Typography Kills!

Shock, surprise, awe. Just some of the emotions I’ve experienced since launching I Love Typography. I never imagined that there would be such a positive response to a blog about typography.

Thousands of visitor from all around the globe, numerous comments and several hundred emails expressing thanks, or requesting further information and requests for interviews; and, even emails asking my opinion on the choice of a particular font for a design project. So to all of you readers and subscribers, I would like to say (in 76 point, Template Gothic Regular):


iLT even made it into Smashing Magazine’s 45 Excellent blog designs, which was a pleasant surprise. However, praise for the success of this blog must go to you, yes YOU the reader. Your comments really add value to this blog, listing additional resources, opinions and even the results of your own research. In doing so, you are not only contributors but, in effect, co-authors of iLT.

Killer Typography

If you’ve read Who Shot the Serif?, you would have learned that type can be tough, but who would have thought that typography kills:


Interestingly, because this story is syndicated, I found the same typo (or should that be “topo”?) repeated on at least eight other news web sites. The above one is taken from United Press International.


I’m researching the next article in the series of Type Terminology. I’ve decided to post one main article each week, with some smaller snippets of typography news, views and yes, even typographic humour (yes, that really isn’t an oxymoron) in between. I’ve also composed a typography crossword. The quickest correct entry will win a new copy of David Carson’s most recent book, Trek — shipped straight to your door, wherever you are (unless you’re reading this from the Mir Space Station, in which case delivery might be a little tricky).

Once again, thank you to everyone who stopped by to read, and another big thank you to everyone who has commented and subscribed — you’ve inspired me.

Apologies to those who have sent emails that I haven’t yet responded to. I’m working on it. I will do my very best to answer all the emails you send, but sometimes my day job (this blog makes no money) means that I can’t always respond to mails as promptly as I’d like to.

In the meantime, I should like to remind everyone to get involved in the Type You Like project. Simply send in images of…well, type you like. There really aren’t any rules — perhaps you’ve fallen in love with the font used on your shampoo bottle, or there’s a street sign that caught your eye…pretty much anything. You can upload your image quickly and painlessly on the Type You Like submissions page, or you can just as simply email it to m@ilovetypography.com.

All entries will be included on a rather large iLT poster, and they’ll also be featured right here on iLT. Thanks to the almost 100 people who have already submitted their images and photos. And last but not least, a big thank you to Lauren over at Creative Curio for her comments, suggestions and support. You’re a star.

To make sure you don’t miss out, you can subscribe to iLT.

Until the next time, Happy “Typing”.


  1. I guess if those serifs get big enough they attract lightning? Signmakers should beware!

  2. Brian
    Careful, I almost cracked a rib upon reading your comment. Your blog is looking great, btw.

  3. Yeah, I have to say that this is probably one of the best looking sites I have seen. It’s clean, professional, and easy to read/navigate. Which it should be, coming from someone obsessed with typography.

  4. jb

    I’m looking forward to that Type Humor.

    I was cracking up when I saw [ this ] - from Speak Up’s Word It.

  5. Seeing the quick success you’ve had in terms of attracting so many readers is pretty inspirational. I hope to learn a lot more about typefaces and layouts from this site. So thank you right back.

  6. I’ve really enjoyed the content thus far—keep producing killer articles like those you’ve already written and I think you’ll have quite the following in a jiffy.

    Cheers! And good luck!

  7. Ryank
    “Obsessed with typography”, me? Thanks for the compliment ;)

    Thanks for the Under Consideration link. One of my favourite sites.

    You were one of iLT’s first commentators! Thanks for your continued support.

    Thanks for the “killer articles” compliment—no pun intended?
    I like the Nietzsche quote in your Flagrant Concern post; and I like the order in which you’ve listed your interests on you own blog: “…chocolate, typefaces, wine…”. Sound choices indeed.

  8. Congratulations John.
    Will have to stop teasing you about sexy fonts.
    Still waiting for the Comic Sans t-shirts that you promised…

  9. Jack
    No profanity here please ;) But your idea for the C**** Sans t-shirts is a very good one; can’t beat a healthy slice of irony.

  10. Hey John, perhaps you need to hire Typeguards to protect you from the unexpected fame and fans? :-)
    Look forward to all those new features and articles on your blog. Congratulations and Good Luck!

  11. I was looking at SomethingAwful today…and the first image on this page seems like an interesting concept:


  12. Hahaha, that “typography kills” article was hilarious!! (well, the typo, not what actually happened) And your sense of humor adds even more :) I think it comes out more here than at Redsil, too. I love it! And actually Brian’s first comment up there was exactly what I thought until I read your caption underneath that it’s supposed to be topography (lol, that’s a big topo!)

    Wow, John. Up to 1800 subscribers now. Amazing! And congrats on the mention in SM. You definitely deserve it! This blog’s design is beautiful.

    Aw, you’re too kind! I’m glad I can help. And when did you add that BLT thing at the bottom? Again with the funny! I’m going to have to stop reading your blog at work. I hate stifling laughter :D

  13. Vivien
    Not sure about the “fame”:D But I certainly feel a greater weight of responsibilty on my shoulders now! Thanks for your support!

    Love it. Very good. It really made me laugh, but now you’re putting ideas in my head…I might not be able to write such a game for the DS, but JavaScript or Flash might do the trick…

    I’m pleased you enjoyed it. I’ve always been apprehensive about humour in my writing, but then I thought, why not. Not everyone’s going to like it, I guess, but it appears that generally readers appreciate it; and, it makes the writing more enjoyable too.
    I added the BLT in the footer a week or so ago. I wondered whether any would notice it.

  14. What a gorgeous blog. I’m a non-designer typography lover (is there such a thing?) and really enjoyed reading this post. Looking forward to cruising through your archives.

  15. Kellypea
    Happy birthday and thanks. You are proof that there certainly is such a thing. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

  16. Philip

    Haha, that “Thank You” bit is funny. I’m very new to the interesting world of typography, and I’ll probably never look at fonts like Template Gothic the same way again. I never knew they could be so disturbing before.. is this what they call sarcastic type?

  17. Raa its a Kumara

    Hey there, i really enjoy you blogs on typography, and i myself got a little pain inflicted by type the other night. My friend has a collection of foam with letters cut out, we had a type fight showdown, it was the G that got me in the end in which i had to produce and wave my white flag .
    Thank you for having a fantastic type blog, i look forward to future articles

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