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Sunday type: Evan’s Type

A Merry Typemas

Am I really writing this on the eve of Christmas Eve! Goodness—all in the name of type. Anyway, I didn’t want you missing your weekly Sunday Type. If there’s anyone sober out there, here goes. Let’s start with an Epic, or rather the Epic typeface from Neil Summerour.

Epic from Neil Summerour

I won’t say too much more about Neil’s types, as I recently interviewed him for iLT and will publish it in the New Year. In the meantime, you might like to take a look at some of his types here.

Here’s an absolutely gorgeous poster from David Bennewith. One of those things that I instantly knew I just had to have. Thanks to Kris Sowersby for the link.


For fans of Wim Crouwel and those seeking inspiration, take a look at the Crouwel Flickr Group.


This is a great idea (though firmly rooted outside the realms of my financial means). These beautiful illustrations by Edward Lear have been reproduced at gargantuan sizes—a collaboration between Surface View and the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum).


It’s one of those pretty but hopelessly stupid Flash web sites, so I’ll need to give you a map and a compass to navigate your way to the page (Isn’t that insane! What are URIs for—goodness me!). You’ll need to visit Surface View, then click Collections, then click the V&A sub-menu, then click Edward Lear - Alphabet (thoroughly stupid navigation, but the illustrations are worth it).

Metro Script

And here’s a pretty script from Umbrella Type that’s worth taking a look at,


New Kid on the Block

Please give a warm welcome to a new blogger on the scene. He’s small and he loves books. However, his being small no doubt has something to do with his age—he’s just 10 years old. When I was 10 years old (and it’s a stretch to remember that far back), the Internet didn’t exist—hard to comprehend now.


I know this particular news item is not type-related, but it’s Christmas and I was so thoroughly impressed with this young chap, that I couldn’t help but mention it. The blog is called Evan’s Book Site. Be sure to take a look, leave a comment, and tell your own children about it. Perhaps I should get him involved in my Type for Kids book—now there’s a thought: co-authoring a book with a ten-year old (guess I’ll have to ask his dad (Andy Rutledge) first.

And finally…

This news item via Mark Simonson: Arial Exam. Well, it made me smile.

Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. And a Merry Typemas to you too, John!
    There’s a benefit of getting up early on Sunday morning before Xmas (6am) - I got a chance to comment first on ilT’s Sunday type post and will still have time to publish my Sunday Bit of Literature, and perhaps manage to post something for Monday too while my family sleeps ;-)

    That Metro script looks sooooo retro and nice.

    Did you read Andy Rutledge’s post about designing his son’s website? Amazing! I wonder when my two-year-old daughter will come to me and ask for a website, and I’m also curious to see what topic will she chose to blog about? ;-)

  2. I’m impressed by Evan’s Book Site as well — read Andy Rutledge’s post yesterday and had to take a look.

    My sister (9 years old) also has a blog-like iWeb website, but doesn’t update very often — but fresh content on my blog is rare at the moment as well ;-)

    I’ll definitely checkout Metroscript — Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Johno,

    Just a quick note to say congratulations on the ever-increasing subscriber base!

    First time stopping by since I left on holiday.

    I hope all’s well mate.

  4. Vivien
    I’ll be heading over to read your Sunday Bit of Lit’ in a moment—thought it’s now Monday for me. Yes, I read Andy’s post. Your daughter might ask you sooner than you think.

    Just seen (via Twitter) that you’re driving back home; have a safe trip.

    Thanks for stopping by. looking forward to hearing something about your holiday. I hope that you get your domain back soon.

  5. Great roundup John! I’m looking forward to the interview with Neil.

    Also, Evan’s book site is such a cute idea, Andy’s a great dad.

  6. Hamish
    Thanks. Yes, I think you’ll enjoy the interview.
    >Andy’s a great dad.
    He’s not a bad designer and writer too ;)

  7. johno
    Thanks! It was a short ride, but very foggy so I had to drive carefully ;-)

    Just spent half an hour clicking through the collections on http://www.surfaceview.co.uk/ — though I don’t like its “flashiness” (this site would be way more usable without Flash), I really like a big part of the images. Inspiring… I’ll have to try some things over the holidays ;-)

  8. Great line-up of links, Johno, and I especially love “Evan’s Book Site” — it’s precious!

    I just wanted to share my type-at-Christmas story: I had mentioned how much I was loving typography to a few of my friends, and then a month later (just the other day), out of the blue, one of my friends gave me her old typography textbook! “I don’t need it anymore,” she said, “I just had to take one class in it.” She’s studying graphic design, but her area is not typography. I was pretty pumped, as up until now the books I’ve read about type have all had to be returned to the library. Now I can scribble in the margins! Huzzah! :)

    The book is “Designing with Type: A Basic Course in Typography”, by James Craig and William Bevington, published 1999. Anyone heard of those authors?

    I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas Johno! (since it’s actually the 25th for us =P)
    What a beautiful Christmas I’m having at WORK! Well, that’s Japan for ya.

    Have a good one and I’m excited for iLT in 2008!

    PS - The “arial” link is priceless. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

  10. Julian
    Yes, there’s some beautiful imagery; and I like the site’s design. Take away the Flash navigation (and give users the back button!) and it would be magnificent.

    Sounds like a nice Christmas present. I don’t have that title, so let me know what you think of it.

    Yes, it’s strange in Japan: the big lead up to Christmas day—which really is a non-event here. (For those who don’t know, Xmas day is not a national holiday here in Japan).

    Yes, I’m excited too—lots of new stuff to come…I can’t wait. And wouldn’t it be something to be sharing all this type loveliness with 10,000 subscribers…I wonder if that’s possible….

  11. Well, with New Year’s still to come, I hope everyone’s holidays to this point have been terrific.

    John, that Epic is a great-looking typeface. I wish it had old style figures, as well as real small caps. Otherwise, it strikes me as attractive a face as sturdy-looking.

    I have Craig and Bevington’s Designing with Type: A Basic Course in Typography. I found it helpful and—true to its word—basic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    As long as a book title has come up, tho’, I’d like to run two titles past the group. I’m trying to decide between them. I’m at the end of my book budget for some time to come; and these two are about $60 each.

    First is Jan Tschichold’s—I believe he’s got one essay in it and edited the whole book—The Form of the Book. The second is Unicode Explained, which, I understand, contains a lot about type design, including a discussion of FontForge and FontLab.

    I realize these books are in different directions, but such are my interests. So I’m wondering which is the better investment. Sort of like drafting the best athlete available, rather than drafting one for a particular hole th team needs to fill.

  12. Sorry if I’m a little late just recovering from the holidays. Once again thanks for the good type links, it’s just not a sunday without my type fix from iLT. I really liked how you featured that lil blogger. Maybe in the future you can feature an inspiring blogger from time to time. I really liked this kids blog. I remember when I was 10, I think I was still playing with legos and it was going to be some time before I knew what a blog even was ha ha. :) Good Stuff!

  13. Stephen
    You’re right when you write those books are ‘in different directions’. I guess it depends on what you’re hoping to learn. I can also empathise with, ‘I’m at the end of my book budget’.

    No problem. In fact I held off publishing an article today because traffic to the blog is only just picking up again after Christmas. I’m just waiting for everyone to sober up. I have a great interview with Neil which I may publish tomorrow. I’m not sure that heads still clouded with Christmas cheer would appreciate a fairly long article on Transitional Types, so I’ll save that one until the New Year.

    When I was Evan’s age, blogs didn’t exist; and I’m not that old, really ;)

  14. That’s a beautiful ‘2’

  15. That Avenir is amazing

  16. Where do you get all of your material for the Sunday Type? It’s a very interesting and eclectic weekly collection. That Bennewith poster is beautiful! Did he hand-draw all of that?

    I missed out on the Christmas wishes, but I’m close enough for this one: Happy New Year!

  17. Jeff
    Throughout the week, whenever I come across something interesting, I make a note of it. Always searching for type-related stuff. I’m also fortunate in that many kind readers send in links too (too many to mention). Kris Sowersby brought that beautiful poster to my attention. Not sure whether the original design is hand-drawn. The poster is a screen print I think.

    The next Sunday Type is just hours away! It’s a good one.

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