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I will begin with a recently launched web site, LetterCult. Thanks to regular link contributor Peter van Impelen, I’ve had the pleasure to read this fine blog. There are already interviews with Mark Simonson and the wonderful Gemma O’Brien of Write Here Right Now fame.

LetterCult focuses on lettering rather than type. However, the disticntion is often blurred. For example here on ilovetypography, I have type, lettering, signage and even type- and lettering-inspired artworks. However, ilovetypographyandletteringandsignageetc.com is a little ungainly.

LetterCult is our attempt to highlight artists & designers doing remarkable work with Custom Letters. This group includes type designers, letterers, sign painters, graffiti artists, stone carvers, calligraphers, poster artists, and graphic designers. Just people. Who make letters.

Anyway, LetterCult is definitely one to subscribe to.

Really like this installation by Sebastian Lemm:

Wonderful glass type sculpture by Oskar Wrango:

Typographic sculpture by Andy Mangold, built with 200 square-section wood dowels:

If you enjoyed my previous post, Friday Flickr Found Type, then you might also enjoy this:

Tell me where that “R” is—I’m going to steal it. Though, technically, it might not be stealing; it does look rather forlorn—I’d be rescuing it. Take a look at Allan’s web site too.

Get your sticky mits on the new 18-month Field Notes Calendar:

This week’s letter star

Black Italic k from Newzald. Love it:

Newzald black italic

New fonts

What do Jean François Porchez and Louis Vuitton have in common? Well, besides them both being French icons, they now have something else in common:

vuitton persona

Porchez Typofonderie’s Vuitton Persona typeface for Louis Vuitton Malletier. Though to have a piece of this typeface, you’ll need to buy a bag, as it’s for the exclusive use of LV.

Linocut from Mark Andrew Webber:

Sunday links

Behold! Ligatures in Flash 10!—thanks, Andre.
50 film posters from Poland—thanks, haraya.
Samantha Hahn, hand lettering
H&FJ looking for a graphic designer
Contrast and Meaning
Vector drawing mistakes—a good lesson
Creative Suite 4 (CS4) fonts
Airport signage
Letterpress printing resources
60 inspiring concert posters
Jason Santa Maria on conference badge design
Peter Biľak on the L-caron

Bag some Didone?

Looks like Didoni URW to me. Anyone else?

Via swiss miss. And talking of swiss miss, did you notice the logo change?

From Barcelona, wood block prints from the deft hand of Valeria Brancaforte:

Always been a fan of John D. Berry’s book design. This one is a simple, no-nonsense treatment that works really well:

To save space, I’ve cropped the above cover; you can view it in full here.

I guess divorce lawyers have to look on the lighter side:

Reminds me of my own idea for pre-perforated wedding photos. For more great business cards, see the Flickr Business Cards group.

Perhaps we’ve all made the odd letter out of a receipt or scrap of paper; can’t say I’ve ever completed the alphabet. Ipsum Planet did for Neo2 magazine:

Would be interesting to see these outlines digitised. Thanks, Peter.

Some tongue in cheek from Yee-Haw Industries:

Via Jon Tan (twitter).

Today’s type

From Anderson Maschio, this little fatty called Chumbitos:

fonts: chumbitos

Don’t you just want to squeeze its cheeks! And it’s only $5.

Can’t think of a suitable comment for this one:

font fail

Coming up

Finally finished writing my piece on combining sans serif and serifed types. Hope to publish that midweek, if I can get my hands on a couple of missing fonts I need for specimens. Then I’ll publish the third quarter instalment of 15 Great Examples of Web Typography. If you find something that you think is worthy of inclusion, then tell me about it.

I mentioned today the black italic k from Newzald. Do you have your own favourite individual letters?


  1. This is a great post, Very creative and inspirational. I love it. You have a very clean and elegant site here as well, keep up the good work ;)


  2. Andy
    Thanks. First time I’ve seen you here, I think. If so, welcome to iLT; and thanks for your kind words.

  3. That calendar looks pretty awesome, a shame its weeks start on Sunday. :B

  4. Hey John, great post as always, and thanks a lot for featuring me! That rusty “R” is quite covet-worthy, and this is the first typographic perspective painting I have seen.

    Also, did that poor linocut come out backwards when printed or is that photograph flipped? Its beautiful work!

  5. Lettercult is a great site — thanks for sharing. As for favorite letters, how about Linotype Zapfino Two “W”, Marydale “y”, Lindau “g”, and the Banshee “Z”.

  6. Maybe this is just me, but to me John D. Berry’s cover design for Doctorow looks just wrong. The colors are weird — i mean really — and the lettering as well. I mean what is going on with the “ry” in Cory? Does that look good to you guys?

    The copyright symbol-c might be a nifty idea, but again, to me it looks like a cheap execution of that idea. And the sub-headline (Selected Essays on …), at first it looks centered, but on the second look? What is that?

    Sorry if this sounds a little assheaded & envyous, i am not very good at covering such words in sugarcoating :)

  7. Hey Johno, we appreciate the mention.

    The time you’ve spent building this site and the amazing weekly content should be applauded.

    a standing ovation even.

    for the record, we are going to focus more on interviews, without any regular news content. And our kickoff post explains the focus on Custom Letters.


  8. The Q from Stempel’s Caslon-Antiqua, simply oozes beauty

  9. I am in love with that “talk” block sculpture. I wonder if it’s a commentary on social grid-lock… blockage of communication/transmission. Whatever the case, it’s freakin’ awesome.

    And as for that magazine cover at the end of your post… it’s just wrong that they stuck that woman’s head on the “P..enis.” Vulgar magazine bastards.

  10. Ricardo

    That Parents cover was a joke: http://www.snopes.com/photos/risque/parents.asp

    The real one contained a much lighter gaffe :)


  11. oscar

    Ricardo beat me to it, but you should check out the other magazine fakes from Panopticist:


  12. Wow, that linocut is impressive to say the least! What kind of patience would you need to carve that?

    The installation by Sebastian Lemm is amazing! I wish I could see it in person. It would be so cool to walk around it and see how each of the letter is distorted and then walk back to the proper view point to see it all come together perfectly.

    Heh, even though that magazine was a fake, I can totally see something like that happening.

    @Manuel, you’re sure good at noticing detail. I agree that the subhead isn’t centered. I bet what happened is that it was aligned according to the C of the original font and not adjusted when that was replaced with the (C).

  13. If you find that ‘R’, can you grab me the one behind it? Cheers!

    Also: I’m really enjoying the little posts during the week, they keep me going ‘til Sunday Type. Keep it up.

    — Martin

  14. installation by Sebastian Lemm is the most amazing..:) Great site - lettercut :)

  15. These are kind words John! Thank you. I need to get onto doing I Love I Love Typography in rose petals !

  16. Lettercult is sweeeeet.

  17. Well sure a lot to take in this week but a lot of good stuff. LetterCut is a very intresting site been on it for a few hours now. Thanks for sharing! :)

  18. Jared

    Fantastic post. To be honest, I prefer this jam-packed-everything post over short, one link posts. Type news is okay though.

    In response to the favourite individual letter question, I have plenty. Adode Calson Pro’s lower case ‘g’, Arno Pro Semibold’s upper case ‘Q’ and the lowercase ‘a’ in Anivers rank pretty highly. Of course, these hardly measure up to Newzland’s italic k.

    Whilst not strictly letters, I’d also like to nominate some of Jos Buivenga’s glyphs. From Diavlo (any weight): Lozenge (actually a strange alien face), Intergal and Square Root. From Fertigo Pro, Greek Capital Letter Delta, Greek Capital Letter Omega, Partial Differential, Increment, Infinity and Integral. Finally, Section Sign from Museo. None of these glyphs look anything like their descriptions.

    Perhaps iLT could do a letter of the month thing, rendering a specified letter in various typefaces (though not the same typefaces every time). I think this was done once with punctuation.

    And finally, what happened to the CC license on the site? Even though I never actually exercised my freedom to copy, distribute, and remix your blog, I was a little disappointed when I saw you were no longer using that license.

  19. gemma
    yes, please!

    Pleased you mentioned the license. I hadn’t even noticed it was missing. Must have accidentally deleted it when I redid the footer. It’s back now. I’m of to take a closer look at some of those weird and wonderful glyphs you mentioned. Thanks.

  20. I just found your site and love it! Also, I’ll take the g in front of the r—I’d put it in my garden! Why do I never come across fun stuff like that?

  21. Josef

    Marat’s lowercase a and lowercase italic f. As well as Meta Serif’s lowercase t and y. Simply beautiful. :) Of course, I have others in mind, but those are what I could think of right now.

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