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Lisboa, Leopards and Links

Oddly enough, this is a type site I only recently discovered. Type For You has a great interview with Ricardo Santos the designer of Lisboa Sans (amongst others), and lots of other type-related news, views and links.

You might also want to take a look at my Flickr Group Typographic Inspiration. I don’t moderate this group, so the quality may vary, but I do plan to pick out the best and feature them right here; so if you have some typographic inspiration that you’d like to share, then, well…share it. It doesn’t need to be your own work; could be a photo of some type in a book, or of a road sign — so long as it’s type-related, you can add it to the group.

There’s another wonderful Flickr set put together by Vernon of New Typography: Flickr New Typography Set. Moreover, be sure to check out his other sets on the wonderful Typotect Piet Zwart (1885-1977) and the Typeface Design set.

New Typography


Stephen Coles has been writing on Typography since the 1930s — or at least it feels like it. Insightful news items and never scared to express his opinion on type-related matters. A true Type-Trooper (try saying that with your mouth full). Great discussion around his article, “Embedded” Web Fonts Return. Uh-oh. If you’re both a TypeNut and a MacNut, you’ll want to read “Grading the New Font ‘Features’ in OS X Leopard”. It’s also worth digging around in the archives. You’ll unearth some real gems. Stephen is one of the unsung heroes of type; that’s given me an idea: anyone care to write a type-related Stephen Coles song? You write the words, and I’ll choreograph the dance routine; the other people at FontShop could be the backing singers… (enough! [Ed.]).

iLT news:

Work has begun on an iLT Typography Wiki. I already have a couple of willing volunteers. We need a few more people willing to devote a couple of hours a week, writing and editing entries. You don’t need to be Stephen Bringhurst to help out; if you’d like to be involved, then wing me a mail through the ether at m{AT}ilovetypography{DOT}com, or wing it via the contact form. (I like the word “wing” today, by the way).

I’m also considering starting an I Love Typography Forum. You see, I receive about 100 emails each day; a number of those ask for my opinion on type, to suggesting a typeface for a project. Now, it’s impossible for me to write for iLT and answer 100 emails a day, so I thought a forum might be a good way, not only to build community, but to have you — the famed iLT readers (enough flattery?) — get involved in answering questions and expressing your opinions on type-related matters in a forum. Let me know what you think. I thought we could have the forum divided into sections; for example:

1. Font/Typeface questions;
2. Identify a font;
3. Request feedback on own work;
4. A found type section, where anyone can upload “type they find”, photos, etc.

Would love to hear what you think. If we go with it, it will be your forum, so your input is imperative.

There’s also an iLT page of Type-related videos. If you find others, then leave a note and link in the comments to the Video Page.

Coming up soon is “Getting Started Designing Type — Part One”, and some great tips to improve your web typography. To stay forever tuned, become part of the Type Revolution and subscribe to I Love Typography today.

For iLT’s numerous German-speaking readers, there’s a great podcast on CSS and embeddable web fonts entitled, Technikwürze 94 - Die Webkrauts sind los! It must be good because I listened to the entire podcast, and I don’t speak German. However, Thomas Schaaf of Technikwürze kindly sent me a summary of the podcast in English. Thanks, Thomas.

And finally, to discover who won the Kinescope Font give-away, just follow the link.


  1. I can’t believe that I’m actually the first one to comment on iLT post. It seems to me that whenever a new post is published here, within only a few minutes it gets tens if not hundreds of comments from all over the world.

    iLT Forum - its a great idea. I’m actually planning to write about launching a forum by interviewing the founder of one of the very popular professional forums in Vancouver.

    So Good luck with it. Perhaps you can also add Typography Resources section to the Forum.
    And I hope you do get lots of sponsors to give out more prizes here.

    And I’m still waiting for my iLT t-shirt :-)

    P.S. Btw, is it true that unless you use 5thirtyone theme for your blog, you can’t be considered a Typenut (typeforyou.org is using one too)? :-)

  2. Vivien (inspirationbit)
    Thanks. Good to see you back safe and sound from the Big Apple. Did you manage to snap any type pic’s?

    I’m looking forward to reading your forum interview piece. The Type resources is a good idea too. Because it’s your t-shirt it’s being hand-knitted by Himalayan Sherpas as we speak. Last time I spoke to them they were awaiting a Fedex of silk from Tibet (perhaps they were just stalling me). Anyhow, you’ll definitely get it :)

  3. Thanks, John. I’m glad to be back. Yes, I did snap some photos with type in it - you just can’t escape type nowadays, can you? :-) New York was flooded with various ads, store signs, sometimes I was asking myself - “hmm, I wonder if John knows what Typeface did they use here?” :-)
    When you get the forum up and running, I’ll post some pics there. (Actually, I could post them to your Flickr group too… I’ll do that in a near future.)

    Oh, I hope that those Himalayan Sherpas are getting paid handsomely for hand-knitting my t-shirt :-) Now I can’t wait to feel the shirt’s soft touch :-)

  4. A forum is a nice idea, in principle. Having run a few forums in the past, I have mixed feelings about them. One of the great things about iLT is the velvet-covered, iron hand of Johno, guiding things in the right direction. A forum would, of course, be way more democratic, and therefore potentially anarchic. One problem you wouldn’t have, John, is a huge, solid audience to participate in the forum. At any rate, I’m sure there’s a good niche to be filled — a typography forum that’s not as nerdy and intimidating as Typophile.

  5. Viveien
    they’re being so handsomely paid, that I won’t make a penny. Looking forward to seeing those pic’s.

    Interesting what you say about the forum. I hadn’t really thought about it in those terms. Food for thought. I guess I’m just trying to find a way to ease the “burden” a little. I could quite easily work full-time on iLT — however, as I make no money from iLT, I can’t (though I’d love to work on it full-time of course). Now, if every visitor contributed $1 to paypal, then that could be interesting…
    Thanks again for your input, Alec.

  6. I think the wiki idea is fantastic. I also think the forum idea is pretty darn good given the size of this community.

    One suggestion if you do build a forum: make it really easy for folks to upload images.

  7. Chris
    They’ll be so easy to upload, you’ll just have to “think” them to the server :) Hope to make the forum very easy to navigate and easy to use. Will take some time, but when it’s up-and-running, I’m hoping that it will be a great place for everyone to talk about and share type. My email inbox for iLT has shown me that there is certainly a demand for it. Now it’s just putting it together.

    A question for all readers: does anyone have experience of using the WP database (registered users table) and integrating that with something like a forum. You see, ideally, I’d like users to sign-up for the forum through WordPress — that way, all the users who are currently registered users of this site won’t have to sign-up a second time for the forum. Hope that makes some sense to someone out there.

  8. D Schorno

    so I’ve been really looking forward to seeing some more typenuts cartoons. Also theres a “throwdown with type” contest at my school where you have to make a poster about a topic of typography using quark xpress software and the prize is the quark xpress software. I would mostly be doing it for the street cred - haven’t had any experience with quark yet. I just started going to the art institute of vancouver on a full tuition scholarship (but i’ve been keeping that on the DL), and I want to impress everyone with my typography skillz.

    anyways, i was thinking of doing ligatures but i dunno yet. I would ask you your opinion, but i guess i’ll just have to wait for the forum to be erected, hey? :)

    keep writing. “Getting Started Designing Type — Part One” sounds very promising.

  9. Great links, the Flickr sets is fabulous, for a novice (uhh, a completely noob) like me, to see other works like this is a great help to grasp the basic concepts.
    The wiki idea is very good!
    John I don’t have any experience about WP and forum but this link look helpful:

  10. Nice to hear about all the developments and ideas yo have going on. If you’re thinking seriously about a forum I can recommend vbulletin, it’s not free but easy to edit and manage, has lots of useful features and modifications. The default design probably won’t meet your standards, but you can have some fun editing that ;), if you want any advice feel free to contact me.

  11. Hmm, John, I think your recent posts (sidebar) stops updating when you use that exclude plugin. It’s not showing this post for me in my lame IE6.

    Ooh, the Flickr set. Yes! I found that shoe ad on the back of the funnies this weekend!! I saved it. Now I just have to scan it and send it over to you. I was so happy! I really love that ad. It’s so creative.

    The forum and the wiki sound awesome! They will both be fantastic places to learn and share. Good solution for all those emails (I suppose I shouldn’t be jealous, it sounds like a lot of work, but I am! I get like 1 a month!)

    Getting Started Designing Type — Can’t wait! You have so many interesting things to talk about John. I’m glad you’ve decided to share your knowledge with the world :D We’re all better because of it (well, us lucky ones that have found iLT!)

  12. Type For You is a really cool site. I liked their “Angry Shirt” post. I’m a sucker for t-shirts that are linked with typography haha.

    I think a forum would be cool, a better way to control the madness that your facing John. But I look forward to the new iLT :)

  13. Hey John,

    Sorry for not answering your email, just had alot of mediawiki problems and normal work to attend to :-[

    Well i guess the wiki part is somewhat my fault, but im still there and with you all the way :-)

    A forum is often a way to go about those normal questions, but i have a different approach as allways.

    1. The wiki should be able for folks to get their normal questions and even go indepth with issues. Yes i know alot of folks are very screamish about getting proactive answers, but aleast you never have to repeat yourself.

    2. What about using jaiku.com for starters, it would bring a more direct community together, which also easily can expand to more ordinary-daily life conversations at the same time. A slim topic oriented forum is often at some point boring, if you know what i mean. But if you find this the right chose I have something for you to see, which is the best approach.

    3. There are a forum expantion for WP, I believe that http://www.wiinyt.dk actually uses it (its danish i know, sry) but i believe its still in some form of beta, but im not sure.

    If it was me, I would go for just a wiki and make a couple of wiki administrator, that have email access and spread the support questions like that.


  14. Hello John,
    Thanks for the great focus in the post!
    I think the forum ideia is great, iLT makes the perfect home for it. Looking foward to see it, and tell me if I can do anything to help.
    Congratulations again on your fantastic site, and thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication. :)

  15. Thanks for the kind words, John. I don’t deserve all of them, and certainly not a song. Unless you can get David Byrne to write it. Then I am in favor.

    I thought we could have the forum divided into sections; for example:

    1. Font/Typeface questions;
    2. Identify a font;
    3. Request feedback on own work;
    4. A found type section, where anyone can upload “type they find” - photos, etc.

    All these topics are covered in great detail by beginners and professionals alike on Typophile. I don’t want to knock your idea, because certainly you’ve found a niche with iLT that didn’t exist before, but just wanted to make sure you knew there is already a comprehensive forum out there.

  16. @Johno — I did a little Googling, and there’s hope for forum/WP integration:


    for instance.

    I don’t imagine this would be particularly easy to pull off smoothly, but I’d be happy to help with the research and development if you’d like.

    BTW, I recommend Simple Machines Forum software. In my experience, it’s the most hacker-proof forum software out there, and it’s pretty full-featured and skinnable.

  17. Creating a iLT is an awesome idea!

    also, I can’t wait for those articles about getting started with designing type, I had this little-crazy idea of turning my mother’s handwriting into a typeface, maybe it could be a reality, who knows.

  18. I also can’t wait for an iLT t-shirt. Perhaps offering some site goodies would be a way to pull iLT’s funds out of the red. I’d be willing to help in any way possible to make this happen (except sexual favors — those cost money).

  19. Hi John,

    Just winging you a little comment from Scotland.

    The iLT forum is a superb idea. I can empathise with the time required to respond to lots of emails, and it’s no surprise you’re being inundated with opinion requests.

    Those Flickr sets you link to show some superb magazine spreads! Thanks for posting those, and I’m certainly bookmarking them for future browsing.

  20. D Schorno
    Thanks. Good luck qith Quark. Have you tried Adobe InDesign yet?
    More cartoons to come when I get time to draw them. I’m still hoping to get the inimitable Kevin Cornell to illustrate one of the articles; not sure which one yet.
    The Getting Started With Type is coming real soon. It will be iLT’s first “correspondent article”, from our US correspondent and type designer.

    Many thanks for the offer and for the advice. I’ll put you on my list.

    Thanks for sending over the great pics. I’m pleased you found them. Thanks for the compliments, but to be honest it’s you and all the other readers, subscribers and commentators who make this site so enjoyable; many of you have also be evangelists, spreading word of the type reolution — thank you all. That reminds me, nerdski has even setup a Virb.com iLT fan club. Blush.

    Thanks. I hope you also like the upcoming iLT T-shirts. Good to see you here again.

    Well, we’ve chatted since, so I’ll just say, “I’ll be in touch”, and thanks for your work on the Wiki thus far. [Esben will be one of the iLT-Wiki admins.]

    It’s a pleasure. Thanks too for a great site.

    Yes, I’m aware of the Typophile Forum, and as yet still undecided on the matter; may well, drop the forum in favour of an accessible Wiki and FAQs (though of course Typophile has one of those too).

    Thanks for the links.

    It may well be. There’s also software dedicated to doing exactly that….

    Your comment certainly got more than a chuckle. However, I’m a little disappointed: if you’re really devoted to the cause….just close your eyes and think of Mrs Eaves. [readers: prepare to see Michael on a street corner near you…all in the name of typography]

    Thanks for dropping by. Pleased you liked the mag spreads. Look forward to seeing you here again. And have a wee dram for me.

  21. Not wishing to burst the bubble, I’m really not keen on whiskey, which is kind of odd amongst the Scots who surround me.

    Give me a white Russian any day of the week.

    On another note, the more I look at your site, the most I notice how much effort you’ve put into it, which says a great deal. Fantastic job, and it’s something for me to aspire to when I set about my logo specific site.

  22. David
    A White Russian it is.
    Thanks for the compliments. I’m looking forward to the Logo Site. Have you decided on a domain name? Well, if you ever need any examples of Japanese logos, let me know.

  23. Is OpenType okay?

  24. D Schorno

    I have actually, i used adobe indesign to lay out a picture book for my trip to czech this summer. I got everyone to send me their pictures and i chose the best 300 or so (it was a choir trip with about 60 people - lots of pictures to sort through)

  25. Great links as usual John! The flickr set is a great idea, I’ll be sure to post any type gems of which I can take a picture. Though that doesn’t seem to happen a lot (good typography can be hard to come by…)

    Both the forum and wiki are great ideas. If you go for it, I’ll contribute in any way I can, though I suppose I’m best when it comes to either design or development, so let me know if you need any help setting them up.

  26. I reckon for the logo design site I’ll go with ‘logodesignlove’. I was saying towards ‘dalogos’, but thought the additional ‘s’ on the end might cause traffic to go to ‘dalogo’.

  27. SallyYi

    I like the Flicker photos. Thanks for sharing. I want to read the how to design fonts post! I love this blog!

  28. Michael
    What did you mean by your question, “Is OpenType OK?”? You mean compared to other formats?

    Thanks. I’ll put you on the list. Thanks for your support.

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