiancee bought me a little orange tabby cat I named

    Clawed Garamond.

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