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Sunday Type: czech type

Final Registration

What a hectic couple of weeks. Well, time to forget all your worries, sit back and enjoy some type and lettering. The winner of the Designing Books competition is mentioned at the close of today’s article. Thanks to all those who have sent in links and suggestions.

The other week I mentioned  Typoretum. I mention them again because they have some lovely new printers’ flowers letterpress cards:

It’s been a while since any mention of tattoos on this site, so here are a few photos put together by cmdshiftdesign.com

I’m a sucker for black type on yellow:

Type Training

Gerard Unger’s Swift—one of my all-time favourite typefaces—made of rose petals. More great work from the brilliantly talented Gemma O’Brien:

A couple of great Czech covers:

This second cover was designed by brilliant Czech graphic designer Ladislav Sutnar (1932)

Ladislav Sutnar

You can learn a little more about Sutnar here and here.

Paul Prass:

Thanks, Vivien.

Paperclips with a type twist:

Alphabet Paperclips from Stephen Reed

Via How / OhJoy.

Lovely 2009 calendar from Egg Press

They also make a letterpress calendar. Thanks design*sponge.

New work from Pentagram for Khaleej Times:

pentagram fro Khaleej Times

I just can’t get excited about newspaper design. Would love to see someone completely rethink the newspaper.

Moss Lettering. Whatever next! Love it:

Thanks, Kyle.

Nice interview with Peter Crnokrak on AisleOne:

New type

New from TypeTrust is FaceBuster. I love it. This is no shy slab serif. Great for big headlines and adding a  little—a lot of—punch.

Used to set today’s masthead too. Facebuster, designed by Silas Dilworth.

Typotheque has just released an incredible set of 21 fonts or font layers. As all the fonts share the same metrics, the fonts can be overlaid one on another, with an almost infinite number of permutations. Not easy to explain exactly how it works, so head on over to Typotheque for an explanation and video demonstration.

History, a set of 21 display fonts

You can even try for yourself with the History Remixer. Why not make a masthead for the next Sunday Type. And while on the subject of Typotheque, be sure to check out Dot Dot Dot 16 by Stuart Bailey.

Three new faces from OurType: Alto, a versatile sanserif superfamily designed by Thomas Thiemich,

Lirico, a contemporary text family designed by Hendrik Weber:

And my personal favourite, Meran, a sans designed by Maurice Göldner, described as a ‘contemporary rotunda’. The Meran family consists of six weights (roman & italic) and three widths, normal, semi condensed and condensed.

Helvetica paper:

Like these repeating patterns from Yasmine at A Print a Day.

And on a lighter note

A capital FI lig is rarely a good idea:

Thanks Alec.

Sunday links

Arial narrow gets fixed
Kern the planet
Wordsandeggs—great new blog
Marks Unknown
Newly designed iKern web site
We are build dot com
Adobe, Web fonts and EOT
The Franklin Fountain
Italian Typography Design—Flickr group
Typography of the Web: Verdana, Geneva, and Tahoma
An interview with Nick Shinn
MyFonts—rising stars
DSType now at FontShop
Veer—Show and Tell

Designing Books winner

In my review of the wonderful Designing Books: practice and theory, I offered a free copy to a randomly selected commentator. And the winner is… Lorraine Reinsch. Thanks to everyone who contributed. I’d like to offer more books and more prizes, but as my pockets are far from bottomless, if you’d like to contribute, then I’ll use your contribution to buy more prizes. If you’re feeling generous, then visit the About page and find the ugly yellow PayPal Donate button (must change that). Every dollar helps.

Coming soon

That article on ten great sans serif / serif combos, more book reviews, interviews, the third quarter instalment of 15 Great Examples of Web Typography, and lots, lots more—so stay tuned. Have a great, great week.


  1. Brilliant article. Keep it coming!

  2. Keep up the great work!
    Really looking forward to that sans/serif combo article, sounds great.

  3. Thanks for the positive comments, Kim and Dan.

  4. martidlo

    Hello from Czech Republic. I have tip for next “czech type” - graphic designer and typographer Jiří Rathouský. And some information about Josef Čapek. He was a brother of Karel Čapek, famous writer and inventor of international word robot.

  5. Martidlo
    Great idea to include some of Jiří Rathouský’s work. I will do.
    And about the Čapek brothers, I think Josef also designed some of his brother’s book covers.

  6. First: Thank you so very much for the shout-out in your “Sunday Links”! My “Words and Eggs” are new, and they very much appreciate your publicity help. :)

    Second: You really should print a disclaimer prior to posts such as this one. I am left completely overstimulated and gasping for air. The sight of the new Typoretum cards was enough, but then you had to go and post images of Josef Capek, and paper clips with letters, and Egg Press calendars (my Eggs especially dug those), and ANAL REGISTRATION?!?!? I mean, really… I need a warning before consuming such things.


  7. Martidlo
    Forget to mention: a great Czech-language type blog is Martin Pecina’s typofilos.

    I’ve been reading Pauvre Plume for a while now; love it. And that’s how I came across Words&Eggs. Best of luck with it. I shall devise a rating system for future posts: in the place of stars or x’s, I shall use those little wide-open-mouth smilies :o —five of those, and you’ll need to don a straitjacket before reading :)

  8. martidlo

    Yes, it is true. Josef Čapek was writer too. For examle - Tales about doggie and kitty + graphics in this book. There is link of Josef Čapek graphics http://www.galerieart.cz/capek_vystava.htm

  9. martidlo
    Great link. Thank you. Looks as though I’ll need to brush up on my Česky. By “brush up” I mean expand my vocabulary beyond the three words I know :)
    How do you write “I love typography” in Czech?

  10. Johno (is “O” your last initial, or do you actually refer to yourself as “Johno”? either way, it’s fun):
    Thank you so much for that rating system suggestion. I am so grateful to you for looking out for my health; I need all the help I can get. My straitjacket, which is adorned with illuminated initials and typed-page-excerpts from various insane artists, is ready and waiting for your next 5-:D post.

    And whatever else you care to call me.

  11. martidlo

    I know typofilos. I think that we have a lot of fans of type, typography, design and very amazing history of this people.

  12. martidlo

    I love typography - miluju (mám rád) typografii.

  13. Great article, johno.
    Congrats to Lorraine for winning the book.

  14. W&E-PP
    You’ve made it now—you’ve been hyphenated.
    Johno is a long-standing nickname.

    Thank you. I’ve changed the masthead ↑

    Thanks. I’ll get saving and buy some more books for prizes!

  15. martidlo

    Well done! It is great! It is the best thing of this weekend :-).

  16. Nice selection, people always love pretty typography images :)

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  17. A selection of Czech book covers from the Smithsonian you might like here.

  18. Splendid! I’ve already read though this article twice today and have a feeling I’ll be coming back for more. I’m feeling like a little kid who has just tasted her first candy.

    Keep it up!

  19. Sweet! Thanks again, John! And what a great edition this week: can’t wait to follow up on all of the links both in your post and in everyone’s comments: Nemluvím česky, but I do love me a good kolach. ;)

  20. Hey the pentagram’s newspaper project is very good, that catch my eye, and the Alto font looks great thanks for share it, I’ll check them later, cause here are 23:10 in the night -naa seriously? in the night?- and i’m tired right now. Greetings from central america.

    By the way, I have found this a minutes ago http://blog.pentagram.com/ the typgraphic calendar of pentagram, looks very interesting.

  21. Martius

    Another Hello from Czech Republic. Nice post, thank you!

    Další pozdrav z České republiky. Skvělý příspěvek, díky!

  22. mixedbrains

    I thought I was the only one who liked the Black Type on Yellow.

    And the tattoo’s . uhh. Speechless. Came out real nice.

    love your site.

  23. I fell asleep while putting my daughter to sleep, woke up a couple hours later… too sleepy to work, but couldn’t resist from checking out your Sunday Type and all the links out.
    Really liked those paper clips and Typoretum flowers letterpress card, laughed at Font Fail, enjoyed discovering new blogs, especially Words & Eggs, and pleasantly surprised to see Josef Čapek’s book cover.

    Congratulations to Lorraine.

    Oh, and I quite like today’s iLT header, I think Facebuster fits this blog’s style rather well.

  24. A great sunday type, well worth the wait.. I really love the a print a day blog and Words & Eggs, thanks for mentioning them.. and I cant wait to see the upcoming articles you’re working on—-book reviews are so handy! I’m writing one on The Ten Commandments of Typography/Type Heresy at the moment, a neat little book

    and another thanks for linking to my article, it’s really appreciated sir..

  25. Nice masthead change, John. Also interesting to see your 3x3 ad block, as opposed to the older 3x2. I hope that’s working out well for you, and adding to the much-deserved donation bank.

  26. I love those letterpress cards! Lovely Post, John-o. Congrats Lorraine!


  27. Luca Uliana

    Hi, i’m italian student at final year of University; i’m writing a thesis on web typography…
    It’s very useful read this article and generally your posts…

  28. Lost of good stuff this week. I thought I was the only type nerd that was thinking about getting a type tattoo, I guess I’m not alone. FaceBuster is a slab serif at its best. I look forward to your web typography installment, those are usually my favorite.

  29. hi
    i must say that i love this site and it has taught me a great deal about typography (i don’t have a formal graphic design education).
    oh and i love your sensitive use of type on this website. keep up the great work!

  30. Hey thanks for the link to my tattoo post!

    I may end up doing another installment of typographical tat’s before the year is up. If i do, i’ll tweet ya!

    great site, one of my favorites.

  31. David Březina
    A very “Skolarly” observation ;)

  32. Hi John, thanks for another amazing (bi-)weekly type round-up. :) Love the Helvetica paper.

    I’m commenting to introduce my Helvetica-based woodcut-by-hand incomplete free font, Helwoodica (http://www.dafont.com/helwoodica.font). It has two lowercase styles (more-grunge and less-grunge). Uppercase coming soon.

    Thank you again.

  33. Felipe
    Good to see you here again. Off to take a look at your work now. Thanks.

  34. More Font Fail…

    All was great but that made my day, I about fell out of my chair.

  35. I love this site! As a student in design; it’s an eye opener for me. I love good typography as I really think it matters in a design. (: Brilliant love reading the articles here and they are really helpful for students who are in design sch (:


  36. Fantastic article! Lots of new introductions.

  37. stvn

    congratulations lorraine!

  38. I’m surprised to hear a site about typography to say how little excitement they get from newspaper design.
    Majority of news design is typography. Truly well-designed newspapers are a dream to look at. Many of those are in countries other than the U.S., but there are a few standouts here too:
    The Virginian-Pilot: Experimental and awesome.

    The Hartford Courant: Classic and beautiful.

    However, the example you showed was even fairly respectable (I say that without being able to closely inspect it of course).
    Expanses of grey can be beautiful and its worth adjusting your expectations — especially considering the amount of content a newspaper has to fit into a single issue and still remain economical.

  39. Díky moc za velice hezký příspěvek, který velmi dobře demonstruje krásu českého jazyka. Pevně věřím, že se s podobnými příspěvky zde na Ilovetypography.com setkám i v budoucnu.

    Hodně štěstí!

    Hope you understand :)

  40. Did I miss the Type History: Sans Serif article? I really love the series and its been a while since the last installment.

    Always love reading the posts! Keep up the good work!


  41. WHOAH!! I never thought that tattoo lovers would go for such numbers and fonts in their bodies. This is the first time that I saw such long series of numbers and letters in an arm tattooed to the max. Really intriguing on those numbers where there’s big and small. I wonder if those big numbers are a little important than those in the smaller ones???

  42. Hmm.. Czech you say? And that we have very good typography? It’s shame that I am just a simple graphic designer :O. Anyway very nice post - I got you in my rss Sunday Type;)

  43. Can’t wait to see the 15 more examples of great web typography! I’m sure it’s going to be a great list.

  44. The yellow/black font is really well-done… and the paperclips are clever too!

  45. Hi, have you already come across of http://wordle.net/ ? Wordle creates a tag cloud for your feeds, tag words, … but it doesn’t always work from the first time (something about the firewall and java applet plugins or something). In the gallery you can see the last created tag clouds and they are a mixture of typography, colours and compositions. Randomly I guess. Try it out and have fun!

  46. cool site, wordle.net!

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